The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

Vehicle specs by vin free gratis,my vin only has 16 numbers juegos,check mot with chassis number 02 - New On 2016

In any event, don't jump to conclusions until you've made a thorough inspection of the steering gear, suspension, wheel bearings and tires to determine the exact nature of the problem. The best way to inspect a front mounted rack & pinion steering unit is to use the "dry park" check. You can't see looseness in the inner tie rod sockets with a dry park check because the bellows are in the way. Lock the steering wheel, raise one wheel off the ground, then grab both sides of the wheel and try to rock it back and forth. The presence of power steering fluid in either bellows of a power rack indicates an internal seal leak, and unless you're adept at overhauling power racks yourself, a leak means a replacement rack. If your inspection uncovers a problem with the inner tie rod sockets (or the rack itself), the next step is usually to pull the rack.
One you've extracted the rack from the chassis and have it on your bench, mount it in a rack vice or clamp one of its mounting ears in a bench vice. Hard plastic bellows, on the other hand, are more resistant to ozone and oil contamination than rubber so it might be argued that replacing plastic bellows as a preventative measure is unnecessary.
Jam nuts or staked housings can be loosened with a crowfoot wrench, pipe wrench or locking pliers (on the socket housing, not the rack!).

On sockets held with a spiral roll pin, use an easy out tool or a small slide hammer to extract the pin from the housing. How the inner sockets are installed will depend on the type of rack and replacement socket used.
With OE multi-piece type sockets, however, the socket has to be torqued until the specified preload is established -- which you measure with a pull scale. Thread the jam nut and new socket onto the end of the rack and tighten to the manufacturer's recommended specifications. Once you've finished your inner socket R&R, be sure to refill a manual rack with 90 weight gear. Center the rack, and position the new bellows so the rack has its full range of travel in both directions. When the rack goes back in the car, most experts recommend installing new mounting bushings. On Ford racks with three mountings, tighten the center bushing first, then the two end bushings.
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