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Yes, you can use regex replace with preview (highlighting results) but you can only do replace or replace all. Ok, that was not clear to me from your question, perhaps you should clarify that point as you cannot take for granted everybody knows this powergrep.
Mandatory emacs plug: In emacs (or xemacs, personal favorite) you can run query-replace-regexp, which will prompt for a regexp and replacement, and asks for each instance.
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Change the spaces as you need because I think this site is not showing the exact spaces you need. I recommend tailor making your regular expression using this tutorial and this cheat sheet.
Copy 2 blank spaces (Ctrl+C), search and replace (Ctrl+H), paste in the Find field and select Replace.
What I want to do is to apply regex to whole file on the one hand but on the other I want to choose which changes will be applied.
Powergrep does a lot of things (like regexp substitution preview) but not allows me to choose which occurence should be replaced and which not.

If you have the same character with a blank space behind or in front, copy the character with the blank and replace it with the same character without the blank.
I want to change word Alice in whole book "Alice in wonderland" expcept first occurrence on page 55.
Sure I can do the replace all and then change this one word on page 55 but that's not what I want.

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