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Following previous tutorials concerning Zabbix series, this article describes how to install and setup an instance of Zabbix agent to run as a service on Microsoft Windows systems in order to monitor your infrastructure windows environments, especially server machines. To stop the service run the same command as above with --stop argument and to uninstall the service use the --uninstall argument.
If you need to modify Zabbix configuration file with other custom values at a later date, the conf file can be found on %programfiles%\Zabbix Agent\ path. From this console you can manage the service (start, stop, pause, resume, enable or disable). Finally, after the Template OS Windows is visible in Linked Templates filed hit on below Add button to complete the process and add the entire Windows host configuration. As an example, to get a graphical inside of the CPU load on the monitored Windows machine go to Zabbix web console Monitoring tab -> Graphs, select the windows machine host name and CPU load Graph and all the collected data so far should be presented into a nice graphical chart. I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting. Also, don’t forget that every monitored windows host need to have Zabbix agent installed and configured. Does other graphs concerning that specific windows host impose the same same problem, no data appears?
A native Zabbix agent, developed in C language, may run on various supported platforms, including Linux, UNIX and Windows, and collect data such as CPU, memory, disk and network interface usage from a device. The monitoring configurations are centralized in Zabbix server, making it easier to manage the Zabbix agent, which can use a single configuration file on all servers. Zabbix may perform checks based on an interval, however, it is also possible to schedule specific times for item polling.
In a passive check, a Zabbix server (or proxy) requests a value from Zabbix agent, for example, CPU load, the agent processes the request and returns the value to Zabbix server (or proxy).
In an active check, a Zabbix agent requests from Zabbix server (or proxy) a list of active checks and sends the results in periodically.
It must be noted, however, that the built-in agent functionality can be extended using the following methods: loadable modules, user parameters, Zabbix sender.

Support for monitoring text logs and the Windows Event Log is a native function of Zabbix agent, including support for rotation.
It is possible to graph data from log items, when specific-content extraction capabilities are used. The logs are constantly analyzed by Zabbix agent and when a defined search item is found, Zabbix server is notified and may even take some action or automatically send a notification to a user or group.
Zabbix agent features native Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support, enhancing the ability to easily obtain and monitor real-time system information and performance metrics from Windows servers and workstations. WMI queries can be performed with wmi.get[] key to retrieve a single string, integer or floating point property from the specified WMI namespace class.
For more information about Windows Management Instrumentation, available classes and their properties see MSDN documentation. Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution that can be used to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices and other IT resources. Hence Zabbix is not found in the default repositories, we have to add EPEL repository to install Zabbix. Check the pre-installation summary, if everything good, click Next to continue or click Previous to change the parameters. After a few seconds, click on the Monitoring tab on the top menu bar and select “Latest data”.
After you’ve finished the setup, open a windows Command Prompt with Administrator privileges, run services.msc command in order to open Windows Services utility and locate Zabbix Agent service to check if the service is running and automatically started after reboot. Almost all Windows based systems have Windows Firewall active and running, therefore zabbix agent port must be opened in firewall in order to communicate with zabbix server.
Next, make sure you check and open the firewall rule on the network segment where zabbix server is located in your network and hit OK button to finish and apply configuration.
In order to test if Zabbix agent running on windows is reachable from Zabbix server side, use telnet or netcat command on zabbix server against windows agent IP-Port and a Connected message should appear.
Once the windows agent has been tested from command line and everything looks fine, go to Zabbix Server web interface, move to Configuration tab -> Hosts and hit on Create Host button in order to add the Windows monitored host.

On Host window add the FQDN of your windows agent machine in Host name filed, add an arbitrary name to Visible name filed in order to easily identify the monitored machine on Zabbix panel, make sure the host is included into a Group Servers and add the IP Address of your windows host in Agent interfaces filed. Once the Template OS Windows appears on Link new templates filed, hit on Add button in order to link this template to the windows host configuration. After your monitored windows machine has been added return to Configuration -> Hosts and the windows Host should now be present in this window as illustrated on below screenshot. Just assure that your windows host Status is set to Enabled and wait a few minutes in order for Zabbix server to contact the windows agent side and process the received remote data. If you use a DHCP server to automatically assign IP addresses to windows clients on you network then you need to manually instruct DHCP server to assign the same IP address for each client based on the specific NIC’s MAC address, even if you use a Linux or Windows DHCP server. To install and configure LAMP server On Debian 7 and Ubuntu 13.10, refer the following links. If everything seems OK, click Next to continue, else go back and install the necessary packages. Use the Browse button to navigate and add Zabbix agent executable file (usually found in %programfiles%\Zabbix Agent\ if you installed it using msi program), then hit on Add button to add the service.
Select the host(zabbix server) and choose Activate selected from the drop-down box and click Go. Explore all the options and tweak them as per your requirement to get better monitoring solution.
Navigate through this window, check Template OS Windows and hit on Select button to add the template.
Did you test the zabbix agent using telnet to see if it’s reachable from zabbix server?

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