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From Passito di Pantelleria to Moscato d'Asti, there’s an Italian dessert wine for every occasion.
But while this gustatory gamut has long delighted dry wine aficionados from around the world, few people realise that local character emerges just as forcefully in dessert wines, a somewhat overlooked Italian production. Just take a moscato from Friuli - pale straw in colour, lightly sweet in the mouth, with plenty of acidity to cut through the sweetness - and the same wine made in southern Sardinia - a golden triumph of Baroque-like richness, its honeyed sweetness almost solid in the mouth. Add wine culture and vinification processes to geography and you end up with an infinite variety of dessert wines. Moscato d'Asti, lightly sweet, gently effervescent and low in alcohol, is mainly produced in the hilltop town of Asti (not to be confused with Asti spumante), and in the nearby provinces of Alessandria and Cuneo in the north-western region of Piedmont. Obtained from the Moscato bianco grape, which is considered the best within the Muscat family of grapes, it takes its name from its earthy musk aroma. As a sparkling wine, Moscato d’Asti used to be a wine that winemakers made for themselves, to be drunk at lunch so that, thanks to its low alcohol content, it would not slow them and their workers down.
Combining sweetness and acidity, it has a delicate but complex aroma, with hints of oranges and dried apricots. Moscato d’Asti has seen its sales increase by 73% since 2011, and its exports to the United States have soared.
Another story wants the name to come from none other than Cardinal Bessarion, a Greek scholar who tried (in vain) to reconcile the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.
Be as it may, Vin Santo is certainly fit for saints, or at the very least kings - saints being, hopefully, far beyond the temptations of the palate. When ready, Vin Santo is rich golden and viscous, with a scent of apricots and a smooth taste of caramel and nuts.
But the best, most complex Vin Santo should be savoured by itself to enjoy the miraculous taste that makes it worthy of its name.
Perhaps inspired by the story, one of the world’s greatest womanisers, Giacomo Casanova, used to offer a glass of Passito to the ladies he intended to seduce.
The grapes are picked early, often in August, placed to dry on straw mats under the blazing sun for a few weeks, and turned every day to prevent rotting.
This makes a velvety wine with deep amber colour and intense scents of dried figs, apricot and date. Citta fin dal 1014 per bolla imperiale di Federico II, Bobbio nell'Alto Medioevo fu una delle principali sedi della cultura religiosa in Italia. Arroccato tra la Riserva Geologica del Piacenziano e il Parco Fluviale dello Stirone, Vigoleno e fra i borghi medievali piu suggestivi e ricchi di storia del Piacentino.

Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Wyspa Santorini jest znana z uprawy dwoch gatunkow win: wytrawnego bialego Assyrtiko oraz slodkiego deserowego Vin Santo. The fresh breeze of the sea, the crisp cold mountain air, the penetrating scent of Mediterranean scrubland, the tart sweetness of forest fruits, all make their way into the bottle, creating a huge range of bouquets and flavours that reflects the scenery and quirks of the Italian terroir. The first speaks of cold winters and cool summers, of verdant hills and thick woods; the second is sunshine in a bottle. Straw wines from the Centre and South, late harvest wines from the North and the Islands, and then noble rot, icewines—there’s an Italian dessert wine to suit every cheese, every pudding and every mood.
In the evenings, multi-course meals called for a digestif to clean the palate and prepare it for dessert, and Moscato served that purpose.
It is especially popular among consumers under the age of 45, both because of its affordability and, curiously, thanks to its adoption as the drink of choice by hip-hop culture. At the ecumenical Council of Florence, he tried a glass of sweet wine and declared it to be Xantos - meaning, presumably, that it reminded him of the Greek wine from Xantos. The nutty notes are what make the sweeter Vin Santo perfect with cantuccini - these Tuscan almond biscuits are dunked in the wine, which they soak up beautifully. Pantelleria is a tiny island, and wind-beaten -  the Arabs, who once ruled this lump of rock between Italy and Africa, called it "daughter of the wind". The origins of the Passito are wrapped in the mist of time, but legend has it that the goddess Tanit won Apollo’s love by serving him a cup of the Pantelleria wine - no mean feat, considering that the Olympian god was used to nectar and ambrosia.
They are then pressed, often together with newly harvested grapes, and fermented for a long time. Il sapore medievale del borgo antico, fatto di strette viuzze, case in sasso e palazzotti signorili riporta ai tempi in cui la citta era un centro cosmopolita di arte, cultura e scienza. Al suo fascino cede tanto chi da lontano lo scorge dominare la vallata, quanto chi si aggira fra i suoi viottoli e le sue case medievali in sasso.
Ancora oggi domina intatto, con grande impatto scenografico, le geometrie dei vigneti che disegnano le colline tutt'intorno. Na greckiej wyspie wytwarza sie je ta sama metoda co w Toskanii, gdzie jest niezwykle popularne. Go for a DOCG Moscato d’Asti, which is a guarantee of the quality of the product, still made my small producers. One story has it that, in the Middle Ages, a Franciscan friar used altar wine to save people from the Black Death.

Whatever he really wanted to say, however, got lost in translation, as the Florentines mistook his word for Santo, and the wine became known as Holy. Grapes are picked and left to dry on rush mats (or hung from the rafters) for a few months before being pressed—the sugar in the grapes concentrates as they slowly turn into raisins.
Picking the grapes in the blowing gales is hard work, and young islanders tend to go elsewhere to find their fortunes anyway.
Posta lungo l'itinerario della Via degli Abati, Bobbio e cresciuta attorno all'antico monastero di San Colombano, che, assieme ai suggestivi paesaggi naturalistici della Val Trebbia, ne fa una delle principali localita di vacanza del Piacentino. Sulla piazza municipale, nella parte alta del paese, si affacciano la Rocca Viscontea, poderosa opera difensiva, la Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta, struttura romanica con parti gotiche e rinascimentali, il Palazzo del Podesta e il Museo della Collegiata, solo alcuni dei piccoli gioielli del borgo. Risalendo i suoi stretti e ripidi vicoli, il visitatore ha come l'impressione di trovarsi in un labirinto, dove i confini fra borgo e castello via via sfumano tanto si compenetrano e si specchiano l'uno nell'altro.
Vin Santo podawane jest w towarzystwie plesniowego sera lub ciasta, jednak zanim trafi na stol bardzo dlugo dojrzewa w debowych beczkach. The juice is then fermented and aged for up to ten years in small cigar-shaped barrels that are not completely full.
Production has been slowly decreasing in recent years but there is yet hope for the future, in the form of investment from big Sicilian winemakers, and the recent creation of a consortium to save local vineyards.
L'Abbazia dedicata al santo irlandese, che qui giunse e lascio un segno indelebile, e il simbolo stesso della citta, alla pari del contorto profilo del Ponte Gobbo, legato alla leggenda di San Colombano nel suo scontro con Satana. L'intatto volto medievale di Castell'Arquato si e rivelato la location ideale tanto per film in costume, come ad esempio Lady Hawk di Richard Donner, quanto per le feste e per le rievocazioni storiche che durante l'anno lo animano. Sulla piazza centrale si affacciano l'oratorio della Madonna delle Grazie e la Pieve di San Giorgio, uno degli esempi di architettura romanica sacra piu importanti di un territorio attraversato dalla Via Francigena. Popularnosc Vin Santo (nazwa, w przeciwienstwie do toskanskiej odnoszacych sie do nabozenstw, tutaj oznacza vino di Santorini, czyli pochodzace z wyspy) znajduje wyraz w licznych tawernach i nadmorskich knajpkach, ktore slyna z podawania tego trunku. Marco Bellocchio, regista che ha in Bobbio un luogo della sua infanzia e delle estati dell'adolescenza, ha ambientato qui alcuni dei suoi migliori film e istituito il Bobbio Film Festival assieme al Laboratorio di Fare Cinema.

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