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Canadian VIN “Oh Canada!”It’s a VIN - VIN Situationby Frank ScheidtHenry Ford kept it simple: start with no. All Black coach, Graham Henry, tucks into a dinner of coq au vin and wine which he relishes but thinks it would be even better eaten in Paris. Key terms:1 image, categorised under Cartoons (Commentary) and Digital images, related to Graham Henry, All Blacks (Rugby team), Rugby football - France, Cookery (Poultry), Roosters, Rugby football coaches and Rugby football.
Scott, Thomas, 1947- :[Digital cartoons published from 27 July 2005 onwards in the Dominion Post.
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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Our Ford V-8s, made here in America, started with *18-1 and ran consecutively until February, 1942.The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was introduced in its working form in 1983 as the result of a recommendation of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO).
Refers to the All Blacks defeat of France in the first test match in June 2007; the chicken reference is to the fact that the French are often symbolised by a rooster. This classification is used worldwide to identify motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, and mopeds. First of all, they started with *C to indicate Canada, and to make it more complicated, they added another letter after the “18”. I found an interesting article somewhere that explained the “C” prefix and that the second mysterious letter was used to limit how high the numbers got. I wrote to several Canadian Early Ford V-8 members and got maybe two responses - both “Darned if I know” answers. But within just a few shorts weeks, she sent me a treasure trove of information on Canadian serial numbers, going back to the Model T!

I thanked her profusely and promised to share this wealth of information with the Ford world.The chart above is for Passenger Cars.
Descriptions are given for each model year to identify which model the identical letters represented.
They state the Serial Number is on the frame and the Motor Number is on the clutch housing.
If anyone out there owns a Canadian-built Ford V-8, please let us know if any of this rings true! Oh Canada!Incidentally, the "C" may also stand for "Commonwealth", as Fords exported to places like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

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