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Hours after images of a stolen, custom-made motorcycle valued at $40,000 were spread across social media yesterday afternoon, the unique driving machine was back in the hands of its owner, according to Salisbury police. According to Salisbury police Detective Keith Forget, a woman who had seen a photo of the motorcycle on Facebook saw a man wearing jeans and a T-shirt riding it on Route 107 in Seabrook. The bright orange 2007 Iron Horse chopper was stolen from a Main Street storage trailer sometime between 4 p.m. She watched the motorcycle turn onto Batchelder Road, which prompted her to turn around and follow.
Kelleher said the damage included a warped exhaust pipe, a broken kickstand, a missing seat, some scrapes; and when he started the motor, it fell off.
Kelleher said after purchasing the motorcycle for $40,000, he paid more for some extra detail work.
Forget said the idea of peppering Facebook, Twitter and sending out the images to the media was for the specific purpose of hoping someone recognized the motorcycle.
Salisbury police Chief Thomas Fowler said Forget has been on the forefront of the department’s social media presence and that by leveraging social media and the press, the motorcycle was recovered very quickly. Forget said the lock to the storage trailer was broken off by a metal pole found at the scene.

Forget said police are still investigating whether the motorcycle was targeted previously or was the victim of a random crime. Kelleher said he believed the man who stole his motorcycle was a heroin user based on the discovery of a hypodermic needle inside the storage trailer. Scott Disick's son, Mason, is only 6, but he's already taking after his father in a lot of ways -- including his sense of humor. Khloe Kardashian posted a video to Snapchat on Tuesday, showing Mason doing his best impression of his dad's famous "Todd Kraines" prank call. Mason was recreating the famous Keeping Up With the Kardashians moment when his dad rang up Kris Jenner and pretended to be long-time family friend Todd Kraines, using a bizarre inflection that confused and annoyed Jenner to no end. In April, the real Todd Kraines, whom Disick had never actually met when he made the prank calls, joined the family for their ski trip to Vail, Colorado. As for Mason, this isn't even the first time this month that he's shown off his skills at recreating beloved internet sensations. Last year, Mason showed just how much like his father he really was when they took a "boys' trip" together on a private plane. By the time she turned onto the road, the motorcycle was lying beside the side of the road.

After Seabrook arrived at the scene, the motorcycle was brought to the Seabrook police where it was processed for fingerprints and any other evidence. He kept the motorcycle in storage as he and his wife spend some time on a boat docked in Haverhill. But considering the type of object used to gain entry, police are leaning toward the latter. He went on to say the thief had no idea he’d find a unique and very valuable motorcycle when he busted through the door. Kraines eventually teamed up with Disick to prank Jenner all over again, to relive the fun. A week ago, he and his 1-year-old brother, Reign, recreated the iconic "Charlie Bit My Finger" viral video, with a little help from their aunt Khloe.

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