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Twicsy is Twitter Pics Browse & Search ALL Twitter Pics! Search over 5,942,963,138 Twitter pics, millions posted to Twitter each day! With recent stories involving disagreements and arguments involving Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, Landon Donovan and Jurgen Klinsmann and Roy Keane and pretty much everyone, it may be time for someone to promote an event and get these people into the ring to settle their scores instead of going about it on the field or through the press.
WHO WINS: Jones gets the better of his opponent throughout the match but he will go to the well one too many times, so to speak. Managing editor for 32 Flags, news editor for The Comeback and staff writer for Awful Announcing. Monte Fresco, the Daily Mirror photographer who captured the iconic image of Vinnie Jones grabbing Paul Gascoigne's testicles, has died, aged 77.
Fresco joined the Mirror in 1958 and covered seven football World Cups, including England's 1966 final triumph at Wembley. Awarded an MBE in 1995 for his services to photography, Fresco was described as "one of the finest photographers of his generation". Of all the stunning snapshots Fresco took, Jones getting to grips with Gascoigne is arguably the most vivid.
Taken during a 1988 FA Cup tie at St James's Park, Gascoigne later admitted he was intimidated by the ferocious Jones, as Wimbledon beat Newcastle 3-1 en route to their shock triumph that year.

While it would probably end after one round, the Newcastle supporters would have a little fun with it and it would end in round 4 or 5 with a couple of TKO’s. One of the greatest soccer players ever is walking past the World Cup Trophy with his head down as he ended his playing career on a headbutt to another player resulting in a red card.
This time, the referee will notice and Gascoigne wins the match due to disqualification in round 10. I also do video highlight game coverage for Major League Soccer as well as a freelance writer. After having a great 2011-12 season where Newcastle finished 5th and gained a Europa League spot, Alan Pardew was given an eight year extension on his contract.
We came to find out later that Materazzi insulted Zidane’s sister but the damage was done. The lack of another World Cup on his mantle and the overwhelming support of the French people would motivate Zidane but it would go the distance and Zidane would win with a majority decision. The First ever 32 Flags Soccer Slobberknocker will settle the scores of these rivalries once and for all. Now that the team is struggling and Pardew is having some controversial moments as manager, the fans want him fired.

Whether the headbutt was right in that instance or not, the right call by the referee was made and Zidane was sent off. Gascoigne would be psyched out from the incident, which wasn’t noticed by the referees, and Wimbledon went on to win 3-1.
Part 1 will feature fantasy matches and matches which have been brewing for many years whereas Part 2 tomorrow will feature the more recent contests which have been in the news recently. Knowing that he would need to buy out Pardew’s large extension for that to happen, Mike Ashley is sticking with his manager because he has routinely been an owner who spends on the cheap side.
Wimbledon would then go on to win the 1988 FA Cup in one of the greatest upsets in soccer history. We’re going a little out of the realm from a traditional boxing match by it being a two-on-two match. The two Newcastle supporters would be average Newcastle fans but knowing Mike Ashley, he would try to auction off the spots to raise some more money.

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