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Payment Calculator - Estimated monthly payments do NOT include license, title, dealer, emissions or other possible fees and sales tax. Uh huh, and what a shame, but I still believe this as the best candidate for most vicious car ever featured in a movie, right next to the primer-grey '55 Chevrolet from Two-Lane Blacktop. It's a fake blower, but one of the cars used (for the race scene I think) had a 440 cid 4 barrel under the hood. Oh, and the grille is the stock 1970 grille, but it's been blacked out (no chrome trim), and the "hideaway" headlight doors are open. It is definately a 1970 Charger, the 1969 had a vertical bar that divides the grille in two halves. You can still see the word "Charger", having the headlight doors open would only hide the trim package of the car.
I love the fourth movie, and the Charger in it, but I read that most of the cars they used had Chevy 502 crate engines. The Charger used and driven by Vinnie in the crash scene was a 1969 that had a 1970 front end.
Visually the same as '70 base model except emblems (and some have a silver tail panel filler). Oh come to think of it chargers from 69 to the early to mid 70's models had the Chrome piece in the center of the grill. Pricing and Information Disclaimer: All vehicle prices are subject to change without notice. I think we can all agree that it's very easy to swap grilles and tail panels on these cars. I dont realy know, but i think charger had a real blower in the garage scene and in the final race scene. This may be due to, but not limited to, accessories or options added by our accessory specialists. I know because I built the engine and ran it in my challenger when the studio purchased it from me. They would not be able to get away with using a Charger 500 or a Daytona as the entire rear window area is different. Compare this charger with a 1969 and you notice the only difference is there is no Chrome piece in the center of the grill.
Run a cable from the blower, to the dashboard inside and all thats left to do is pull the cable at the sametime you rev the motor. There are thousands of General Lees out there, but no-one has bothered to clone such a wicked looking car?
My dad HAS a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner with a 392 Hemi which was swapped-in I know not what from. Fast and the Furious may not have the same following (specifically, age-wise) as The Dukes of Hazzard, but it boggles my mind no-one has bothered with the FnF Charger! Cuz i dont think that they would put a hidroulics on the hood just to make "holes" moving, right? I've seen a couple black '70 Chargers with a blower, but no American Racing CL-200 "Daisy's" or Enderle-style air scoops.
Heated seats, a Bose stereo, XM Satellite Radio and other options make long days spent in a Silverado comfortable and enjoyable.
More minor changes for 2005 included dual electric cooling fans, which are quieter and more efficient than the engine-driven fan used previously; while aerodynamic refinements to the front end and running boards reduced wind noise and promised a slight improvement in fuel economy. Since then, Ford has introduced an all-new F-150, Dodge has re-engineered the Ram, Nissan has rolled out the appropriately named Titan, and Toyota has joined the fray with the biggest Tundra ever. Full-width Fleetside beds are standard, but retro Sportside beds are offered for selected models.

Silverado is available in several load ranges, but this review focuses on the light-duty 1500 series, which offers payload ratings from 1,215 to 2,040 pounds. Silverado LT (starting at $23,000) is more luxurious, with upgraded upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and power windows, locks and mirrors. Again the Crew Cab version ($28,165) comes with more, including an upgraded six-speaker stereo.
LT2 and LT3 option packages add yet more equipment, but both price and specific content depend on cab style, driveline, and other factors. Crew Cab models offer a Panasonic DVD Passenger Entertainment System ($1,295) and rear-seat audio controls. OnStar ($695) is also available, which puts a human being at your assistance at the press of a button any time of day. OnStar operators can unlock your doors remotely and the system automatically calls for assistance if the airbags deploy. A passenger-sensing system automatically deactivates the passenger-side front air bag under certain conditions to protect children. The Silverado shares its bold design cues with the Avalanche, the TrailBlazer SUV, and the mid-size Colorado pickup. The Silverado looks more conteporary than the relatively conservative Suburban and Tahoe SUVs.
A large band runs across the middle of the grille punctuated in the middle by a big, gold Chevy bow tie. All of this is smoothly integrated into the front end, along with spaces for fog lamps and recessed tow hooks.
The flared engine hood and squared-off wheel openings continue the aggressive theme down the sides of the truck. In the rear are bulging taillamps that maintain the Chevrolet family look yet uniquely identify the Silverado. Extended cabs come standard with four doors, though the rear doors open in the reverse direction and not as wide as we would like. Optional puddle lamps mounted beneath the big side mirrors light the ground along the sides of the truck, handy in the woods and in the city.
Mirrors are also available with redundant turn signal indicators, warning drivers alongside or in your blind spot that you are moving over.
Heavy-duty models have running lights on the roof, tailgate, and leading and trailing edges of their bulging rear fenders. Indentations stamped into the inner bed walls can hold boards to form bulkhead dividers or a second floor for two-tier loading. The standard front bench seat can seat three, giving Extended Cab and Crew Cab models capacity for six people. The top of the lid features a nice rubber-lined indention handy for small items, though it would be even better if the rubber was an insert that could be removed for cleaning.
The top of the console is angled forward, which seems unfortunate because clipboards and other items placed there tend to slide off. Smaller gauges to the right display oil pressure, water temperature, fuel quantity, and battery charge. HD models with the Heavy-Duty Trailering Package come with a transmission temperature gauge on the left.
A Driver Information Center, located in the instrument panel cluster, provides various bits of information, including an available engine-hour meter. The manually controlled system that comes on base models is a good, straightforward design. Manual sliders are used to adjust the temperature The available electronic climate controls are better, featuring two large knobs for driver and passenger.

It's a good setup, more attractive and more sophisticated than some earlier systems, but just as easy to use. XM Satellite Radio is a great addition for people who want minimal blab interrupting their music, or who like to listen to 24-hour news or sports channels like NPR, CNN or ESPN. OnStar is the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and information services in the United States and Canada.
Using the GPS satellite network and wireless technology, OnStar features core safety services and OnStar Personal Calling that allows drivers to make and receive hands-free, voice-activated phone calls. We wouldn't want to ride across the state back there, but three adults can fit and be reasonably comfortable for a short trip.
The rear-seat bottom folds up to provide space for cargo, but it's still in the way when trying to carry a lot of stuff, and the floor is not flat. The entire rear seat assembly can be removed with a wrench and lifted out through the door when cargo capacity is more important than passenger space.
The back seats in Crew Cab models are very comfortable, similar to the rear seats in a Suburban or Tahoe. The rigid chassis allows the suspension to soak up and manage bumps and ruts and tar strips. The cab is stiffened by a magnesium beam behind the instrument panel and a lateral steel beam between the magnesium beam and the right side of the dash. This additional stiffening is designed to eliminate squeaks and rattles, and we haven't heard any. It holds its line when the rear wheels spin under acceleration, even when coming out of a low-speed turn on wet pavement.
Steering is responsive and offers the right amount of feedback; there is a dead spot in the center when cruising, however, which Chevrolet says is designed to minimize steering corrections on the highway. Press the Ride Control button when the truck is empty and the system firms up the shock damping, which reduces bouncing somewhat, although at the expense of increased harshness.
When towing, Ride Control helps reduce the tendency of the truck to pogo as the trailer goes over bumps. People talk about horsepower, but torque ratings better reflect how the truck will perform.
The 4.8-liter V8 (294 cubic inches), which GM calls the Vortec 4800, is popular in base models and delivers 295 pound-feet of torque.
It offers plenty of power unless you're towing, hauling heavy loads, or driving at altitude, but it could definitely use more juice when trying to accelerate up hills.
It only rates 10 horsepower more than the 4800, but offers a lot more torque, over a broader range of speed. The 5.3-liter's fat torque curve is useful for light towing and hauling, but also makes the Silverado more fun to drive when commuting or out and about.
Since 2003, they have featured Electronic Throttle Control for more precise, consistent throttle operation; new oxygen sensors offer improved reliability and reduced emissions during warm-up.
All of Chevy's Vortec engines come with 100,000-mile platinum-tip spark plugs, sequential fuel injection, and 150,000-mile anti-freeze. The big Vortec 6000 6.0-liter V8, standard on 1500HD, 2500HD and 3500 models, delivers 360 pound-feet for pulling big, heavy trailers. Roomy cabins, comfortable seats, a comfortable ride, and powerful engines make the Silverado a great work truck.

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