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So, I am looking at a great car to purchase, completely rust free 81 Scirocco S, it was an Arizona car, and since I am in Oregon, the local DMV needs to do a VIN inspection to get it registered within the state of Oregon. I have asked the owner to verify the VIN on the rain tray, because I am concerned that it will have the ZZZ digits in the center section. I have read of some other people running into similar situations, but no one seems to have asked about other locations of stamped VINs.
The car is about 40 miles from me, and I am trying to get this sorted out before making an offer on the car.
2) the title from the previous state should suffice as a second piece provided you can prove somehow that VW stamped ZZZ into the raintray locations on '81+ cars. If there was no VIN plate present at the time of registration in the State of Arizona they would have had to do a level II inspection on the car which would have verified a matching VIN number to the car.

My 1975 has 4 locations: Driver's side door jamb sticker, dash plate, passenger side front shock tower, and plate on upper radiator support.
I would contact VWoA and see if they can send you an official letter stating that the vin on the raintray is supposed to have the zzz in it.
Yea, the one on the door, being a label, isn't what DMV wants to use as a verification location.
On a positive note, I spoke to a friend that actually works at DMV, and he said that they have some flexibility, and as long as the last 8 digits match on the body with the title, and there are no signs of tampering, I should be able to make it through. If anyone could point me to anything legitimate like Wikipedia or similar, that would seal the deal.
There may well be two (or more) sides to everything, Threads Being Raised from the Dead gets a lot of flack.

In this case esp there is relative and useful info to be gleaned so I support it's resurrection.
At some point, VW started putting stickers in the trunk area with the VIN and the options package. But I don't recall ever seeing one on a mk1 nor would I think that a DMV knuckle-dragger would accept it.

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