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Known as ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass), it is a completely automated and paperless system without the need for cash, fuel cards or receipts.
Part of ENOC’s new unified ‘ENOCPay’ platform, ViP uses an innovative technology which consists of a securely encoded electronic security tag mounted near the fuel tanks.
The ViP system uses radio-frequency to log in the details of the purchase at a secured database at ENOC which calculates all parameters associated with the customer account. After every transaction, customers will receive an SMS and an email with the amount deducted and the remaining balance in their accounts. Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director, ENOC Retail, said: “Since we launched ViP for corporate customers two years ago, over 75,000 commercial vehicles, including 8,000 taxis, were able to benefit from this technology. Highlighting its commitment to adopting new technologies and the smart city initiative, ENOC expects to eventually launch the ‘ENOCPay’ mobile app, which will aggregate all current and future payment methods into a single interface. Where can I buy a Salik tag?You can buy a Salik tag and open a Salik account at all branches of Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirates Bank in addition to Epco, Enoc and Emarat petrol stations in Dubai. Where are the toll gates located and how much is the toll fee?Motorists crossing Al Garhoud Bridge or entering Shaikh Zayed Road from Fourth Interchange will be charged Dh4 per entry. How do I open a Salik account?To open a Salik account you should provide a completed application when you purchase your tag.
Do I need to fill out an application form?Yes, when first opening your account you will be required to provide information including your personal details as well as a copy of your car registration. What if I sell my vehicle?Call 800 SALIK (72545) to deactivate your Salik tag from the vehicle you plan to sell. Who is exempt from toll charges?Public transport buses, school buses, ambulances, police and army vehicles will be exempt from the toll. What If I am driving to Dubai from other emirates or other countries and do not have a Salik tag? What if my company has many vehicles?Companies or individuals who have more than one vehicle do not require separate Salik accounts for each vehicle. What happens if you drive a rental car?Rental car companies will be able to check through the website whether the person who rented a car used a toll gate and they will be charged accordingly. All vehicle owners have to do is drive into the service station, refuel with the help of an attendant and drive off. This allows the nozzle to automatically recognise the fuelling preferences individuals have set for their car, calculate the amount of fuel filled from the dispenser, and deduct the money automatically from the individual’s ViP account.

Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC, said: “ENOC is clear in its objective of securing Dubai’s energy needs and we are committed to doing so with the highest attention to our customer satisfaction.
In addition, registered customers will have access to a dedicated portal where customers can log in to access their information in real time and manage fuel budgets, as well as top-up their accounts. Over 3,000 of our commercial customers were able to save four to six per cent annually on their fuel expenses and reduce waiting time at the stations, thus increasing their operational efficiency. These solutions include the ViP system for corporate customers, which was launched in 2014, and ENOC’s mobile payment services through its partnership with Beam Wallet, the leading mobile wallet app in the UAE, as well as the UAE Ministry of Finance’s e-Dirham mobile application.
A Salik tag is a sticker with an electronic chip readable by scanners installed at the toll gates using Radio Frequency Identification technology. These applications are available at retail outlets or can be downloaded from the Salik website.
Ideally, you should get and install a tag prior to travelling through the Salik zones or take an alternate route to avoid fines. Yes, if your tag is purchased and installed properly and an application is submitted or in process, the proper toll will be assessed and no violation will occur. If your Salik tag gets damaged or lost, the vehicle owner must pay for a new tag to replace it. If you have a Salik tag on the windshield and pass through the toll gate without having enough credit, you will be fined Dh50. They can open one account in their name and can get separate tags for all their vehicles working under the same account. Yes, taxis are not exempt from the toll and the passenger travelling through the toll controlled area will be charged Dh4 with the taxi fare.
This speeds up the refuelling process and enables customers to better manage their accounts and set budgets for each fuelling transaction. The ViP offering is an outcome of our commitment to advancing the Dubai Government’s Smart City initiative.
Customers can set up as many personal vehicles per account, thus enabling large families or individuals with multiple vehicles to better manage their fuel budgets. It works in all weather conditions and speeds, and provides accurate and reliable identification of your vehicle.
They will have to purchase pre-paid cards and the fix machine-readable-stickers on the vehicle’s front windshield.

Your Salik tag helps the system to identify you and is associated with your personal Salik account. There are various methods to top up the account, including the web, participating banks or petrol stations.
However, each account will have one account owner and one associated mobile number for communicating account information. Yes, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for any toll violation, regardless of who was driving at the time the violation occurred.
If you buy a new vehicle, contact the Salik customer service centre to purchase a new tag or buy one at a retail location.
It is advisable to stop at the nearest petrol station and buy a Salik tag and register to open an account. If you use part of the road, entering and exiting without going through the toll gates, you will not be charged. The documents required to register for ViP are: Emirates ID for residents or passport copies for visitors, and the vehicle registration card. Toll charges will be deducted from their cards every time they pass under the electronic gates fitted with scanners. You will need to provide a copy of your car registration at the time of submitting an application. But there is no need to panic, as you can still have your fine waived if you open a Salik account and affix a Salik tag within two days of committing the violation. But if you do not have time, you can just use the road and your fine will be waived if you register for Salik within two days.
You must provide information about yourself and your vehicle to open your prepaid account and properly pay your tolls. Simply having a tag on your windshield is not enough and may result in a fine if your tag is not registered to your account.

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