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Motorists in Zimbabwe pay over the odds for vehicle registration plates, as much as four times their regional peers, contributing to a fund that has been used to keep broke state-owned Air Zimbabwe in the air.
It costs $160 to get a number plate in Zimbabwe, more than the range of $12 to $40 paid by motorists in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. According to the 2015 report by the Auditor General (AG), the number plate fund has paid over $30 million on behalf of Air Zimbabwe. In response, the fund’s management sought to justify the advances saying the airline was facing viability problems. However, the AG noted that, at the time of the 2015 audit, no proof of the claimed Treasury authority had been provided. A vehicle registration plate (or license plate) is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. The first license plates in North America appeared in 1903 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The first license plates in the United States were made out of leather, rubber, iron and porcelain, painted on the front in usually two different colors—one for the background and one for the lettering. Even before 1920, some states had adopted the technique of embossing the metal plates with raised lettering and numbering, without porcelain, and applying paint all over the plate, directly onto the metal. The appearance of plates is frequently chosen to contain symbols or slogans associated with the issuing jurisdiction. Most states use plates onto which the letters and numbers are embossed so that they are slightly raised above its surface. When a person moves from one state or province to another, they are normally required to obtain new license plates issued by the new place of residence. Ability 1st - The Center For Independent Living Of North - Ability 1st - The Center for Independent Living of North FloridaFacebook; Search.

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Founded in 1990, it was a printed 12-page subscription only newsletter until 2003 when Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation made it impossible to continue printing. Between 2012 and 2013, the fund made a cumulative $23 million payments on behalf of Air Zimbabwe, without Treasury approval.
The payments were treated as long term loans, although there were no interest charges raised. The registration identifier is a numeric or alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the vehicle within the issuing region's database.
France was the first country to introduce the licence plate with the passage of the Paris Police Ordinance on August 14, 1893, followed by Germany in 1896.
At first, plates were not government issued in most jurisdictions and motorists were obliged to make their own. Soon after, other states followed suit, with virtually every state having adopted a form of license plates by 1918. The federal government issues plates only for its own vehicle fleet and for vehicles owned by foreign diplomats. Some states issue a motorist a serial that stays with that person as long as they live in that state, while other states periodically issue new serials and completely rotate out any old ones. In some countries, the identifier is unique within the entire country, while in others it is unique within a state or province. The front of the plate would usually contain the registration number in large digits, and in smaller lettering on one side of the plate, the two- or four-digit year number, and an abbreviated state name.

In the United States, many Native American tribal governments issue plates for their members, while some states provide special issues for tribal members. Whether the identifier is associated with a vehicle or a person also varies by issuing agency. Each year, citizens were usually required to obtain a new license plate from the state government, which would have a different color scheme than the previous year, making it easier for police to identify whether citizens were current with their vehicle registration.
Within each jurisdiction, there may also be special plates for groups such as firefighters or military veterans, and for state, municipality, or province-owned vehicles. The most prominent exceptions to this policy are active duty military service members, who legally do not change residence when they move to a new posting. Depending on the country, the vehicle registration plate may be called a license plate or tag (United States), licence plate(Canada), or number plate (United Kingdom), or rego plate (Australia). More recently, some states have also started to put a web address pertaining to the state (such as Pennsylvania, which posts the address of its tourism site). Federal law specifically allows them to choose to either retain the state vehicle registration of their original residence or change registration to their state of assignment. When the Netherlands chose a different way to number the plates on January 15, 1906 the last issued plate was 2001.
In some states (Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and some versions in Florida), the issuing county is listed at the bottom, while Kansas does so with a letter-coded registration sticker; Utah did so until 2003. Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, South Dakota, Wyoming, some Nebraska and Oklahoma plates designate the county by number code (the latter with a letter) either in the plate number or registration sticker.

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