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Either that Decoder is wrong, or KIA screwed up my VIN, because according to the decoder, mine is a 2 door sedan and a 4X4 wagon.
All 1967 through 1972 Chevrolet 10 thruough 30 series trucks are identified by this model designation system. When a good friend asks you to take his track toy for a spin, you simply can’t say no. If you know much about Lotus (proper plural for Lotus), then you know that they aren’t exactly famous for crazy fast acceleration or horsepower figures, but such trait went out the window with this particular modified model. Needless to say, the hard suspension highlighted the fact that my man-boobs were all of the sudden as volatile as Kate Upton’s while playing volleyball. So, unless one can afford to pay for track days, and actually exploit the car to its full potential, it’d be simply idiotic to drive a car like this on the streets. After an unexpected and wildly successful debut of the “FuguZ,” a custom 1973 Datsun 240Z, actor and international heartthrob Sung Kang is back in the garage with another project car — a 1972 Ford Maverick. Many would say that it’s an odd choice to breathe new life into the all but forgotten Maverick, but for Kang, the endeavour is about more than just building another show car — it’s an expression of his current journey in life and his view of the people and world around him.
Part of Kang’s “Dream Team” are three Alhambra High School students — Alexis Hernandez, Tony Chen and Christian Quiroz — who were personally chosen through SEMA’s automotive scholarship program to assist in the build and learn about the different aspects of restoring and modifying a car. And as much as the project is about exposing today’s youth to the inner-workings of the car world, it’s also about motivating those with resources to reach out to the community and be mentors.
Aiming for a simple goal of getting the three students in front of good people, Project Underdog has already collected quite an impressive list of advisers — SEMA Vice President Mike Spagnola, master-builder Steve Strope and GReddy President Kenji Sumino are a few of the experts in the industry who have already committed to sharing their invaluable experience and insights.
With the support of Shell, featuring Pennzoil, the plan is to take the Maverick through a frame-up restoration and then drop in a 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost motor paired with a custom turbocharger system by GReddy. The story of Project Underdog is being written as we speak, and even those involved don’t really know where this journey will take them.
Experience the Dream Team’s adventures in real-time on Sung Kang’s official Facebook page, and look for the Underdog to debut at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 1 – 4. You can also watch the on-going Project Underdog documentary at GarageMonkey’s YouTube channel. Whether those plans are simply based on how much you want to ride the bike and where you want to go, or if those plans are more focused on the modifications that they want to do with their ride.
The reality is that the plans make us feel good, and they add a dimension of surety to owning the new two-wheeled contraption. HDForums member Jason, who is also known by his username sn95bullitt, just recently picked up his new ride, and his plans have already started to come together! As it sits now, it has red 10mm Screamin’ Eagle spark plug wires, smoked brake signals, smoked turn signals, a Kuryakyn horn cover, a Harley-Davidson stock Wrinkle Black derby cover, and more!

Mercedes has always been the go-to German luxury automaker when it comes to leading the way with technology and innovation. The new E-Class Mercedes is lighter, bigger, more comfort oriented, and loaded with technology and interesting features. Additionally, the E-Class will use the same modular MRA platform that underpins the C-Class and the S-Class, which has already been proven to be a dynamic and well-sorted chassis. Finally, the new E-Class will debut with a few engine options, including a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Nissan’s Z cars have always been, in my opinion, the best value in terms of everyday affordability, performance and design, and the 2016 370Z NISMO elevates that winning formula to a new level.
My first moments with this pearl white 370Z NISMO were spent walking around the car as I took in all of its meticulously sculpted lines and various aero components. It’s hard to top an afternoon with one of the coolest guys in Hollywood, but with a NISMO tuned sports car in my care for a week, there were plenty of good times ahead. I made my way out towards the edge of Los Angeles before the break of dawn to ensure that I’d have the sunrise and the road all to myself. Sticky 19-inch Bridgestone S001 tires and large 14-inch front brakes means that this Z stops like it hooked onto an aircraft carrier’s arresting gear.
The 370Z NISMO is so engaging and satisfying that I wanted to drive into the sunset and never look back. If you love the experience of driving and want to have a car that can hold its own at track days, you should definitely consider the 370Z NISMO. By joining our community, at no cost, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. On the other hand, driving a 306 horsepower stiff-as-hell race car on the streets of Indianapolis isn’t exactly a hoot.
Its bright red exterior, black stripes and black wheels show it means business, but the real magic lays underneath.
This bad boy has gone through an even stricter diet in order to shed some unnecessary pounds, and then fitted with a supercharger; clearly a recipe for badassness. Seriously, this thing accelerated like a bloody motorcycle, demanding upshift after upshift without dropping a single rev. Every time I drove over the slightest resemblance of a pothole or road imperfection, they’d go out of control, and not to mention getting in and out of the car is a complete circus act. Which brings up another dilemma—would you drive a slower, more comfortable and less-cooler car, or would you suffer through the pain and drive a beast such as this? They’re all part of a larger effort to inspire more people to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Rocket Bunny returns to update the exterior with their signature design while Art in Motion custom wheels wrapped in Nitto Tires will give the Underdog some legs to run with.

The ride is a 2016 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob, and Jason is working to build it into a ride that better meets his needs. The S-Class has defined countless generations of uber luxury vehicles with the best-in-class, if not the industry, technology and safety systems. Besides the new nine-speed automatic transmission, which comes as standard, the new E-Class will also feature best-in-class autonomous driving features, including a remote parking system which allows the car to be placed in and summoned by an app on your phone.
It will also feature two types of suspension systems that allow the owner to select exactly what type of ride they’re looking for. With 350 horsepower, a 7,400 RPM redline and a reinforced chassis, there are few cars in its class that can even come close to matching the 370Z NISMO’s on-track capabilities.
This NISMO edition sits slightly lower with wider tires (245 front, 285 rear), and is three inches longer with its track-tested front fascia and reworked rear diffuser and spoiler.
The crew at GReddy had the 240Z stripped down to bare metal, but after it comes back from the body shop, they’re going to drop in a naturally-aspirated RB26 motor that will rev up to 10,000 RPM. The tuned suspension and chassis dampers work together beautifully to transfer the car’s weight quickly and precisely through the turns without any excess movement. It’s great for when you want to dive deeper into the braking zone on the track or avoid a bad situation on the highway, which in Los Angeles, happens way too often.
The bucket design along with the side and thigh bolsters kept me planted even during the tightest turns on Angeles Crest Highway, a welcomed relief because I didn’t have to worry about keeping myself pressed in the seat with my left foot while simultaneously operating the clutch pedal.
With a starting price of $41,990, I honestly can’t think of another sports car that comes close to offering as much performance, exclusivity and value. There are a ton of man-hours, sweat, and of course, money in the engine bay and across the entire thing that aren’t immediately noticeable.
A stock Lotus Elise weights around 2,000 pounds, so to shed any more weight and inject a whopping 306 horsepower is basically nipping at super car power to weight ratios. However, it seems that the next generation won’t be led by the venerable S-Class, but by the newly reinvigorated E-Class which just debuted at the Detroit Auto Show.
It’s a winding, two-lane road loaded with sweeping curves, switchbacks and breathtaking views through Angeles National Forest. I could feel exactly what the car was doing as the springs loaded and unloaded, centering the car’s weight immediately to prepare for its next input from me. Soft-touch materials, red contrast stitching and NISMO accents add an additional layer of luxury to make the car feel even more special. The cabin lets in the right types of sounds to remind you that this is still a sports car, but otherwise, it’s as smooth and effortless to drive in the city as any other car, even with that third pedal.

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