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Under normal operating conditions it is capable of supplying up to 1A while maintaining +5V at the output. The input voltage, measured between the Input and GND pins, should be at least +7V to achieve good output regulation; +8V is better. VIN typically comes from a rectified and filtered AC source, but it can be from a battery, another regulator, or any other DC voltage source. Both capacitors should be high speed ceramic types and should be located as close to the regulator pins as possible. If we insert a resistor between the GND pin of the LM7805 and the Ground node of the circuit, then IQ must flow through the resistor to get back to the input power supply VIN.

This creates a positive offset voltage across the resistor according to Ohm's Law: V = IQ * R. But the regulator still maintains its Output pin 5 volts above its GND pin, meaning that the Output pin is raised by this same offset voltage. DC current can't flow through capacitors, so IQ coming out of the regulator's GND pin has no place to go except through R1.
Therefore the voltage between the Output pin of the regulator and the Ground node will be +15 volts.
If the second current is much larger than 5mA, then any small variation in IQ becomes a very small percentage of the total current flowing through R1.

We know that the voltage between the regulator's Output and GND pins is tightly controlled.

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