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The fast and the furious 7 has been released, with the usual array of supercars, but most importantly featuring the film defining muscle cars.
The film is especially poignant due to the passing of Paul Walker, so if you have seen any of the other films in the series, this is well worth a watch. There are no spoilers here, but from current reports, the film is fast, loud, not much dialogue, but amazing fun to watch!
Nine versions of the charge were constructed for the film, five being used for the plane drop scene, where one of the Dodge Chargers was dropped from a Lockheed C-130 Hercules at 12,000 feet! Driven by Dom Toretto in the movie and in the final scene, this Charger was purchased at the 2013 SEMA show.

Rated at 2000 hp, top speed – 260 miles an hour, this thing is as vicious in real life as it is in the film! The Torino is more a regular extra in the fast and furious franchise than a main character. The other supercars featured in the film show the European equivalents, with plenty of slick lines and plenty of high-class quality, but you can’t beat the muscle cars featured in the film for their presence, power and stance.
This video features one of our readers performing a rather tasty burnout in his AWD Cutlass. By David Ashton This is an interesting comparision between a Ford Shelby GT350 and the GT350R.

Like watching a pack of Lions and then the alpha male walks in, they all look powerful and elegant, but the main guy will always stand out! Screw the ‘Bird, screw the Mustang, screw the super cars, I want the mashup of a Humvee and a Charger!

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