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ID number – It is printed in Arabic in the middle and in English at the bottom as shown in the picture above.
Profession – This the profession that counts for legal services like getting visit visa or family visa. Please give me information how mini yeers mafe iqama one or two and some porsons speake one porson stay in saudi arebia just 8 years. My Iqama will be expired this coming 22-12-1433, this day 29-10-1433 i submit my Iqama for renew, the administration in my site project ask me to sign a Declaration before they submit to my Company Head Office,any penalties regarding the renew of my iqama will be paid by me, for this i refuse to sign a declaration and the administration in the project warn me that if they submit to the head office it is possible to return to the project and will not renew if i’m not sign a declaration. William, Some companies have standard procedures for signing these type of forms for renewal to take care for any fines or penalties like traffic violations etc. He can call and check with Dubai Embassy in Riyadh on 01-482-8402 if he is eligible for visa. As you are not here in Saudi, I would suggest hold of some legal service provider to assist you in getting a duplicate of your birth registration along with required attestation of MOFA and then translation and attestation by your Embassy for it to be valid in your country. Sir, My passports are stolen and I need a print from Jawazat office so what are the formalities to be done on that matter.
Sir, i have the same case., Does replacement means I need a new iqama for me to be able to exit saudi? I am in the same condition of what you are, I left Saudi on 12th may 2012 on reentry visa and could not return back.Visa period was for 3 months and has got expired on 12th August 2012.
Thnks dear Radjesh babu for your comments, what i heard that any one can enter after iqama expire. Once 90 days remain, you should get an email reminder to submit your passport and Iqama for Iqama renewal.
While you want a dry basement, and checking the lawn is a good way to ensure that, you also want to pay attention to the roof. While you’re walking around checking windows and looking at the roof, examine the rest of the exterior. Ask you inspector if all electrical outlets are working and if the work has been done to code. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

This sample letter to a creditor by a California victim of identity theft is used to notify a creditor that the alleged debt they are attempting is based on unauthorized charges, because the person sending the letter is a victim of identity theft. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
It is the main identity card for expatriates that is accepted in Saudi Arabia at all places including government office, banks, check points, airports etc. You can use this ID to check the your traffic fines, make payments for government services and others.
If your profession does match as per your work description, you can ask your sponsor to get it corrected. He is doing breach of contract with me after i submitted my iqama, I would like to stop my iqama from maktab al amal from being transferred. You can discuss with your administration if any employees had any penalties charged to them. How do i know whether my Iqama is processed or to check my Iqama number with my passport number ? Low water pressure is one of those things which will drive you crazy once you move in, so check for it now.
Replacing your HVAC system can be a major investment, and you want to know up front if you’ll need to make it within the first year or so. Unfortunately, it isn’t always and faulty electrical systems can plague a home for years. The sample letter can be modified for use by anyone in California who has been the victim of identity theft and is being sued, or otherwise contacted for an alleged debt based on unauthorized charges. John PoeDear ____:On _________, I was served with a summons and complaint that relate to an alleged debtowed to your company by myself.
At the time of issue or renewal of Iqama, the passport should be valid for at least for 6 months. Also you can discuss with your colleagues if anyone of them for was charged for any penalties to put your mind to rest. Thinking of it is useless of getting a new iqama but not will not use it anymore, whats the purpose?, Kindly feedback asap,, Thanks..

I am having an offer in Hand from a very good company, they also prepared my visit visa, but i am not sure that I can enter so did not leave my present job In UAE.
All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. The author is a freelance paralegal who has worked in California and Federal litigation and has used this sample for many years. This letter is to inform you that I am notresponsible for any of the alleged debt as I am a victim of identity theft. We offer expertise in home values, remodeling, and repair and have a network of trusted resources to help get the job done. A true andcorrect copy of the Police Report which I filed on __________ with the ____ PoliceDepartment is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.I am sending you this letter as a warning to cease and desist immediately from continuingany further attempts to collect the alleged debt.
Someone told me I can goto maktab amal with a saudi person and I can stop it from being transferred. Many people get error because of passport number – sometimes the alphabets in passport number are not included. In other words if your Iqama is expiring say on 20-Aug-2012 then expiration date on your renewed Iqama will be around 10-Aug-2013. The law in California, specificallyCalifornia Civil Code § 1798.93[c](5) requires me to provide you with a written notice atleast 30 calendar days before filing any cross-complaint seeking my actual damages,attorney fees, and any other equitable relief as the Court deems appropriate. And if youpersist in your attempts to collect the alleged debt I can assure you that I will pursue anyand all legal actions against you that are authorized by California law.You are now under a legal duty to take diligent steps to investigate my claim ofidentity theft. As per the law, the sponsor is responsible for all the fee related to Iqama including renewal and fines.

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