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Altesino is one of the main wineries of Montalcino and among the protagonists of the renowned Brunello. 2) Database UTENTI: sono stati migrati gli utenti iscritti al Team (quelli che avevano accesso all'area riservata del vecchio sito). Gli iscritti al presente forum non sono stati migrati sempre per motivi tecnici che ne hanno impedito la fattibilita.
Questi ultimi, pertanto, se volessero mantenere attiva la loro partecipazione al nuovo forum, dovranno iscriversi a sito & team (iscrizione gratuita). Il presente forum restera consultabile ancora per qualche mese, ma non si avra possibilita di inserirsi in precedenti thread, ne aprire nuovi post. Den har en utmärkt Golf Academy med yrkesverksamma som talar engelska, franska och tyska.

E_TEC 300 Evinrude motor, laddningsstation och luft nitrox (resort är en PADI dykcenter och en MARES TEST), anordnande av utflykter i distriktet Imperia (gorgonie, Ninuccio, Frati, Ferro da stiro, Infedeli) i Santo Stefano torra (Croce, Anfiteatro, Canyon, Grotta, Coda), Capo Mimosa (Pilone nero, Pappagallo, Franata, Muraglione). In the course of the event have in fact been tasted five wines, expression of the territory and the vineyards of Altesino, all of them related by the same productive philosophy of the winery of Montalcino having in elegance the main characteristic. Guido Orzalesi - sales manager of Altesino - who illustrated to the participants both the history of his winery and the characteristics of the wines and territory.
The evening started with the only white wine of the event, Bianco Altesino 2010, made from Chardonnay, Vermentino and Viognier, completely vinified in steel tanks, a wine in which the elegance of Viognier is completed by the roundness and body of Chardonnay and Vermentino. The event continued with Rosso di Montalcino 2010, a wine representing the territory and produced with Sangiovese and aged in cask, a red expressing the immediate and crisp character of the main grape of Montalcino, while emphasizing the pleasing character of fruits and flowers.
It then followed the first of the two Brunello di Montalcino wines, vintage 2006, in which can be understood the potentials of Sangiovese in this territory, fruit of the grapes harvested in all Altesino's vineyards, located both in the Northern and Southern slopes of Montalcino area.

Particular appreciation has been expressed for the famous Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli 2006 - the first "cru" of Brunello ever created in Montalcino - aged in cask and, also in this case, a perfect representative of Altesino's productive philosophy based on Sangiovese's elegance. The event ended with a sweet touch, a rarity, with Val d'Arbia Vin Santo d'Altesi 2001, produced in the traditional small barrels "caratelli" with the method of the "mother" and allowed to ferment and age for more than 7 years. A Vin Santo of great personality, with a complex organoleptic character, an excellent meditation wine which can also be perfectly paired to piquant and hard cheese. Quante volte ci siamo svegliati all'alba per svolgere le prove di tiro!Ricordo la pasta fritta, i piselli e il pure delle gamelle.

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