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Will aggressively and quickly scramble to over two storeys high completely smothering and enveloping any house or tree. A flower stalk emerges from the axils of short reddish brown 'spikes' or more correctly pedicles. The flowers have five 'petals' (actually tepals), three of which have a greenish stripe down the centre and arranged in an equilateral triange; plus two slightly shorter white tepals without stripes sitting between two of the larger tepals, making an bi-symmetric (zygomorphic) arrangement. Photo inverted so that the on-looker is much better able to discern the tri-winged structure of the 3 external winged tepals. Some similarities to : Black Bindweed but that grows very much shorter, is an annual rather than a perennial, and has much smaller flowers with many more tepals than flowers.

When grown in gardens, this plant can be very troublesome, rampantly growing so tall as to cover the house and block out the windows or cause damage.
A member of the Dock and Knotweed Family it exhibits characteristics of both: it has tepals like docks and it has sheaths on the stems at every node like Knotgrasses. The 3-winged tepals open up to become part of the five-tepalled flowers (with 3 of them winged) plus two extra tepals which have mysteriously appeared from somewhere when the inflorescence opens - perhaps they were inside? Unlike its cousin Japanese Knotweed it does not spread rampantly or un-controllably around the countryside, merely grows rampantly upwards or outwards as one plant. The zygomorphic 3+2 arrangement of tepals together form the inflorescence and resemble a 'five-petalled' flower.

Random outbreaks are unusual, if it is found 'in the wild' it is probably a throw-out from a garden.

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