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The West Warwick Police Department adheres to the following policy regarding the examination of vehicle identification numbers (VIN checks). Superbe et aux dimensions XXL, ce verre a vin geant sur pied aerien en verre de toute premiere qualite illuminera vos centres de tables et buffets en leur donnant une touche de grande classe. While Fred Gibb was putting together the deal with Vince Piggins and Pete Estes to bring the all aluminum 427 powered ZL-1 Camaro (known as COPO 9560), Yenko was working with Piggins to create COPO 9561, factory built L-72 powered Camaros. Once the order code was created, Yenko negotiated to purchase the first 100 9560 option equipped cars produced (it was believed that all COPO Camaros were built in Norwood, but recently a body broadcast sheet has come to light for a 427 car built at Van Nuys).
After being used for design work, the car remained with Yenko apparently as a demonstrator for customers at the Canonsburg dealership, and Yenko's dealer network.
Fate decided to play an ugly part, with Owens passing away not too long after taking out the loan.
After more exhaustive research by Barber that covered six months, VIN searches, title investigation, and discussions with Yenko enthusiasts and experts, it was finally confirmed that the Camaro in John Miller's possession was indeed the first '69 Yenko Camaro ever built, and one of the very first L72 Camaros assembled at Norwood.From January 2009 to April 2010, the crew at CARS worked to restore what was probably the Holy Grail of Yenko Camaros.
While some of this particular Yenko Camaro's history remains out in limbo, the important facts proving its authenticity have been verified that it was indeed the first, the progenitor, of what is probably the most popular and well know series of dealer super cars in Chevrolet history.
Remplissez les a votre guise de sable decoratif, de paillettes, de fleurs, de perles de pluie ou de petales de rose. E-Zway Auto Sales is the premier "Buy Here, Pay Here" used car dealership and used truck dealership in North Carolina. Yenko had been transplanting the L-72 into Camaros at the Canonsburg dealership since the car came out in '67. In addition to the 427 option, Yenko also ordered all of his Camaros with the COPO 9737 option. During this period, Don himself is said to have taken the car to Tennessee, presumably to show off to his dealers in Memphis (Union Chevrolet) and Nashville (E.B.

In the end, the bank ended up repossessing the car, which was in pieces, along with other parts and things from Owens' garage.At this point, John Miller enters the story. Once the other bidders couldn't get the good stuff, purchasing the rest of the parts through the auction was easy.Once he had everything together, John contacted Jim Barber at Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists (CARS) about restoring the wrecked Camaro, and verifying that it was indeed a Yenko. The original subframe, badly pinched in the accident, had to be pitched and a replacement found. On trouve souvent de la mousse assez rigide dans laquelle je decoupe de gros morceaux au ciseau multi-usage puis, je paufine avec mes ciseaux de points de croix. Pratiques, ils peuvent egalement servir de verre a vin de degustation pour des crus d'exception. Out of his father's dealership in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Don Yenko managed to start what is arguably the greatest, and best year in the muscle car era. Yenko would order L78 powered cars, then swap in the L72 engine, add special Yenko badges, different wheels, and other items to make the cars into something special. For those who've forgotten or might be unaware, there were no reproduction badges, stickers, nothing that someone could get to make a "fake" Yenko at this time.In 2004, Owens needed money to make some improvements at his racetrack. Miller had known about the car, and knew it was going to be auctioned off by the bank to cover the loan debt. Initially Barber was able to verify the car was indeed an original COPO 9561 car, and the engine and trans matched the body's VIN tag. Thanks to Classic Industries and Mark Vogt, obtaining replacement Yenko specific pieces for the car's restoration was a snap. All of Yenko's Camaros were ordered with the 15-inch rally wheels from the factory, with the five-spoke Atlas wheels being installed at the dealership if a customer wanted them, along with Doug Thorley headers.After Yenko received the first 100 cars built, the doors were opened for other dealers like Berger, Baldwin, and Fred Gibb to order their own 9561 equipped Camaros.
During this trip, with Yenko rumored to have been behind the wheel, the car was wrecked, taking a hard hit to the passenger side A-pillar and rear of the front fender.

Using the car as collateral, the bank gave him a loan for 200,000 dollars, since by this time the Yenko's value was much higher, with the potential restoration, than what Owens originally paid for it. Hot footing it to Hartsville, he discovered the car was in pieces, and those various pieces were in different lots of the auction. But the early build date on the car was throwing off the verification of whether it was a real Yenko, along with the lack of an "X code" on the car's body data plate.
The original Stewart Warner "green line" gauges were sent out for restoration (new reproductions are available, but CARS wanted to save the originals for extra value and authenticity), and the numbers matching 427 and M-21 trans were treated to full, factory spec rebuilds. Final production numbers show 1,015 L72 Camaros being built, 193 TH400 equipped and 822 four-speed equipped cars. The impact also kinked the front subframe.The car would languish and rot away until discovered by Jimmy Owens, a racetrack owner in Hartsville, Tennessee, who recognized the markings and purchased the Camaro to restore. This was around 1992, before the muscle car craze and Barrett-Jackson auction mania would descend upon the hobby like a hurricane. We say at least because of the photo in John Hooper's book "The Camaro Reference Book from A to Z" which shows Don Yenko himself in front of an SYC car at Colonial Chevrolet, with a sign behind him proclaiming "350th Yenko Built."Adding to the conjecture about how many '69 Yenko Camaros built was the VIN list published a few years ago.
Another wrinkle, Jack Douglass Chevrolet in Hinsdale, Illinois, started building Yenko Camaros with Yenko's permission.
After some legal discussions, Douglass Chevy worked a deal with Yenko to be an official dealer. No one seems to know where the Jack Douglass' cars fit into the mix, how many were built, and if they're true Yenkos.

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