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This information can be used to improve a host of fleet management operations including the reduction of fuel costs. Here are five proven ways fleet owners can use GPS vehicle tracking to help reduce fuel costs. Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide accurate speed information about each vehicle tracked.
Brenner Oil Company of Holland, Michigan has a fleet of 85 vehicles that delivers oil to residential and commercial customers throughout western Michigan. Fuel Efficiency Report: Helps to see which vehicles are running efficiently and which do not meet their target MPG based on EPA estimates. According to Ford Motor Company, every hour of idle time is equal to approximately 25 miles of driving.
Quality GPS tracking systems notify you when a vehicle idles for excessive periods of time, wasting fuel and being nonproductive. Provides true idling times (when ignition is on and vehicle is not moving) for every vehicle in the fleet. Since GPS tracking provides the precise location of every vehicle, dispatchers can more effectively manage routing and dispatching.
Some GPS solutions have the ability to locate the vehicles that are closest to any job site. A proactive vehicle maintenance program can also reduce the chance of vehicles malfunctioning on the roadways and causing serious accidents. Lost Fuel Report: Helps detect fuel card abuse by highlighting incidents where a vehicle was not at the gas pump when its assigned card was used.
Accident and incident reports are the primary means of ensuring future safety in many industries. Over the decade, we have developed a range of techniques that can be used to identify and resolve the weaknesses in accident reports (Refs 2 and 3). Two principal approaches can be identified in the presentation of accident reports over the web.
The user is presented with a series of hyperlinks that refer to a number of different accident reports. The Adobe PDF approach; The agencies that use PDF, typically, also exploit the AAIB?s technique of listing on-line reports.
This separates the reports into lists that reflect a particular focus for the NTSB?s activities.
Criticism of Existing Approaches; Regulatory authorities have focussed upon the DISSEMINATION of accident reports over the web.
This apparent neglect is depressing because electronic media provide opportunities to improve upon, rather than simply replicate, printed documents. Imagemaps provide readers with means of exploring the information that relates to particular locations in an accident.
As readers navigate into more detailed regions of the ship, such as the Bridge, they can then extract information about the events that occurred at particular times in that location. Imagemaps provide readers with a means of moving between the textual and graphical information in an accident report. The visualisation facilities supported by QuicktimeVR have recently been extended to support more complex forms of interaction through the introduction of embedded hyperlinks to other resources, such as textual accounts and eye witness statements. We have used an extension of the presentation techniques in figure 7 to provide information about process components. Figure 6 ? QuicktimeVR Images of a 757 (You will need the Quicktime plug-in to view this file). Figure 7 ? QuicktimeVR of a Lucas Cutter(You will need the Quicktime plug-in to view this file). Figure 9 applies this approach to a case study that was provided by the Australian Maritime Incident Investigation Unit.

It is important to emphasise that the evidence that supports these arguments is split between page 18 in the report, where the Fourth Officer had the bridge at the time of the collision, and page 8, where we are told that they were undergoing training.
CAE diagrams help readers to identify the implicit inferential chains that are a common feature of many accident reports. Not only is it important that accident reports explicitly represent the lines of analysis that support a particular conclusion, it is also important to record any evidence that might contradict such an argument. CAE diagrams provide an overview of the arguments that both support and weaken particular conclusions. Rhetorical impact; Existing reports present arguments about the probable causes of an accident. This paper has argued that investigation authorities have focussed on the dissemination rather than on the presentation of accident reports. It is important to stress that this paper is not intended to advocate particular visualisation techniques.
Chris Johnson leads an accident investigation group that includes human factors experts; software developers and systems engineers. This information is then transmitted to a remote user who can monitor vehicle location, speed, routing, idle time, engine start-up and shut-down, and much more.
According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, a market research firm, fleets with GPS tracking installed experience a 13 percent reduction in fuel costs on average. Environmental Protections Agency (EPA), each five mph driven above the posted speed limit has the net effect of costing about 20 cents more per gallon of gas. But the best GPS solutions also include alerting features that will notify you immediately when a vehicle exceeds a set speed threshold.
The company installed GPS vehicle tracking as a way to reduce fuel costs and discovered that the system helped it keep its vehicles at fuel-efficient speeds. Contrary to popular belief, the EPA states that restarting an engine uses no more fuel than 30 seconds of idling and has very little harmful impact on vehicle components. Prior to implementing a GPS tracking system, Brenner Oil had no way of knowing whether or not vehicles were idling.
Data includes: idle start and stop times, location of idling, total idling time and alerts when idle times exceed threshold.
Dispatchers can ensure vehicles take the most direct route to any job site and can get lost drivers back on track.
With this information, managers can ensure jobs are assigned in the most efficient manner possible. Alerts can be set for each vehicle based on calendar time, engine on-time, or mileage depending on the type of service needed.
In addition, properly maintained vehicles help save assets by keeping vehicles on the road to do more business, costing less money in repairs over time. Also shows incidents where the gallons pumped for a transaction exceeded the fuel tank size of the assigned vehicle. There are perceptual and cognitive problems associated with the on-screen reading of technical documents. For instance, imagemaps can be used to provide a direct link between textual descriptions and the graphical plans that are often used to illustrate accident reports. This is illustrated by the dotted line in Figure 10; there is evidence to suggest that the on-board systems did alert the crew of the Fremantle to the presence of the Embley but that the Fremantle's crew was unsure of its exact position. Figure 11 uses a dotted line to show the way in which the Master's argument about the use of the Aldis lamp called into question that of the MIIU investigator. Johnson, Representing the Impact of Time on Human Error and Systems Failure, Interacting with Computers, (11):53-86, September, 1998. With GPS installed, Slade can run a report in a few seconds that provides a detailed account of idling time for each vehicle. This report helps minimize idle times, reduce fuel usage, improve routing and decrease engine wear.

The best GPS fleet tracking solutions also provide current traffic conditions so you can divert drivers around delays. When a vehicle is due for maintenance, notification is sent via email or in the reporting suite.
A GPS tracking system that allows the integration of fuel card usage will present the information in an easy format. In contrast to the conventional report, the relationship between these two lines of argument is explicitly represented within this diagram.
Interactive, photo-realistic environments can help jurors familiarise themselves with what are often highly complex and hazardous environments. This paper has, therefore, argued that imagemaps, VRML models and QuicktimeVR techniques might be used to improve both the quality and structure of these electronic documents. With proper routing management and effective dispatching, vehicles do not spend as much time traveling between jobs. These problems are compounded by the difficulty of obtaining printed versions of the accident reports.
For instance, there have been inconsistencies both in the treatment of evidence and in the argument that supports particular conclusions (Refs 2 and 3). Berris (FSIAD) who provided the sectional diagram of the Spirit of Free Enterprise shown in Figures 4 and 5.
A viewer is then used to 'stitch' the images together so that users can pan around or zoom into a 3D scene. The photographs are taken using a motorised tripod and a digital camera so that large buildings and complex scenes can be recorded in a relatively short period of time. VRML is a platform independent language for composing 3D models from cones, spheres and cubes.
We have found conclusions that are supported by evidence that has been contradicted within the same report. However, the existing focus upon dissemination rather than presentation has led to web-based accident reports that are rarely read by either engineers or by the general public. These mistakes included their failure to complete adequate contingency and passage planning.
One of the reasons for the rapid rise in the popularity of this medium is that it provides interface designers with a means of delivering 3D interfaces over the web.
This analysis is supported by evidence that the crew failed to identify the waters off Heath Reef as being restricted for deep draught vessels, see page 29 of the report.
One reason for this negative reaction is that many investigation agencies simply translate paper-based reports into HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML) or Adobe?s proprietary Portable Document Format (PDF). With the advent of VRML 2.0 it is possible to generate and animate scenes that contain links to a wide variety of other information sources including videos, databases and other web pages. Thirdly, the introduction of hyperlinks and on-line keyword search facilities can ease the navigation problems that often frustrate the readers of paper-based documents. This is supported by evidence that both the Fourth Officer and the Commander assumed that the River Embley was some 2.5 miles away when they were, in fact, much closer.
Firstly, that the Fourth office was on the bridge in the lead up to the collision and secondly that this officer was undergoing training in watch keeping.
Finally, human factors problems led to the collisions because the decision to apply 20 degrees of starboard helm was based upon incomplete and scanty information. The Commander's surprise at the consequences of his decision, cited on page 18 of the report, provide evidence for this assertion.

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