The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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I had covered the tag and blasted the area but then decided to take it off and blast the area again. I got worried so I called to the local state inspector at the auto-theft department on the phone. I am relieved that he said everything will be OK and that I was able to blast that area since there was some rust underneath the tag.
And, btw, I have a clean Texas title to the car in my name but it has the original engine number on it in place of the actual VIN.
I suppose if it's an out of state car or the title is suspect, they may require an inspection when you register it. According to the DMV office that I talked to (Abilene), pre '56 cars that are titled by the original engine number (and if that original engine is gone), should be re-titled and get a newly assigned VIN.
The re-title process involves having the car inspected by your local auto-theft authority (In my case, that is the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal Investigations Department here in San Angelo).
Don, If you have a pre-'56 car with the original engine missing and the car has never been re-titled, you may have trouble selling the car down the road since the number on the title matches nothing on the car. The DMV made it sound like I will get a completely new VIN that won't be the one on my tag.
Vin tag decoding 1960 1964 chevrolet, Here is how to decode the vin (vehicle identification number) on american made 1960 through 1964 chevrolet bbody (full size) cars.
Cowl tag decoding 1958 1964 chevrolet, The links below will lead you to the appropriate page to decode each part of your cowl tag. All my sedans and wagons have the VIN tag welded to the post, and my hardtop and convertible have the tag in the jam.

Need info asap vin tag 55 chevy truck, Need info asap where is the vin tag on a im going to have to go to dmv with a truck with no vin tag on it the serial numbers on frame are same as cab vin. 1947 - 1955 1st series truck vin serial numbers, 1947 through 1955 pickup trucks, suburbans & panel trucks vin serial serial number decoder (for 1947 - 1955 1st series chevy trucks) plant location 20.
Trying locate vin number frame chevrolet, Question - trying to locate the vin number on the frame of a chevrolet - cq. Chevy and gmc truck 1979- 80 vin # designations, 1979 and 1980 chevrolet truck vin numbers deciphered.
Classic chevy truck vin decoding, casting codes, cowl tag, Chevy pickup truck decoding casting codes cowl information rpo & dealer options production numbers car clubs.
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I'm going to sandblast the car this spring and was wondering what you guys do with the vIN tag on the A pillar. American cars were spot-welded on, you can see the upper and lower small dots on the VIN tag if you look closely, haven't had a chance to see the imports, but I trust Don's answer. It was afterward that I read a thread on here like this one that said never mess with the tag.
He told me that I shouldn't have removed it but, if I bring the pictures and the tag with me when he inspects the car, that it will be OK. If you have a clear title, the tax office never asks for anything except a safety inspection from the local inspection station when you get the license plates. Even if the original engine is intact, it seems to me that it is a good idea to go through this process.

That authority inspects your car and gives you a form that has to be taken to the regional DMV department which in my case is in Abilene. Technically I can't anyway since registering as an antique in Texas requires the car to have the original engine. You can remove the plate, and when jambs are painted, you can get the correct rivets, (on ebay) and reattach the plate. After he inspects it, he says I can put it back on if I want but he didn't want me to put it back on before hand.
That probably depends on whether your insurance card has the car's VIN on it or the title's engine number. I know there are issues with removing it from the car but the area has some surface rust and I want tomake it's clean before painting.
So, after I get the car inspected, the DMV will issue me a new title and a new VIN number that I will stamp on the car according to their instructions. I wanted to make sure all my numbers were clean before putting a boat load of money into the car.
He also said that since I am putting a new crate engine in the car that I will also need to show him a purchase receipt for that engine.
If it's removed and rerivited, it could indicate tampering, and cause questions if the car is ever sold.

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