The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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Our team has always done its best to ensure transparency in every aspect of our business.A  And, while there are unfortunate instances of the need for restocking fees, many are paying these with other providers without realizing it. Several companies factor a€?lossa€? into their prices, meaning that ALL customers are paying a few percentage points more in price to compensate for the a€?average lossesa€? in a quarter or year.A  We, on the other hand, do not ask every customer to absorb these losses, and instead, attribute the costs associated with a€?lossa€? WHEN and ONLY WHEN they apply to a particular situation. But, we have just launched something that will change everything for our customers a€“ VIN # Verification!
Again, we believe in transparency, and are excited to share this technology with our customers.A  Because we are always working to improve your experience, we sincerely hope that our customers find this step to be convenient, as it will assuredly help us keep our incredibly low prices intact!
Thank you to everyone to patronizes our organization, and we look forward to meeting your automotive needs for many years to come. The rapid increase in fuel costs is likely one of the dominate reasons that young drivers are migrating away from vehicle ownership.A  But, when we also factor in the sharp increase in repair and maintenance costs, the current decline should come as no surprise.
A bad economy, coupled with mounds of collegiate debt, is creating a a€?perfect storma€? of sorts for young drivers.A  Many have realized that $30,000 for a vehicle is simple too much to shell out in todaya€™s economy, and are electing to take lesser-paying jobs that are closer to home.
What are your thoughts on the decrease in younger drivers?A  Is it a sign of things to come, or simply a knee-jerk reaction to the sharp uptick in automotive ownership costs? This bill, which is supported by representatives on BOTH sides of the proverbial aisle (how often do we see that these days?), is also receiving important backing from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).
Increasing competition within the auto parts industry will only benefit consumers, and while there is still a long way to go, the PARTS Act is a great start!
Maine is the next state that will hear the a€?Right to Repaira€? arguments, as consumers push to gain more control over the amount they pay to repair their vehicles.A  As consumer rights have become a hot-button issue in a variety of industries, it comes as no surprise that the legislation recently seen in Massachusetts is now finding its way to other states in the region.
The presence of repair shops in this argument is incredibly important.A  Many shops in the industry cannot compete with the dealership repair facilities, as they do not have the necessary tools or information to offer an alternative to high-cost manufacturer repairs. When we woke up on Long Beach, California on the morning of April 19th, it was obvious that we were in for a fantastic weekend.A  With the weather forecast at the hotel reminding us that the high-60s morning temperature would quickly rise to a comfortable 85 degrees, we couldna€™t eat breakfast fast enough. The first practice runs were the Le Mans series races, and take it from me, if you havena€™t seen Porches and Corvettes blasting through a street course up close, you havena€™t lived!A  Again, these were just practice runs, but when you can hear the air ratchets in the pits and smell the burning motor oil, therea€™s nothing like it.
As expected, the drivers took these Friday practice runs with caution.A  Although, it is worth noting that everyone seemed to get a kick out of seeing them a€?open it upa€? after the final turn (by the a€?Dolphina€? a€“ if you dona€™t know what that is, definitely look it up!), as they headed down the straightaway. Passes were few and far between, obviously, but the morning runs were plenty fun.A  After a short break, the second round of practice runs began, and we elected to wander around a bit more, taking in the scene.
The trends regarding automobiles are always interesting, as they can help give a much better cross-section of the TRUE state of the American economy.A  As consumers become more cost-conscious, the need for repair increases, given the sluggish NEW car sales.
When the study debuted in 1950, the average annual cost of vehicle ownership was $900 and gas was a paltry $0.27 a gallon. Routine automobile maintenance is something that can get confusing for those that dona€™t regularly spend time under the hood.A  While ita€™s become incredibly easy, and admittedly, cost-efficient, to take your car or truck into a local garage for a a€?15 minute oil changea€?, understanding how to properly check or top-off the crucial fluids in your vehicle can save you quite a bit of time, money, and frustration. There are several fluid reservoirs within arma€™s reach of your engine, and knowing which should be closely monitored can help prevent serious damage to vital components.A  So, in the name of providing you with information that SAVES YOU MONEY, wea€™re going to outline some of the most important fluids to your vehicle, and how you can ensure that there is enough of each fluid in the reservoir.
OIL IS CRUCIAL.A  Ok, wea€™re going to say it again, just to be sure the point is madea€¦OIL IS CRUCIAL!!A  Necessary for lubricating your enginea€™s cylinders, and helping to reduce the amount of friction occurring internally, motor oil is something that your engine simply cannot do without. While oil tops the list, engine coolant isna€™t far behind!A  We all know that overheating can lead to disaster for a vehiclea€™s engine (if you didna€™t, now you do!), but far too often, the radiatora€™s contents go unnoticed by vehicle owners.
We would like to extend one nugget of knowledge your way before you lift the hood and start checking your radiator fluid:A  MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS COLD!!A  If you dona€™t take our word for it, youa€™ll wish you did. Your brakes are important, arena€™t they?A  Sure they are.A  Otherwise, wea€™d all be plunging headlight into guard rails across the country!A  So, if theya€™re so important, why do so many owners fail to double-check the brake fluid level in their vehicles?

For our purposes here, we will skip the system analysis, and move right to the fluida€™s purpose.A  In a design that is slightly more complicated than the brake fluid purpose outlined above, a lack of power steering fluid can render your system useless, while creating issues within the components.
Have you ever turned the steering wheel only to hear that annoying a€?grindinga€? sound?A  Yep, thata€™s a lack of power steering fluid.A  Topping the reservoir off SHOULD do the tricka€¦unless, of course, a more serious system issue is afoot. The last time you tried to pull away from a stopped light, did your transmission slip?A  For many, this would incite fear that a costly transmission repair is looming.A  And, while we cana€™t wave our wand and make that possibility COMPLETELY go away, there is a reasonable chance that youa€™re just running low on transmission fluid. Washer fluid is inexpensive and easy to check, as most reservoirs have the a€?levela€? labeled right on the outside of the tank.A  Check this regularly, because ita€™s REALLY frustrating when you need it but dona€™t have it. So, that pretty much sums up our fluid checklist.A  Did we miss anything?A  If so, please let us know, so we can run out and check our cars right now. Staying true to our continued efforts to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, while maintaining the high performance specs on all of our replacement parts, we have jointed the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association! By increasing the knowledge of our own staff, while gaining the ability to contribute to our industry in new and inventive ways, we are excited for this new opportunity. You turn up the radio in the hopes that you can drown out the backseat madness long enough to answer the next a€?Are we there, yet?a€? with an enthusiastic YES!
Road trips have long been an American tradition as they can be easily facilitated, provided that you know where youa€™re going and what youa€™ll encounter along the way.A  We have covered the important elements of preparing for a road trip in another segment, so today, wea€™ll point out some of the great road trip destinations across the United States. For our purposes here, wea€™ve divided the country into four segments, so when we say a€?Southeasta€?, for example, remember that it may stretch as far as Arkansas.A  Got it?A  Great, leta€™s get this show on the road, shall we?
Why did we use a sub-region of a region of our national road trip map?A  Well, because we dona€™t have all day here, and therea€™s plenty to note!A  From ordering high-quality but cheap (and we mean REALLY cheap) lobster in Maine to enjoying an autumn drive through New Hampshire, you can find something for everyone in New England.A  Boston, New York City, and a wide variety of attractions are all within striking distance once you make the journey north (or east, depending on where youa€™re starting from)! Florida is one of the nationa€™s most popular retirement destinations for a reason.A  While many will discuss Miami or Orlando (due to Disney World), we like to remind you that therea€™s an entire state to explore!A  Try visiting St. Well, thata€™s what we have for you here!A  Taking road trips can be an incredible experience for the entire family.A  Sure, they can try your patience, but in the end, anytime we get to spend time with our families while touring some of our countrya€™s hidden gems, we all win. When shopping for a used car, one has to be careful regarding the vehicle being considered.A  While the seller may seem nice, who isna€™t when theya€™re trying to sell you something?A  Water damage remains one of the worst possible issues involved in purchasing a used car or truck.A  Flooding can damage the vehiclea€™s frame and interior in a variety of ways, which is why anyone currently in the market for a used vehicle should know the warning signs, and steer clear of any vehicle exhibiting any of them!A  After all, though you may be walking away from a great deal, ita€™s always better to be safe when making this kind of investment! Cars that have been exposed to a flood will often carry signs of the damage.A  But, one of your best assets to determine such a thing isna€™t your eyes a€“ ita€™s your nose!A  The musty smell will be a dead giveaway that you need to move onto the next vehicle.
The electrical system is usually one of the common casualties when a vehicle has been subjected to a flood.A  Though many components can dry out over time, the wiring will often dry out with it, making the wires brittle.A  If show signs of cracking when you handle them, run!
Dona€™t be afraid to take your time and check the vehicle thoroughly.A  While you may get met with some impatience from the seller, remembera€¦ita€™s your money!A  Heck, it might soon be YOUR car.A  It never hurts to take the extra time to explore the chassis, and search for any signs that the car or truck has been submerged in flooding water! Johnston Police Department - FAQsWhen do I need to complete a State of RI Motor Vehicle Accident report?
Frequently Asked Questions - Pawtucket PoliceA burglary incident is one in which someone has entered your residence, car, or garage, etc and has removed your property .
Narragansett, RI - Official Website - ServicesAny vehicle that is less that 10 years old and has an out of state title needs to have the . City of Newport - Police Department - Frequently Asked Questionsmust be a Rhode Island resident at the time of appointment as a Police Officer Trainee; must be at least 21 .
East Greenwich: Municipality - Town Departments - PoliceMany officers are graduates of the University of Rhode Island Criminalist . Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV's processes.
Print and sign your name in the presence of a notary on the back of the title (in Section A); the buyer must do the same.

Visit a PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services office to transfer the title to your name and register the vehicle. If the vehicle's emission and inspection decals are not valid, you will have 10 days to pass the inspections. In Pennsylvania, as in many states, you are required to furnish a title when registering a vehicle?so make sure you get the title from the seller when you buy a car. If you're the buyer, please use caution when someone tries selling you a vehicle without the title.
If you want to sell a car for which you've lost the title, refer to our Buying and Selling FAQs section for information about how to apply for a duplicate.
Bear in mind that an expensive vehicle does not automatically translate into a good vehicle. The best deals for new cars occur July through October, when dealerships are trying to create space for new models, and during late December when salesmen are desperately trying to reach year-end quotas. Don't give your driver's license under the guise of "for insurance purposes" to a dealership while taking a test drive. You will likely need a bill of sale form whenever you buy a vehicle from, or sell one to, another person.
I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. 1663, otherwise known as the Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales Act of 2013 (PARTS), was brought before Congress on April 23, 2013.
The date you see here reflects the most recent time we've verified this information with your state DMV.
It's a process of forms and signatures that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) requires for subsequent titling and registration purposes. You may apply for new license plates or make arrangements to transfer plates from another vehicle. The registration papers are not quite as necessary, although it makes the process much easier. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has instituted a Lemon Law to help protect you from faulty vehicles. Before even approaching a seller, you should research the car or model you are considering. Mechanical flaws in today's electronics-filled engines are difficult to detect with untrained eyes, and damage to the chassis from an accident can be invisible. While you're wheeling around the block, the dealership could be using your license to make an unauthorized credit report. The Cranston Police Department has a VIN verification station conveniently located at 929 .

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