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A requirement came up the other day, for a quick and easy way of detecting and displaying duplicate items in a SharePoint List. Here we will discuss how to use Content Query web part to display list items with UI branding.
Content search in SharePoint Online (and SharePoint 2013) is powerful and all, but sometimes the good-old Content Query Webpart (CBQ) is much easier and quicker to configure, and even customize (sometimes), for certain types of content rollups. What if you only want to display the webpart title when there are valid responses, without using JavaScript? I am sure you can come up with other reasons why you may want to control how SharePoint renders the webpart title in CBQ results.
Fortunately there is an easy method to retrieve the webpart title in your ContentQueryMain.xsl. Meaning, if you are able to leave the Feed Title property blank, you can then reference this in your XSLT and retrieve the webpart title.
After you add a CBQ webpart to your content page, configure your webpart as your normally would. You can retrieve, utilize, manipulate or otherwise display the webpart title using the variable, $FeedTitle. Once we save, check in and publish our updated ContentQueryMain.xsl file and refresh the page in the browser, we now see the webpart title, but notice in the Elements window that our webpart title is in our newly specified place, wrapped with the correct HTML! 1.I will map some elements from source schema to destination schema,where the values will be assigned to destination schema elements based on some condition.
My map is not One-to-One so that i can use a scripting functoid and send a default value, on top of that the destination schema is a flat file and in source schema i have to loop a lot.
Now if i connect a Logical NOT functoid to the Logical Equal functoid and assign some default value, then the my destination node occurs Three times as one time the "=" functiod returns true one time and false other two times.
I also tried to use some global variable in XLST in First Loop and and second loop to access that and write the default value, unfortunately it doesn't work too. Put two "Value mapping" (Label them "Incoming" and "Default") on the map and drag the output from both to your destination (you will get a warning at compile time). Put a logical evaluation (Existence, IsNil, Length) that suits your need, to evaluate if you have an incoming value, and drag your source field to it.
Add a constant parameter to "Default", by double clicking and insert new parameter, that is your default value. I believe you are essentially trying to control the creation of an output node based on some condition. I have tried this for records (you are trying to do this for elements, so I believe this should work for that as well).

I had connected the output of the Logical functoid to the record and the record was created only if the logical functoid returned true. For default values, you are doing it the right way by putting the default value in the property grid for Schema element. Most efficient way to iterate through entire datastore and set a default value to a modified schema?
How to parse optional fields from left to right with BizTalk flat file parser set to complex? I have a schema A with no name space declaration, and another schema B with a default and tns (both pointing to the same uri). Coming from a mysql background, I am able to set the default schema name that I want to use for all my sql queries in the connection url.
Thanks to the 'USE' command I can set the default schema; Is there a similar command in order to get the name of the default schema? It seemed like a good idea to provide some simple instructions to get you started with the migration tooling in its current state.
The first steps are described here in the quickstart wiki for cloning the code base and maven building it all.
After that you want to have a way to click on a jBPM 3.2 (jPDL) process definition and then convert it to a BPMN2 compliant process definition. Next you want to configure the 'Output' tab with an output location and file name, here shown in the target directory. This setup should allow you to select a jBPM process definition and convert that jPDL based file to a brand shiny new BPMN2 compliant process definition (some day soon we hope anyway)! At this point it is a very trivial tool, expanding as we move forward to encompass more and more jPDL elements.
Please feel free to provide feedback, process definitions you want tested, and comments as we move forward. I mostly use the JBoss Developer Studio  which integrates all my JBoss Tooling in a painless Eclipse experience.
I mostly use the JBoss Developer Studio which integrates all my JBoss Tooling in a painless Eclipse experience. Last week the call for papers closed on OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016 and I wanted to share what I have proposed for a session.
This year I won't be able to make it to the Red Hat Tech Exchange 2016 in APAC , being held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
This is not rocket science but born from a need to get something done in daily usage of a macbook and captured here for posterity.

I came across a requirement where we had to display Question with respective answer based on some category.
Or possibly there are other search restrictions that require a specific project to revert to the trusted CBQ. We are going to use an interesting feature of CBQ webparts, that being if a Feed Title, found in the Content Query Tool Part’s Presentation group, is not provided a value, but is included as an expected parameter in the ContentQueryMain.xsl XSL Style Sheet, the CBQ will automatically default the Feed Title to the webpart title. This is never best practices, you should always create a custom ContentQueryMain.xsl file and point your CBQ’s to use this custom XSL Style Sheet instead. I doubt I am the first to find this or other hacks, but I can say I had difficulties finding solutions to my CBQ conundrums so it was my turn to share. So if nothing is mapped to this element, you will see in the xsl file that the element with the default value is generated. What I want is to make a value as the default value when click a Add button in the form, the value will be used as a propertity of a document which will be added.
That whenever a open up the window with that order textbox, it should have a default value 1. I cannot figure out how to set up an ip address for my interface without specifying a destination IP. Even though they are really simple tests, you can help provide feedback by being able to run your own process definitions through the tooling in the near future when we get a bit farther along. Yes, Content Search and Display Templates have been getting all of the attention, but I have found a few CBQ hacks that I want to share.
If you select Title and Border, or Title Only, the webpart title will be displayed before your webpart results, in a H2 tag, contained within a wrapper div with a class, .ms-webpart-chrome-title.
Let’s be honest though, most of you are not doing this, and it is easier to demo without having to first link to a custom .xsl file. Stay tuned for a few more CBQ hacks while I get caught up on my backlog of posts that I need to publish. Major kudos and thanks go out to those have been documenting CBQ tricks and hints far longer than me.
Let’s not also forget those still stuck in the past (I am looking at you 2007 and 2010 users).

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