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Anyone have info on how to decode an Elise VIN number, or what can be determined by the public from the number? There are other bits to the information that i couldn't be bothered adding, but they're the mostly relevant ones. Not sure, as i've seen 07 exige 's with 3000 + serial numbers, it could be worldwide numbers, or all exige's, all elise's. 05 Lotus Elise - Chrome Orange - No Touring - No LSS - No Hardtop - Lotus Driving Lights - Lotus "Chin Guards" - plain and simple.
So it must include more than one models, unless they did sell more than 3000 2007 Exige S 220s worldwide ? I guess the serial number increases independently from the 13-digit model identifier ahead of it! Hence Lotus has ideally for every model, every year a count of at least 240*9999 cars to serialize! Obviously that's far too many cars for Lotus to produce, still it's a nice way to allow serial numbers to develop without a problem!
The contents of the BMW parts & accessories catalog provided for acquaintance purposes only.
There were movies featuring bikes and bikers before Easy Rider, and there sure were a lot of them afterward, but none of them can eclipse that loose, free form, 1960s icon of biker chopper culture.
The movie starts with our heroes riding off-road in “Mexico”, where they make their connection at this bar. Wyatt and Billy put the dirt bikes in their truck, drive north of the border and make a deal with the millionaire music guy played by Phil Spector. Out in the desert, our guys pack their bikes, stuff the cash in the gas tank, and throw away their watches at the ghost town of Ballarat in Death Valley. This location is passed through while the opening credits are playing, and it has changed a lot since I-40 took over for old Rt 66.
You all remember this scene, it sets the tone of the whole movie: Billy and Wyatt pull in on their bikes to a little motel in the middle of nowhere and suddenly the “No Vacancy” sign goes on.
They skipped Texas entirely, and the story goes that even Dennis Hopper wasn’t crazy enough to try to shoot a movie with a bunch of long-haired freaks in that state.

As mentioned before, these scenes were shot first, before they really even knew what the movie was going to be about.
The cafe where the locals give Billy and Wyatt the evil eye used to be in Morganza, LA but it has been torn down.
It is said that the basic story was dreamed up with while Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Cliff Vaughs were in Cliff’s backyard tinkering with choppers. In the film the sign on the front says “La Contenta Bar” but these days it is known as the Red Arrow Emporium, and it sells furniture at 1302 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, in El Prado, NM not far from Taos.
The truck and the Rolls Royce are both parked on Aviation Blvd right at the end of the LAX main runway. The boys and the hitchhiker pass through the Painted Desert, roll by the famous Mittens in Monument Valley and are seen filling up at a gas station back on Hwy. The hippy commune shot for the film was actually created just for the movie and was located in the hills above Malibu, CA. The road out by the levee where the rednecks in the truck give them both barrels of the shotgun is still there, though. With two famous names, the seed of a story, and a pair of bikes that Cliff built, the production was on a roll. Most of the movie was shot in order except for this part, the New Orleans scenes (the first scenes filmed), and the hippy commune. It appears they may have actually been inside the airport when they filmed it, or maybe the fence was closer to the striped wall?
66 over the Colorado river (as seen in the film) here has been replaced, but the earlier arched bridge which now carries a pipeline is recognizable (If you have seen Grapes of Wrath, they drive across that bridge). The famous sign now hangs over a bar just down the street called the Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill, at 11840 West Route 66. The spring where Billy and Wyatt go swimming with the hippy girls is actually in New Mexico, near Taos, right on the Rio Grande. Be respectful, but know that this cemetery is actually one of the biggest tourist attractions in New Orleans, and possibly the most popular one that does not serve liquor. In fact, I would not be surprised if there is not a constantly replenished shrine of flowers there left by bikers making this very pilgrimage.

Since much of the film was improvised, and almost all of it was shot on location, you can visit a lot of the background locations used. You can’t get quite as close as there were when they filmed, but there is room just north and across the street to pull off and take a few pictures if you feel the need.
Much of the movie was filmed at places along the old Rt 66, which is what makes this a doubly good road trip to consider. The Enco station at Sacred Mountain is closed, but it is still there, where Hwy 89 crosses 150 Rd. At one point, an enterprising man named Manby tried to build a health resort here, which is why they seem to be swimming in ruins.
Then down main street past the post office, and the Ben Franklin store, both still standing, and town hall, which has been replaced with a newer building. The entire opening credits pretty much takes place between Needles and Flagstaff on sections of Rt 66. Spend some time, wonder around and you will recognize most of the monuments from the movie.
I watched the movie and dropped a pin in the Google Map just north of town headed south, based on the final helicopter shot that the credits roll over.
No, you can’t camp out there like they did, but you can go on backcountry hikes which include overnight camping in the area, the ranger-guided hikes happen in April and October only, and must be reserved in advance. It is possible though that they were on the other side of the river and headed north instead. 64, was the location of the wedding scene in the movie Natural Born Killers and has a phenomenal view from the sidewalk across it. Un lexique humble et modeste, puisqu’il est impossible, bien entendu, de dresser une liste exhaustive des expressions jeunes.

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