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AdjustmentThe drive belt tension is maintained by an automatic belt tensioner and does not require adjustment. When installing the drive belt on the pulleys, make sure all the V-grooves make proper contact with the pulleys. Use caution when removing or installing the belt and make sure the tool does not slip from the drive belt tensioner or personal injury or damage to the belt tensioner and the belt may occur. On all 3.0L (OHV) engines, rotate the drive belt tensioner clockwise to relieve belt tension and slide the belt off the pulleys. On 3.0L (DOHC) engines, rotate the tensioner counterclockwise to relieve belt tension and slide the belt off the pulleys.
Rotate the belt tensioner as outlined in the removal procedure to relieve belt tension and install the belt onto the tensioner pulley. If removal of the water pump drive pulley is required, refer to Engine & Engine Overhaul of this guide for the procedure.
Rotate the drive belt tensioner clockwise by hand and remove the belt from the belt tensioner.
Rotate the drive belt tensioner clockwise by hand and install the belt over the top of the belt tensioner. A glazed belt will be perfectly smooth from slippage, while a good belt will have a slight texture of fabric visible.

It’s a stunning resto-mod based on a 1969 BMW R69S, commissioned by a 30-year-old Madrid local. Most of the iconic features of the R69S have been retained, but the only component untouched is the 594 cc air cooled boxer motor.
It is best to replace all drive belts at one time, as a preventive maintenance measure, during this service operation.
The quirky and distinctive R69S suspension is still intact—but is now vastly improved thanks to the addition of Ohlins shocks at both ends. Follow these easy steps to get a free car history report when you have the vin on any used automobile.
Cafe Racer Dreams also removed the airbox and installed a huge K&N air filter in its place—a process that, according to Pedro, was harder than it looks.
BMW R100 front fenders have been adapted to fit both the front and back of the R69S.After a complete tear down, CRD selectively applied different finishes to the hard parts. The frame and a few other items were treated to satin black paint, while other bits were acid-dipped to achieve just the right vintage effect. CRD kept the stock tank and its assortment of dings, but stripped the paint and gave it a top-secret treatment that involves varnish and a little black paint. The seat is completely bespoke—covered in leather which has been sanded to blend with the R69S’s distressed theme.

Final trim includes a set of LSL handlebars, Beston grips and the original speedo-in-headlight setup.
The tyres are Firestone’s infamous Deluxe Champions—an appropriate choice for a build of this nature. Check out CRD’s previous 49 builds on the Cafe Racer Dreams website, and follow their news via Facebook. These numbers or letters will vary depending on your car or truck.The tenth position (number or letter) tells you the model year.
Before 1981 the VIN format was not standardized and was different by each car manufacturer.What year was my car really built? A = 1980 B = 1981 C = 1982 D = 1983 E = 1984 F = 1985 G = 1986 H = 1987 J = 1988 K = 1989 L = 1990 M = 1991 N = 1992 P = 1993 R = 1994 S = 1995 T = 1996 V = 1997 W = 1998 X = 1999 Y = 2000 1 = 2001 2 = 2002 3 = 2003 4 = 2004 5 = 2005 6 = 2006 7 = 2007 8 = 2008 9 = 2009 A = 2010 B = 2011 C = 2012 D = 2013 E = 2014 F = 2015LAST 7 POSITIONS OF VIN NUMBER: The VIN positions (number or letter) of the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth sections tells you information about the vehicle that VIN is assigned to.

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