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The Hall of Fame announcer turns 88 in November and he said Saturday he believes one more year would be enough.
When fall leaves would turn, it was Vin again, sharing with me baseball lore after lights were out again at the start of the new school year. The audible cadence of Vin’s voice has narrated the most joyous sports memories of my lifetime.
He shared stories from baseball past and often had an anecdote or metaphor or simile that we never saw coming and then when we heard it, we’d realized that we heard poetry in motion.
I have to say that because of the relatively close proximity of our ages, it was as if I were reading my own childhood recollections of growing up with Vin (although in my case it was Mrs. Although for only a fraction of his brilliant career, I thank God that both of my kids also got to experience and enjoy Vin Scully, just as we did. Yes, we all remember listening on the old transistor radio, KFI, 640, 50 thousand (I think) watts of power, right there at the big dot on the transistor radio dial.
While we approach the end of an era, I hope, while there will never be another Vinny, that some other announcer will appear to give millions of other young fans the same joy we were blessed to receive listening to the great game of baseball with Vince Scully broadcasting. There will never be another voice with his resonance and his way of constantly demonstrating his love of the game, his appreciation for what the players do, and first and foremost his appreciation extended to the fans.
One of my better memories is my parents agreeing to let me (and a friend) miss school to watch one of the 1965 World Series games at my Grandparent’s house. There are countless stories of Scully’s voice echoing throughout the backyard pool parties and barbecues of our southland neighborhoods, and also throughout Dodger Stadium on game days at home. You know that each and every long time Dodger fan echoes the exact same sentiment as what you just said.
We can all hear him now, going off in a direction, in the middle of an at bat, telling us like a loving grandfather about how life must change and things can never stay the same, or something to that effect! Koufax and Drysdale might as well have been gods, and Vin Scully, the Dodgers radio voice, was the High Priest. You probably have quite a few stories you could tell playing for Billy Martin in your years with the A’s.
Even on a bad Dodger game day, it’s still a fabulous day to get to listen to the voice!
The Los Angeles Dodgers Holiday Tour will be visiting Southern California malls to encourage fans to give the gift of Dodger baseball.
At each event, fans can purchase mini plans and season tickets, play games, win prizes, and register to win tickets to a 2013 game.
Dodger mini plans include a 10-game bobblehead mini plan, that now includes a Hideo Nomo bobblehead date (Aug. The best way for fans to collect 2013 promotions, purchase Opening Day tickets and secure Interleague matchups against the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels is to purchase season tickets. Very glad they added Fernando to this event, I will definitely be there to get a bobblehead signed, possibly the sga one from 2001. Ah man, I was planning on going to this because it was close to my house and I want to win some Dodgers prizes.

She is best known for playing Carmela, Mafia don Tony Soprano's long-suffering wife on The Sopranos. She has survived breast cancer, and is a recovering alcoholic, sober since the early 1990s.
Scully currently calls all nine innings of home games and road games in California and Arizona for the Dodgers’ television home on SportsNet LA, while the first three innings of his games are simulcast on the radio. In fact, I think a lot of us are about to realize that we are all going to have to come to the realization that we will need to grow up.
It was only years later that I found out that dad knew all along that I was taking in the games. It has also delicately shared the sad news of those torturous sports moments of heart break that we all suffered as die-hard Dodger faithful.
A moment that had us all in tears and a heartbreaking day that none of us would forget, but how appropriate that was to come from him. He reminded us that this is a game and that the most important things in life are family, God and country. Vin’s reverence for the Almighty was voiced in a quiet way and it made you respect him even more. Over the years Vin has shared tidbits from it all.  Rogers and Hammerstein quotes would drop in. Only on a recent telecast, I realized that Vin was reminding me of my past as a Dodger fan. I have never met Vin but because of him but I always felt I was important as a baseball fan just listening to him relate to us. The games out of NY would always be an hour later in AST so we were much closer to getting out of school for the day.
His is a lost generation of professionalism and study of the art of broadcasting that hearkens back to the days of early radio and television. Cherish these moments like no other because they will echo in our memories for the rest of our days. My thoughts on everything that has to do with the old game, autographs, baseball cards, bobbleheads, contests, upcoming appearances, books, etc. Saturday at Westfield West Covina, legendary Dodger pitcher and Spanish-language broadcaster Fernando Valenzuela and Dodger alumnus Kenny Landreaux will be on hand for a meet-and-greet and autograph session.
Season ticket options, one of the best values in Los Angeles and all of sports, start as low as $5 per ticket.
Falco had a fairly substantial role in her first film, Sweet Lorraine with Maureen Stapleton and Giancarlo Esposito. Falco was the first actress to sweep all three major TV awards for the same role in the same year, winning the Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe Awards in 1999 for The Sopranos.
He didn’t preach to us, but often times he gave a sermon in life lessons and what was good in the world. Tolstoy cited and Shakespeare referenced all in the process of telling us that Chad Fonville stole second or Bill Sudakis socked a three run homer.

I think my baseball childhood, which started with Vin and Duke on April 19, 1952, will last forever because of what Vin gave me beyond his calling of a game. Let’s not forget his appreciation and thankfulness for what the game has given to him. He was a pioneer of sorts, and to this day, continues to be an ambassador to the game of major league baseball. Rather he would want us to carry on being the consummate, passionate, dedicated fans we are, and display our love for our great team only as we Dodger fans can!
Bigger than the sport itself, something so special, future generations will never understand or get to experience! The Los Angeles Dodgers Holiday Tour, featuring current and former Dodger players, will continue on December 15 (Westfield Valencia) and December 22 (Del Amo Fashion Center).
A 15-game plan includes all 10 bobblehead games, Opening Day and four other promotional dates. She attended college with eventual independent filmmaker Hal Hartley, and has appeared in three of his films. She has also played a cop's wife on Homicide: Life on the Street, a defense attorney on Law & Order, and a prison guard on Oz. Salas in 5th grade), they’d roll in a TV and put the game on, but that always seemed to happen in another class. The transistor under the pillow so often would serve as my lone attachment to the Dodgers and Vin’s harmonic tones and the roar of the crowd would serenade me into slumber each Spring evening during the tail end of a school year. A best friend in fact.  A man I have never had the distinct pleasure of meeting, but feel like if I did, it would be as if he was a childhood friend dating back to when I was five years old. If Vin narrated a moment in a game that was certainly inappropriate behavior, he wouldn’t pass unfair or unjust judgement. I then reminded myself that that was a big part of Vin that will truly be missing after he retires. Fans that purchase a 2013 mini plan or season tickets at the mall Saturday will receive an autographed Fernando Valenzuela bobblehead while supplies last. She has also made two films with Abel Ferrara, and had a tiny role in Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. He reminded us of the sacrifices made by so many great men on D-Day and how June 6, 1944 should never be forgotten. She had a rare leading role in Judy Berlin, an oddball but endearing independent movie about an eclipse over Long Island. But no team EVER in the sport or any sport for that fact, ever had one as great as you Vin, the greatest of them all.

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