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Five people who have been friends for more than thirty years and who have long since given up on their teenage dreams, one day learn that the most settled member of the gang intends to dump everything so as to tour the world in a yacht.
Wenders, el dia de su cumpleanos, hizo un repaso de su trayectoria hasta el momento con una ironia no forzada y una firme seriedad.
El director nacio en Dusseldorf en 1945, su padre era medico y recibio una educacion catolica, llegando a plantearse el ingresar en el seminario para curas. Wenders es en primera linea un gran admirador: de sus actores y tecnicos, de quienes le han acompanado en su camino y de sus idolos. Su pelicula mas reciente  “Pina” es una prolongacion de esa linea en su carrera y, al mismo tiempo, su cuspide. Midding finaliza su articulo con unas palabras acerca de Wenders: “Siempre ha sabido sorprender con el hecho de seguir siendo fiel a si mismo”. Director Wim Wenders of "Pina" poses for a portrait during 2011 Toronto Film Festival on September 9, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
Wim Wenders is known as a unique contemporary film auteur, who “has shaped our living memory of cinema”, says Dieter Kosslick, the Director of the Berlin International Film Festival.
Current president of European Film Academy, Wenders was born in Dusseldorf in the summer of 1945. This didn’t really work out, but it did made Wenders who he is now – during the time he spent in Paris, the auteur became fascinated by cinema and he often saw up to 5 movies a day. He spend 1970s making roughly a film every year, the most successful ones are THE AMERICAN FRIEND and ALICE IN THE CITIES.
PARIS, TEXAS, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is another Wenders’ classic for which he won Palme d’Or in 1984. Wenders has gained worldwide recognition with his films WINGS OF DESIRE and its sequel FARAWAY, SO CLOSE! In early 1980s Wenders started making documentaries and he continues to do so up to this day. As Wenders says himself “Sex and violence was never really my cup of tea; I was always more into sax and violins.
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It’s early evening in Milan and Wenders is getting ready to unveil his latest project: Vai Paparazzo, a film for the Italian eyewear brand Persol. It wasn’t until the 1960s, when he was in his late 20s and working as an engraver in Montparnasse, that Ernst Wilhelm ‘Wim’ Wenders truly discovered film. Wings of Desire was preceded by the critically acclaimed Paris, Texas in 1984, but four years later, Wenders’ career took a turn for the worse with Until the End of the World. Two years after Until the End of the World, Wenders hit back, this time with his Wings of Desire sequel, entitled Faraway, So Close! In 2011, Wenders returned to cinema yet again, but this time, making his first foray into 3D filmmaking was the Oscar-nominated documentary Pina about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch. His latest film, Every Thing Will Be Fine, starring James Franco and due for release in December, is Wenders’ fifth film in 3D.

The short is a sumptuous homage to the golden age of Italian cinema and evokes the work of Italian directors such as Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, and De Sica, whose grandson, Brando, was even on hand to direct the behind-the-scenes video. No obstante, lo hizo hablando de otros; personas que habia encontrado a lo largo de su vida y que le habian marcado de alguna manera.
En lugar de ello, empezo a estudiar Medicina, a lo que pronto se sumarian Filosofia y Sociologia. Es la documentacion de una amistad, de una afinidad, que une a diferentes disciplinas artisticas. In February 2015 the Oscar-nominated filmmaker will be awarded the Honorary Golden Bear Award for his lifetime achievements. Having tried all kinds of studies – from medicine to philosophy, he finally decided to move to Paris to become a painter. Upon his return to Germany in 1967, he got into University of Television and Film in Munich, where he made several short films and SUMMER IN THE CITY – his first feature length black and white film. The latter is a part of Wenders ‘Road Movies’ trilogy along with THE WRONG MOVE and KINGS OF THE ROAD. A man leaves the desert in Texas and attempts to revive his relationship with his brother, his son and track down his wife. These films follow the lives of angels, who are meandering of the streets of Berlin, making notes on daily life of the mortals. One of his latest documentaries, PINA, was nominated for Academy and BAFTA awards for best documentary in 2012.
He has done hundreds of exhibitions as well as released many photography books, which include not only his pictures, but film stills as well.
The 70-year-old German filmmaker, best known for his BAFTA-winning Paris, Texas, is also an author, playwright, painter, producer, actor, photographer, cinematographer and editor. In the brief time we have been chatting, there are brilliant flashes of Wenders’ classic wit and the first arrives at an unlikely juncture. He’s wearing a beige suit, white button-up shirt, and his signature eyewear, horn-rimmed glasses.
The film was met with universal acclaim and altered Wenders’ entire approach to filmmaking. What happened to their twenty-year-old selves, those people back then who wanted to shake up the world?
Hizo reverencia a propietarios de cines desconocidos que le habian dado a conocer en provincias el cine del genero americano y el cine artistico europeo. En realidad lo que mas hacia era pintar, asi que se fue a Paris, donde queria aprender a dibujar. El analisis de la obra del a coreografa Pina Bausch parece haber recordado a Wenders que, para el, el cine es el arte del silencio y el movimiento en el espacio.
The film explores the themes of aimless searching and persistence wandering – all set in Berlin, a city that often becomes additional uncredited character in Wenders’ movies. Two films of the trilogy are shot in black and white, which has been one of Wenders’ trademarks for a long time.

Once again, dry, bleak landscapes and never ending roads fill the screen contrasting the subtle performances of Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski. Though a movie is called a tribute to the famous Pina Bausch, the viewer can still feel director’s touch: “What are we longing for? In 1999, Wenders’ career soared to even greater heights with the release of Buena Vista Social Club. In the interim he’s directed various shorts and documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated The Salt of the Earth, about the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. Le dio las gracias a Henri Langlois, el fundador de la cinematique francaise de Paris; a los directores y jurados de festivales que han supuesto grandes hitos en su carrera. Sin embargo, cayo alli bajo el embrujo de los pequenos cines de barrio, en los que calcula que tan solo en 1965 debio de ver mas de 1000 peliculas.
Sus peliculas estan fascinadas por la sublimidad de los paisajes, sus amplios y despejados horizontes y los mares de luces de las ciudades. Cuando empezaron a trabajar juntos, ninguno sabia que este trabajo se convertiria en un requiem a la gran bailarina.
Peaceful landscape shots, disturbed by the noise of a vehicle – a train or a car, where a seat is occupied by a troubled character, wandering in space and thoughts, hitting the road with no destination. Isn’t life under the sun just a dream?” Both, humans and angels, love life in a somewhat nostalgic and wistful way, which is typical in Wenders’ films.
The Academy Award-nominated film documented Wenders’ long-time friend and collaborator, Ry Cooder, reuniting the legendary the Cuban musicians to perform for the first time since Fidel Castro’s reign. And then there’s his most recent triumph Vai Paparazzo!, which Wenders shot for Persol’s re-launch of the Cellor, a series of collapsible frames first released in the 1950s. A algunas personas les dio las gracias varias veces, por ejemplo, al escritor Peter Handke, que fue el primero ( y el unico!) que compro un cuadro del joven pintor promesa Wim Wenders y que despues se convertiria en su guionista mas importante.
En “Pina”, Wenders se adentra ahora en el cine 3D con una curiosidad llena de fascinacion y escepticismo. But make no mistake, Wings of Desire is still very much a Wim Wenders film: poetic, bleak and with a beautiful black and white aesthetic that was created by using a filter made from the stocking belonging to the grandmother of French cinematographer Henri Alekan. The film made an impressive $23 million at the box office, but Wenders wasn’t going to rest on his laurels. And now, a quarter of a century later, I can show and release the real film, which is my cut, the original length.” And how long is the original?
El director ha aprendido que la movilidad ilimitada no es exactamente lo mismo que la libertad.

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