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Canadian built Dodge and Fargo trucks frequently used different serial numbers than those built in the United States. In some years, the Canadian built trucks used different styles of tags than the US built trucks used. Because of the inconsistency of the tag locations in some years it is important to check more then one area for the tag before giving up.
There is a lot of confusion about the Canadian Serial Numbers in the 1961-69 era, if anyone has any information about the numbers from those years they can share the help would be appreciated. I hope to update this page from time to time as I learn new info, and get feedback about other information that would be good to include on this page.
Please contact the Registry maintainers at the below email address if you have any suggestions or questions.
The block VIN and the vehicle VIN were the same, but by late 1967 the block VIN was revised. The transfer lug or pyramid at the rear of the block to the passenger's side of the distributor hole. Intake codes have casting codes on them as well and with the date code by the thermostat you can determine what engine it came on.

Similarly to the intake, the exhaust casting codes will also show what engine there were used on. This era tag is found on the driver’s side front door jamb, though a limited number of trucks of this era have been found with the tag mounted (from the factory) on the engine side of the firewall, or under the hood on the cowl.
Suitable for cars with 15" and 16" Wheels The Genuine Honda Alloy Wheel comes fitted with a Bridgestone Tyre and includes a securing bolt.Please see pictures below confirming that this option fits perfecly in to the wheel well in your boot also allowing the boot floor carpet to sit perfectly flush. The Canadian Built Dodge and Fargo trucks received this oval tag with the Horse Power rating added starting sometime around 1944, but the exact year it was introduced is still not known.
The only difference on this tag from the previous tag is the change of the logo from the Dodge Brothers star to a plain DODGE in a circle.
The Canadian Built Dodge and Fargo trucks received this long rectangular tag starting in 1958. This tag no longer shows the make of the truck but it does show the Gross Horse Power again. This tag features the engine displacement and has several locations for SERT (Special Equipment) information. It was used from at least 1936 to 1938 and possibly earlier, though the exact year this tag entered use is unknown.

It was used without change until about 1943, but the exact year of change is still being ascertained.
This new style of tag no longer displays Gross Horse Power but many new pieces of information were added. The Canadian Built Dodge and Fargo trucks got this taller rectangular tag starting in 1968. Note how the information on the tag has moved slightly from the locations shown on the 1933 tag above.
This tag style is the same as the tag used in US built trucks of the same year except for the US tag changed to the next style in 1941 instead of 1944.

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