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About to hand my Leon FR TDI back to the lease company and had been looking to buy an Altea Sport. Car is totally standard silver in colour and good but not mint condition what do people think it is worth? I plan to lightly mod the car for example oem type alloys the first priority is to devise a way to play my 2 ipods, the ice consists of the standard radio cassette with glovebox cd changer. Has anyone any experience of the cassette type adaptors or am i better of with an FM transmitter? I use a cassette adaptor (sony one) with the same standard set up as you and I can't fault it - the sound quality is pretty good and when you're on the move you can't tell the differance between that and a CD to be honest.

I expect you will find your engine and gearbox are ASV and EGS, like mine which is the same year and spec. After this you get a series of 3-character Option codes which indicate what options were installed at the factory. The main thing I'd worry about in a high-mileage TDI is EGR and inlet manifold clogging, from the action of hot sooty exhaust gas from the EGR on the oily inlet charge. There's also an IPOD adaptor (CTASTIPOD001) you can buy that connects to the CD Multichanger in the glove box?
Excellent info i shall be giving the car a good clean over the weekend and will take a look at the sticker in the boot i am also planning to get an ipod cassette adaptor oh and some Millers!

However my father in law has, at the same time, done a deal with a local main dealer to buy their Altea XL demonstrator and has offered me his Toledo which has done approx 98k miles with him as the only owner from new. I will use both my ipod touch 3rd gen and a 2nd gen shuffle as i do not mind keeping the latter in the car. I find it a comfortable car (with good seats, an important point) easy to drive with good acceleration at low revs for easy town driving.

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