The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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The Vehicle Registration Certificate or V5C is the DVLA document that registers your vehicle. When our collection agent comes to collect the vehicle, they will go over the documentation with you, as well as sign section 9 on the motor traders’ behalf.
Important note: Despite common misconception, a Certificate of Destruction is not required when scrapping a car. If you were the registered keeper on the original v5C (the certificate that you are now replacing), you can contact the DVLA by phone. If you are not the currently registered keeper, you will be required to complete a V63 vehicle registration certificate application and send it via post. Section one of the V5 contains the current registered keeper’s details, including their name, address, and the document reference number (used to identify the document itself). Section two of the V5 contains the name and address of the previous keeper, as well as the date they acquired the vehicle and the number of former keepers.
Section three of the V5 contains any special notes on the vehicle, such as whether the vehicle was declared new at first registration, or whether it has a non-transferable reg mark. Section Nine of the V5 is used when selling the vehicle to a motor trader, insurer or dismantler.

Section ten of the V5 is filled in by the current keeper when selling the vehicle privately (along with section 6). Section eleven of the V5 is used when you are personally exporting the vehicle permanently (for more than 12 months).
Section twelve of the V5 advises you of the correct procedures required when selling, transferring, or scrapping your vehicle.
All you have to do is complete section 9, including the motor traders’ signature, and send it off to the DVLA immediately. The ATF must produce a COD for the DVLA but it is not a legal requirement for you to have a copy of this.
It will take up to five days for your new registration certificate to arrive if you use this method.
It can take up to six weeks days for your new registration certificate to arrive if you use this method.
This includes information pertains to the registration, body, fuel type, engine capacity, emissions, sound level, etc. You can fill out this form to update the information regarding the body type, weight, cylinder capacity, part numbers, tax class, etc.

You must sign, date and return this page to the DVLA when notifying any changes to ensure that the document is up to date. Section 10 is given the person buying the vehicle and should be kept until the new registration certificate is received.
This page goes over the necessary steps required when selling or scrapping your car, as well as the structure of the V5C itself. The collection agent will sign it on behalf of the authorised treatment facility that will be recycling your vehicle. This is because returning the section 9 will transfer the ownership to the authorised treatment facility, which means you are no longer liable for the vehicle legally.
This will make the transfer of ownership official and end the current keepers liability for the vehicle.

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