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When you talk about cars you are talking “transportation.” Car enthusiasts typically are after speed, a “custom” look, showroom-perfect preservation, etc.
In restoring his 1942 Dodge WC pickup, Leo probably put as much effort into replacing a winch as a hotrodder could put into building an engine for the strip. The photo that leads this article shows Leo Underwood’s trio of Dodge and Willys Jeep utility vehicles in his driveway: a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon, a 1942 WC-4 model half-ton Dodge pickup, and a 1947 Willys Jeep.
The 4 X 4 WC half-tons came out in 1941 and ’42 as pickups, panel trucks, weapons carriers, ambulances and command or reconnaissance vehicles. Dave Fenner added: A Dodge WC was strictly a half ton 2x4 truck that remained basically unchanged all the way through 1947.
Up front, the vehicle has the cage-like steel radiator and headlight guard that is a common feature of military trucks. A used winch was eventually purchased from Midwest Military, Inc., in Prior Lake, MN for $1,400, with the PTO (power take-off) unit and driveshaft.
The Power Wagon came with a two-speed transfer case and a four-speed transmission with PTO unit, sending power fore and aft to run auxiliary equipment.
On New Year’s Day, 2008, with Siskiyou Summit in the background, Leo and his co-driver, son-in-law Kanaan Minks, pose with the trailered Power Wagon before leaving Grants Pass to return to Florida.
In starting the restoration, Leo says, “I worked on just the back end first because I don’t have a lot of room in my garage. Turning to the engine, Leo said, “It ran fine when I picked it up, so I kept everything original except the wiring harness.

The condition of the motor before Leo cleaned it up; it sat for 10 months while he worked on the body. Dash plaques on Power Wagon’s glovebox door explain controls and operating limits – with some redundancy! Power Wagons were supposed to mate with Bush Hog mowers, saws, rear winches, and other equipment powered by a driveshaft coming off the PTO unit on the transmission, and that required displacement of the normally-centered differential.
Would anyone want to estimate the maximum load rating of the Power Wagon’s stock heavy-duty pintle hook bolted to the frame's rear crossmember?
Leo uses his Willys Jeep, model CJ2A, mostly as a hunting vehicle and runabout on his family’s acreage. The engine is the 134 cid four-cylinder L-head, and it has an aftermarket “Supersonic” head. The electrical system of this version of the M37 has a 100-amp alternator and a rectifier to convert AC current to DC for operation of electrical equipment such as a radio. Maybe credit is due to the Wisconsin National Guard for taking good care of this truck, because Leo didn’t have to take it all apart. With sealed spark plugs and a throttle setting on the dash to keep the engine running, the M37 can get through water up to 48 inches deep. We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice.
The Kaiser Jeep gave birth to the idea that one could go out and explore America’s backcountry on a capable, 4-wheel-drive platform.

All the Jeeps assembled here in Indonesia were from kits , my other J20 is a USA 1979 model but was put on the road in 1982, running gear was built in 1980.
It's possible they ran out of tail lights and just went out and bought something when screwing that batch together.
I paid $4,500 for my running J20 , the wiring was a mess and eventually caught fire and the body had a lot of rust , bad enough for me to take the truck off the road and get it fixed properly . Underwood, a former member of the National Guard, bought the truck in 2003 while staying at a family residence in Smithville, Tennessee.
J20s are rare down here so if anything comes up at the right price I'll buy it for body panels etc. This truck is no newer than '78 as it still has the three piece bumper brackets in the front. I have a very gifted welder on staff and he spent a year part time making up patches and welding them in. The purchase price was $10,000, with $3,000 estimated into the restoration – not including Leo’s labor.

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