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My Hardware reserved RAM allocation is 2MB in Windows 7 and 770MB in Windows 8 on the same PC. I think it looks like they are trying to compartmentalize the windows processes a bit more, and have the necessary system processes run in an untouchable RAM partition.
That makes me all the more convinced that Microsoft are trying to reduce system RAM usage by having fixed process speeds (at least for the system processes). Hardware Reserved IssueI had just turned on my computer, realizing that it was running particularly slow then I checked my Task Manager to see that my memory being used and I had checked my Resource Manager to find that an excessive amount of RAM was being reserved. I have seen a fair amount of discussion regarding Win8 x64 OS demanding a high amount of RAM, but none of the solutions recommended have solved my issue.

I spent countless coins on the arcade version of this game, which proves why Atari was a highly successful game company in the 80s: original concept, great graphics, and solid gameplay. Note: the keyboard control is implemented like an afterthought-- make sure you have a joystick hooked up to get the most enjoyment from this game. I didn't really think much of this, but I recently installed another kit of 4x2gb of RAM. Guide a ball as it rolls downhill toward the exit, escaping enemies and obstacles along the way. I had a problem with it not working well with my joystick (which works fine for any other thing I do - USB) - kinda works but nope.

I'm thinking that that could cause something like that if switching the OS caused it to switch back to the integrated and use your RAM as VRAM.
When I run Windows 7 on the same system from my SSD, there are only a few MBs as hardware reserved. Colorful isometric graphics and realistic ball physics (complete with inertia and gravity) are the game's hallmarks that set it apart from other arcade games in its time.

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