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While nano is perhaps more suitable for new users, vim or emacs are the tool of choice for more experienced users due to its advanced capabilities.
But there is yet another reason why learning how to use one of this text editors should be a top priority for you: you may either bump into a CLI-only server or run into an issue with the desktop manager in your GUI-based Linux server or desktop and the only resource to examine it and edit configuration files is the command line.
Between this article and the next of this 2-article series, we will review 15 tips and tricks for enhancing your vim skills. If you find yourself editing a file that is larger than one screen, you will appreciate the functionality provided by marks.
Then go to line 250 (with :250 in ex mode) and hit `a (backtick, then a) to return to mark a in line 30. Suppose you’re editing a shell script and realize the previous developer was rather lousy when it comes to indentation. First, select a visual block by placing the cursor at the start of the block, then pressing Ctrl+v (Ctrl, then v). Another classic example of using the dot command is when you need to delete a series of words: place the cursor on the first word you want to delete, then press dw. If your keyboard layout does not allow to easily insert special Unicode characters in a file, or if you find yourself in front of a server with different language settings than the one you are used to, this trick will come in handy. To do this, press Ctrl+v in insert mode followed by the letter u and the hexadecimal numeric code for the character you want to insert.
There will be times when you will need to insert the output of external commands directly into a file being edited with vim. If you need to append the contents of a separate file into the one you are currently editing, the syntax is similar to the previous tip.
In this article we have started reviewing some vim tips and tricks to add to your text editing skills.
Is there a feature in vim, that I need to enable, to get the read-in-command tip to work with pipes?
You show the same command sequence for indenting and un-indenting (moving to the left) lines. By pressing ctrl + r in the visual mode you will be prompted to enter text to replace with.
This command will override your register 'h' so you can choose other one ( by changing 'h' in the command above to other lower case letter ) that you don't use. The accepted answer works great unless you have special characters in your visual selection.
As other people mentioned, there are faster ways to do this, but if you've just started learning Vim (like me), this is one of the 'generic' ways. I note that I access the CentOS machine via Putty, and upon googling I see that + is the clipboard register. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged search vim select replace or ask your own question.
Last week I discussed how to use the substitute and global commands for search and replace in Vim.

The :argdo command can be used to execute other commands for all files in the argument list. The e flag, which we haven't seen before, tells Vim to ignore errors that would otherwise be displayed for files with no matches. Vi (or Vim) is a very powerful and light weight editor which is available on any Linux or Mac. If you want to move more than one space, word, or line at a time, type a number first and then the direction key. By using Relative numbering mode, you can quickly see the number of lines to move using the j or k commands. You might prefer to always have the Relative line numbering, but it’s hard to always set it when starting Vim. Now, every time you open Vim it will have the mixed Absolute and Relative line numbering mode set with all search results highlighted as well. The o command inserts a whole new line after the line the cursor is on and puts the editor into Insert mode at the beginning of that line.
To delete characters, use the d command and then a direction to delete the character in that direction, or the space bar to delete the character under the cursor. Simple Tutorials Vim Reference is a cheat sheet to help you remember the most used Vim commands. Most of all, keep practicing and you will be able to master this simple, but powerful, editor. Every system administrator and engineer deal with configuration (plain text) files on a daily basis, and most times this is done purely using one or more tools from a command-line interface (such as nano, vim, or emacs). You can jump to a specific section or topic by placing the cursor upon it and then pressing Ctrl+] (Ctrl, then the closing square bracket). You can think of a mark in vim as a bookmark – once you place it somewhere, you can go back to it quickly and easily. You can use lowercase and uppercase letters to identify marks in vim (now repeat the process to create a mark named A in line #250). You can check the Unicode charts for a list of special characters and their corresponding numeric codes. For example, I often create a variable named DIR in my scripts to store the absolute path to the directory where the script resides in order to use it later in the script. You will probably think of several others, so please share them using the form below and I will consider covering them in the next and final article of this vim series. He works for a worldwide leading consumer product company and takes great pleasure in using FOSS tools to increase productivity in all areas of his daily work. I hacked together two scripts (Jeremy Cantrell's posted here & Peter Odding's) to make a command that will allow you to visual select a string that you want to find even if it has special regex characters in it.
While GetVisual() doesn't have a problem returning it, I'm not sure how to properly put it into the command line. But lots of people like this feature, so there's tons of macros and such (I've added it myself). Even if you are working on production environment remotely, very likely vi will be available there.

If everything is correct, vi will stop at first match and ask for confirmation as shown below.
In Command mode, you can perform complex editing functions, file actions, or shell actions. If you prefix with a number, then Vim will delete that number characters in the specified direction. I designed and built my first computer in 8th grade, and I have been actively using them ever since. Suppose you are editing a 300-word configuration file and for some reason need to repeatedly switch between lines 30 and 150 for example. The assigned task consisted of replacing each occurrence of the word Globe with Earth (yes, I still remember the exact words). I like this approach better than confirming each one of the replacements (that happens with the c modifier). Here is one you can add, for example; just press * to search for the next match on the visually selected text.
As you use a navigation command, the area from the beginning of Visual mode to when you exit Visual mode is the selected text. Command mode is the only mode that does not display anything on the status line, but the command entered gets placed under the status line with anything else typed and the cursor. The gg command will move the cursor to the beginning of the file, while the G command will move to the end of the file. There is much more you can do with the .vimrc file, but that will have to wait for another tutorial. Both the x and X commands will take a number prefix to perform the action that number of times.
It’s an adventure game that gets you practicing the different Vim commands in order to explore the adventure world. Read the article Advanced Search and Replace With RegEx to understand regular expressions better.
The D command will delete everything from the current cursor location to the end of the line.
Move to a new location and use the p command to paste after the cursor, while the P command pastes before the cursor. Check out Envato Studio's servicesBrowse the latest resume templates for Photoshop and Word.

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