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To protect the consumer from theft and possible fraud, the manufacturer is required to include a Check Digit at the 9th position of the Vehicle Identification Number.
ATV VIN number charts and information to help you search for and decode your ATV’s VIN.
MODEL YEAR CODES and it continues year by year: 2011 = B, 2012 = C, 2013 = D, 2014 = E, 2015 = F, 2016 = G etc. The Check Digit is used by the manufacturer and government agencies to verify the authenticity of the vehicle and official documentation. Every sport ATV has a 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number) even if you need to search for the ATV VIN location a little.

If you have nerf bars installed it’s possible that part of the VIN will be hard to see.
Whether your ride a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha or other ATV all will contain 17 characters that can include capital letters from A through Z and numbers 1 through 0.
Contact your local DMV, department of motor vehicles, if you need to replace your VIN plate (if it broke off or you installed a new frame etc).
Here is a chart of what your Honda ATV VIN may look like, it’s useful information to have when doing an ATV VIN check. You’ll find the VIN plate mounted to the frame of the ATV, usually on the bottom left side.

Don’t mistake the engine number, which is mounted on the engine, as a VIN number because they are different.
The letters I, O and Q are never used within a VIN in order to avoid mistakes made by misreading them.

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