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If you were a teenager when the first Fast and Furious cars came out, then you would have probably grown up by now, possible with kids and a mortgage. Even though we still have a couple of months before the 6th instalment to the saga hits the silver screens world-wide, knowing what the hero cars are is something that’s usually some-what of a priority to us enthusiasts. Now if you’re anything like us, you would know that the Fast and Furious franchise is all about entertainment.
The pretty boy, Paul Walker will of course, be piloting a GT-R (he actually owns his own GT-R 34 V-Spec II) but in the start of the movie he’ll be behind a standard 2012 GT-R. Since most of the fast and furious cars featured in the movies have been Japanese rice cakes and ‘Murica muscle, one could easily be led to believe that after 5 movies, they wouldn’t bother with changing the recipe. ABOUT DBADisc Brakes Australia is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors.
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We still have over two months before Fast And Furious 6 will be in movie theaters, and for a car enthusiast that seems like eons to wait. To date, most of the vehicles featured in the Fast And Furious franchise have been modified American muscle cars or Japanese tuner cars.
From the start, everyone's wondering what Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) will be driving. Dominic also ends up driving a 2011 Dodge Challenger in the beginning of the movie, and a 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda at the end of the movie. As you'd imagine, Brian O'Connor (played by Paul Walker) is back in the seat of a Nissan GT-R. There's a total of nine Ford Mustangs used throughout the film, one of which dies a pretty gruesome death courtesy of a tank (according to the movie trailer).
In the fifth movie a pair of Dodge Charger SRT8s played a large role, and it seems that this will also be the case for the sixth installment. A number of Japanese carmakers attempted to set up new luxury brands in the 1990s to compete with the prestige European brands that were enjoying unprecedented success outside their home countries. Only the Toyota prestige spin-off, Lexus, has managed to survive the birthing blues and now thrives thanks to its well-earned reputation for build quality, reliability and refinement. The Lexus brand made a spectacular start with the large LS400, which shook up Mercedes-Benz in the early 1990s, and backed it up with the mid-sized ES300, which expanded its market reach. Mercedes buyers in particular switched in their droves in what proved to be a wake-up call for the big German carmaker, but more importantly it gave the new Lexus brand a flying start. The ES300 was the second model in the very slim Lexus portfolio when it was launched in 1992, but the LS400 had created enough of a stir for buyers of mid-sized prestige cars to stop in at Lexus dealers and take a look. The problem for Toyota was that it had to differentiate the Lexus models from those carrying the Toyota badge.

It didn’t help this perception that it did use the Camry platform and the Camry power train, but that’s where the relationship faded. Where the Camry was a down-to-earth family four-door the Lexus was a luxury sports sedan with a completely different character all its own. The smooth clean shape of the ES300 was clearly from the same designers who penned the Camry.
A silky smooth 3.0-litre double overhead camshaft V6 provided its power with four valves per cylinder, which injected 138 kW into the four-speed auto transmission at 5200 revs along with 264 Nm at 4400 revs.
A variable intake manifold enabled a smooth, seamless flow of power from low revs right through to the upper reaches of the speed range. Underneath, the ES300 boasted independent suspension at both ends, variable ratio power steering and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS anti-skid protection. The interior of the ES300 was sumptuous, with superbly comfortable seats trimmed in leather, the air was cooled automatically and there was a high quality sound system.
There was just the single ES300 model at first and it had pretty much everything you could wish for, including power windows, auto air, eight-speaker premium sound system with a 12-stacker CD player, cruise, leather, alarm, and headlamp washers.
Lexus released an updated ES300 in 1996, which not only brought 11 kW more power, it also brought some subtle styling changes and a brace of new models in the form of the S and LXS.
To enjoy luxury motoring Lexus style you’ll pick up an early series ES300 for $9000 to $13,000. To get behind the wheel of the post-1996 model you’ll need to find $9500 to $15,000 for the S; $12,000 to $24,000 for the LXS. Mechanics go broke waiting for Lexus owners to turn up on their doorsteps looking to have their cars fixed.
Lexus clearly set the build quality benchmark from the moment the badge appeared and that has translated into reliability as they get older and cover more ground.
Keep a watchful eye out for imports, which may have arrived here with little known history.
A driver’s airbag was standard from the start, while a passenger’s airbag was added in 1993. The ES300’s well-balanced chassis is well equipped to avoid a collision situation, and with four-wheel discs overseen by ABS electronics the ES300 has a good level of primary safety.
Matt Ure has driven Fairlanes, LTDs and Jaguars over the years, and says his 1997 ES300, which has done 130,000 km, is the only car that he has not even had a single problem with. Stephen Lacey recently sold his 2003 Toyota Corolla after finding the seats unbearably uncomfortable and the NVH shocking and bought a 70,000 km 2000 Lexus ES300. Blank bill sale form, If selling valuable assets private blank bill sale form draft bill sale quickly easily.. So lets not circle jerk around the corny one-liners and the inconsistency of real-life automotive physics. To tide you over until then, we've decided to take a closer look at some of the vehicles that will be starring in the movie. For the sixth installment of the series there's a bit of a shift; while there's still a focus on American muscle, there's also a large assortment of old-school European muscle cars featured.
The Challenger is the same car he drove during the ending of the fifth movie, while the 'Cuda sports a massive old-school Hemi with an independent suspension and a Jaguar rear end.
At the beginning of the film he appears in a stock 2012 Nissan GT-R, but by the end of the film we hear he's upgraded to a blue beast with more than 1,000 horsepower.

The seven of these used in the film were all pretty much stock outside of some roll cages and stripped interiors. Four Interceptors were used to make the movie, and all four were powered by LS3 V8s from General Motors. Some of the Mustangs were 1969 models, and a few of them were 1970s modified to look like '69s. It took 14 of these cars to make the movie, so most of them ended up being dressed up 540i or 535i models, for the sake of cost.
You can see in the movie's trailer that a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 pulls down a cargo plane while another one literally bursts through the plane's front compartment.
Mazda created Eunos, which failed to get off the ground here and is no longer sold; Nissan set up the Infiniti brand and like Eunos failed to gain any sort of momentum before being withdrawn from the local market.
At the time the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi were on the nose with many buyers who were only too happy to switch to the newcomer that was not only built better than most, but was also more affordable. It wasn’t a problem with the LS400 because it was a distinctly different car that bore no relationship to anything Toyota sold. It was neat and inoffensive to the eye, but there’s no escaping the fact that it was bland. The Lexus is a prestige car so be suspicious of any that hasn’t been serviced according to the schedule. Indeed, he says, it drives and rides the same as the day he drove it out of the showroom 10 years ago.
Lets try to enjoy numero 6 for what it is; Hollywood blockbuster mind-numbing entertainment with some pretty aesthetically pleasing machines. Its meant to be the same one he had at the end of fast and furious 5, obviously for continuity. While it looks the part, the vehicle isn't actually a high-dollar Charger Daytona, as the pop-up headlights would be too expensive to fix after every stunt. The thing that's sure to get fans in an uproar are the General Motors LS3 V8 engines under the hoods of these ponies, too. Fortunately, the producers ran out of money (or inspiration) before they could stuff LS3s in these cars, too.
He likes its understated elegance, its comprehensive level of equipment, build quality, comfort, drivability and the satisfaction of telling people he owns a Lexus. Also unconfirmed but seen in the trailer is a 2012 SRT-8 Charger and a 2006 Aston Martin also makes a cameo. Other subtle changes include a slightly shorter rear wing and nose, and under the hood you'll find an LS3 small-block V8 from General Motors. Lets just hope they have learned from their mistake of fluro-coloured exhaust and a final drift battle that looked more like a crash derby!

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