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All of this is in a very small and very light 1.9L diesel motor, which, by the way, also gets incredible fuel mileage.
A number of people have put this great motor in a Suzuki Samurai, and while it works excellent on the highway with the stock transmission and transfer case, it's geared way too high for off-road use.
The aftermarket makes a gear that you can put in your transfer case that will supply the right gearing for use in the Samurai with big tires.
This means that you’ll literally have two transfer cases, giving you low and ultra-low ranges to use when needed for off-road conditions. The first upgrade everyone does, is get an aftermarket lower gear for the transfer case, which is the best thing you can do for a Suzuki. With the dual cases, when you go down the highway one-to-one, or in 5th gear overdrive, your diesel is turning a low RPM. You might think this could turn out to be a nightmare, but with the Advance Adapters transfer case setup it turns a real problem into an easy solution. Howe Performance will supply a tech support and parts to bring the rear wheel steering to life. Like we said, the plans for this particular Samurai are genuinely wild and are likely to modify and improve as the build progresses.
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The VW 2.0T FSI engine has no specific tools to hold the crankshaft and camshaft in an exact place well changing your timing belt. NOTE: The following tools are used depending on the depth of VW Passat timing belt service that you're performing and if you've chosen to change the cam or crank seals. PLEASE NOTE: The small fee we charge doesn't even cover the costs associated with this tool rental program. Preassembled BASE kit comes directly from our partner Schaeffler who has been manufacturing timing belt components under the OFFICIAL O.E. How long does it take and how much will it cost to replace the timing belt on my VW Passat with 2.0T engine? What are the brand names of the timing belt components that originally came on my VW Passat 2.0T 16 valve? What is the factory recommended timing belt interval for VW Passat 2.0T 16 valve engines?
Although this is a great stock motor, it will be given it to Kerma TDI and they will work their magic to modify the motor to 220 hp and 300 ft-lb of torque. This way, it works great off-road, but you still have a real problem with on-road use, and that is over-revving the motor's brains out trying to run at highway speeds.

They offer both VW-to-Suzuki and VW-to-Toyota kits, complete with adapter and motor mounts.
When you put the diesel in it and keep the stock tires, it works OK, but once you put oversize tires on the stock Suzuki running gear, the diesel has a problem off-road because the gears are too tall.
However, when you do this behind the diesel, it makes a great off-road vehicle, it then becomes terrible on the highway.
However, when you go off-road and you put it in low range, you now have the option of a great trail gear. On older single-cam VW engines it is possible to achieve general timing without the special tools. On these VW models, in order to achieve 100% proper cam to crankshaft timing, special tools are absolutely necessary. The engine timing marks are referenced by the timing alignment marks placed by the factory. The transverse mounted engine has a timing belt that runs through the center of the passenger side motor mount bracket. A tool deposit is an amount of money put down at the time of tool rental to ensure the return of the tool kit and adherence to our rental policies, agreement, and procedures. The timing belt, timing belt tensioner, and fixed idler bearings contained in these kits are the same as those directly supplied to the O.E. So you can expect to have a completed off-road vehicle that will be capable over the rough stuff, yet still will get great mileage when cruising to and from the riding area. When you get into real heart-stopper off-road situation, you now have that second T-case to get you through by doubling the low range. When the timing is off just a degree or two the check engine light could appear and a lack of performance is often noticed. Our VW timing belt tool rental program allows technicians to use the special tools required, without the investment. When you receive your package, your invoice and the tool kit itself will have the specified date that your tool rental kit is required back (received in our facility). With this in mind, our VW Timing Belt Tool Rental Kits are not available without the purchase of a BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kit.
These kits include the same manufactured brand of timing belt and timing belt tensioner, the same ones that were fitted on your car from the factory.
We also picked up some used Samurai parts, including extra doors, to complete the body modifications. But as we all know, serious off-roaders put big gnarly tires on to handle tough situations. By combining Reid's Racing knuckles on the ends of Spider Trax housings, this gives you the option of four-wheel steering. This would include special tools for counter holding the crankshaft sprocket well loosening and tightening the crankshaft bolt as well as the camshaft sprocket bolt. To remove the motor mount bracket the engine and transmission needs to be properly supported.

For example, a set of special timing belt tools for a newer TDI engine (BEW, BRM, BHW) can cost around $800 or more. Purchasing a timing belt kit and tool rental kit from Blauparts with the intent of using the tools to install timing belt parts purchased elsewhere and then returning our timing belt kit is not allowed. VW and Audi parts, along with creating the most satisfying customer service experience possible.
The motor in this vehicle was absolute junk, but it didn't matter because the plan was to put a turbo diesel in it – a 1.9-liter TDI Volkswagen diesel, to be exact. Other beneficial tools include the cam and crank seal removers, cam and cranks seal installers, radiator valance support tools, eccentric wrench for properly tensioning the timing belt tensioner, and a 2 jaw puller for popping the tapered camshaft sprocket loose. If they are not properly supported, damage can occur to the engine, transmission, fenders, and body of the car. The refund of your deposit is given when the tool kit has been returned in complete and good condition. Due to the complications of international laws, shipping variables, duties, taxes, and returns, tool rental kits are not available to rent outside of the contiguous 48 US states. Our positive 'We Care' attitude is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every BLAU® brand repair kit. All trademarks referenced in this website are displayed for identification purposes only and are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners. This gives you the best of both worlds in that you have enough grunt for off-road use and can cruise down the highway at very comfortable speeds with the engine just barely turning over. It is necessary to use of the factory specified and specifically designed VW B6 chassis special tools listed below.
Using over 25 years of service experience, we happily assist owners with their repair needs.
Prices, specifications, manufacturers, availability, and special offers are subject to change without notice. 2013 Changing BMW automatic transmission fluid is most easily done in conjunction with the BMW transmission filter maintenance. Due to their size and complexity these tools are not available through us and are not included in our tool rental kits.
Why contaminate clean fluid with the sediment thats stored in the old automatic transmission filter? Our automatic transmission fluid service kits are available for nearly every BMW model for a great price!
We can even drop ship our BMW automatic transmission fluid and filter kits directly to your BMW mechanic, which makes changing BMW automatic transmission fluid even easier.

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