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Microsoft has listened, and Windows 10 debuts with compelling new featuresa€”Cortana, Task View, a familiar Start menua€”well worth the upgrade. Microsoft began insisting on a login password with Windows 8, as an additional safeguard against losing your data.
During the installation process, youa€™ll be asked for your Microsoft username and password, the key that unlocks your data within Microsofta€™s ecosystem. You can either use a PIN, a traditional password, or Windows Hello to log in to Windows 10. Still, Microsofta€™s making Hello one of the features of their first Windows 10 ads, and ita€™s not hard to see why. Wea€™ve tested Hello fairly extensively, and are convinced that this is going to be one of Windows 10a€™s highlights, if you can find a PC with Hello hardware installed.
I tried snapping a selfie and holding it near the camera to try and fool it, but that didna€™t work. Right-clicking and pinning apps to the Start menu will be intuitive for Windows 8 users, but ita€™s going to feel a little strange for longtime Windows 7 devotees.
Oddly, some apps dona€™t show up in the a€?All appsa€? lista€”like Paint, the venerable, quick-and-dirty image editing app. Still, Microsofta€™s early vision for the Windows 10 Start screen honestly looked as good, or better, than the current version.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The year 2014 has kicked off with leaked information regarding the upcoming update to Windows 8.1.
Mini Start was talked about back in 2013, when rumors of an update for Windows 8.1 began swimming around on the internet. According to Nawzil, who has been behind a number of different leaks in the past, is claiming that the latest internal development builds of Windows 8.1 Update 1 include a Mini Start. Even if Mini Start is a thing in the current internal builds, it’s possible that Microsoft could remove such feature before RTM. Does any one know where this actually is, as in, where would I go in the world to take this photo myself? Holywell bay near Newquay has Gull rocks and also have a few caves to the left of the beach that would be a really good alternative location, I was stood in this cave a few weeks ago but the Camera was with the wife so I never considered a shot.

So, I started trying to figure out how to get my user profile icon to show instead of this blah fingerprint. I added this shortcut to the startup folder (I do have UAC (user account control) turned off, so unsure of what types of prompts this would cause with it turned on)… and it seems to have done the trick nicely! This does not prevent the win biometrics provider to appear when just locking the session, but one could extend the command or call a batch file the also sets the SessionData keys.
You probably can't do step 6 with Windows running because you won't have access permission to rename or replace the file. I also didn't know if it would be worth it with Windows file protection (or whatever they're calling it nowadays). At least with the registry hack I would be able to easily change the profile pic the regular way and easily have a different pic whenever I wanted as well.
But instead of using that password to log in every session, Microsoft will encourage you to use a 4-digit PINa€”treating your PC, essentially, as a credit card. Using biometric securitya€”either a fingerprint or your facea€”Hello will log you in, automatically.
Windows Hello asks you to put your face in its camera range for a few seconds to train it, with your glasses on and off if necessary.
Setting up Hello and training it can be done in literally a minute, and the login process is nearly instantaneous. Ia€™m not going to say that Hello is foolproof and utterly secure, but I suspect youa€™re going to need some sort of a mask to beat it.
You cana€™t manually add apps to the left-hand list; Windows 10 picks those for you, based on your most frequently-used apps. Mary Jo Foley recently said that her sources are unsure if Mini Start would make it into Update 1, but if Nawzil is correct, it seems we could all have a Start Menu to play with before Summer! When I first saw the lock screen I thought cool, that's here in NZ, maybe the wallpapers are localised. My only problem now is that this only works for when you first log on it doesn't work for "switch user" or "lock" is there a registry method that can make this work for those as well?
Fingerprint readers are fairly rare outside corporate machines, but the depth cameras needed for face recognition are rarer still, found only in new PCs. I did find that after taking a shower, dressing, and sitting down at my PC, Hello failed to recognize me.

Fortunately, you can also launch apps by typing their names into the Cortana search box at the bottom left, or scrolling all the way down the lefthand list to the tiny a€?All appsa€? link.
The Get Started intro app should probably be front and center to lead new users by the hand.A  Tips pop up occasionally, offering guidance, and the familiar toolbar sits at the bottom of the screen.
Not only that, but it appears Update 1 could include some consumer features too, such as a rumored Mini Start. Users aren’t happy with the Start Screen, and Mini Start should offer a cool replacement.
It’s exciting, stick around for more! As per usual, with all rumors we ask you to be cautious, this information could be false. Youa€™ll find a list of your most frequently used apps to the left, along with the tile-based Windows 8 approach to the right. There, you should see a row of icons youa€™ll recognize: the Cortana search bar, followed by the new Task View, an Internet Explorer-like Edge icon, and more. Also, you might not want to replace the red version of the fingerprint image (it's used when your scan is rejected). If this happens, however, you can default to either a PIN or password and proceed normally.
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