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I think you should also make a list for those folks who may need a refresher on what to do once labor starts and after the baby or babies arrive, because that roller coaster is far from over! My most important piece of advice would be to make sure she has a cold ( non-alcoholic) drink nearby at all times after delivering!
I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy in two years and had to read this to my husband.
If you eat food that’s hers (or food you bought for yourself but she somehow claimed it as hers), she will cut you. It starts with everyday occurrences like looking for her glasses while they’re on her head, which is kinda cute.

Not only that, but any suggestion to the contrary will send your pregnant wife into hysterics. Unfortunately, my pregnant wife does not appreciate my unique brand of humor whilst carrying our little parasite around in her stomach. But whatever the craving, one of the unmentioned side effects of pregnancy is YOUR weight gain. They’re adorable and you want to take them home and keep them forever, but if you try to motorboat her puppies she will slap the shit out of you. Just turn yourself into a walking, talking vending machine for 9 months and you’ll be fine.

I gained 25 lbs during MJ’s pregnancy 5 years ago, just a shade under the total amount she gained — WITH THE BABY!

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