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I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. To learn about Camaro Trim Tag decoding for specific years click on the link below for the desired year.
Starting with the introduction of the Camaro in 1967 Each first generation Camaro has had a special identification tag attached to the Camaros body known as a trim tag or cowl tag as some prefer to call it. The tag used on the 1968 Camaro was not nearly as full of information about your Camaro as the 1967 tag was but can still be helpful.
The first box on the top row is a two number code which indicates the month of the year that you car was assembled. The second row indicates from left to right the year the car was built followed by a dash and then the body style. This style of tag is probably the most commonly found style used in 1968 Norwood built models. Use the trim tag decoder form below to have our decoder decode you 1968 Camaro Trim Tag for you. To use the trim tag decoder form below simply choose the decoder that most resembles your Camaros Trim Tag and fill in the information from your trim tag and click decode tag. Listed below is information that will help you understand more about your trim tags option codes and what they mean.
Two digit code referring to the calendar month that the vehicles body was scheduled for production. Individual Body Sequence number assigned by the Fisher Body plant prior to production of the vehicle.
Actual color dependant upon customers choice from other General Motors model lines available paint colors. For single color vehicle (upper and lower paint match) refer to the lower body color chart.

Now that you know where to find the hidden VIN numbers on your car we just need to decode what these numbers mean. The trim tag depending on the year of the Camaro can supply you as either the owner, potential buyer or just a simple enthusiast with a great deal of information about eh car you are looking at. For the first generation cars 1967, 1968 and 1969 the trim tag is located on the firewall between the wiper motor and the brake master cylinder.
This number looks a lot like the first five digits of your VIN but it actually has no direct relation.
The next code to the right is the lower body paint color and then the upper body paint or top color.
These tags are very similar if not exactly the same as tags used in earlier years such as 1964 for other model vehicles. Aside from the difference in the plant designation it has a four digit code at the top right of the tag.
Since the California plant unlike Norwood produced more types of vehicles than just the Camaro we believe that this was needed to help keep assembly organized.
This is not an error or an indication that something is wrong, the code on the trim tag refers to body style and interior, deluxe or standard, and is a separate code from the VIN tag identification. The primary VIN tag which includes the complete Vehicle Identification Number and two hidden VIN locations which include a partial VIN stamped into the bodies sheet metal. Here you will find a rectangular metal tag attached to the body by two rivets from underneath the dash panel.
Both of these numbers are partial VIN numbers and should be an exact match with the VIN tag mounted to the door pillar.
I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible. These areas have been enclosed in black boxes which you can click on to learn exactly how the codes are broken down and there meanings. The second box right next to that is a single letter code which indicates the week of the month so an C for example would be for the third week of the month. In this case it tells you if the car is a coupe or convertible and also lets you know if it is supposed to have standard or deluxe interior. It is distinctive because it does not have the federal safety information stampled on the bottom of the tag.

The VIN tag identification identifies number of engine cylinders and coupe or convertible body style.
In Norwood produced vehicle this number is sequential for all Camaros produced for that year. We are constantly expanding our records so please check back again for later years or email us for more help. If your car or a car you are considering purchasing has two round rivets holding the VIN tag in place installed from the top of the dash panel you will want to exercise a little caution and check a few other aspects of the car prior to purchase. For those of you who are Firebird fans the trim tag for your Pontiac is located here also and shares many of the same codes. In the same line all the way to the right is another code on LOS cars this is an assembly sequence number which starts with a letter and is followed by 3 numbers. The next part is a 3 letter code indicating the plant of Manufacture NOR or LOS followed by a six digit unique body number assigned by the plant.
This does not guarantee that there is any type of problem with your vehicles Vehicle Identification Number tag but it does indicate that at some point it may have been removed form the car for one reason or another. To access these two VINs will require a little work first by removing the upper cowl panel and windshield wipers to clearly access the upper hidden VIN and for the second hidden VIN the heater blower motor needs to be removed which is very labor intensive requiring removal of the passenger side fender in most cases. Example for LOS is that the first standard interior coupe and deluxe interior coupe produced will both be assigned body number 1. In this case you will want to make sure to inspect and verify the two hidden VINs stamped into the cars body to verify they match the last 8 digits of the metal VIN tag at the door pillar.
This particular tag is also a good example of the use of the - - (dash) code for special paint in 1968 which was a change from the 1967 model year. The most worrisome of the reasons that people remove a tag for is what is known as a rebody where a car with a poor condition body but high value options such as a big block or Z28 has its VIN removed and attached to a lower value body that is in far better condition.

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