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Vehicle id list san andreas online,free vin search reddit thread,honda vin code motorcycle - Downloads 2016

CrazyCars (13)2007-12-20 19:29We should list as Hummer H1 then, because this is not a HMMWV.
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When I saw the first people posting screens about samp 0.3 testing, I couldn't believe them.
Added kc's videoIt's the first video in the list now, it's a sync showoff, really worth watching..
But I know now thats its true and thats great!But I won't prefer one of the two mods, MTA and SA-MP. Even if I find that out 1am, I will give myself a few hours to make the script recognize and use the latest functions of SA-MP.

However if we get actor functions, SFSFv2 will rock _even more_.Anyways, my hopes are up for a 4-player server beta, so we can get our hands on the newest and coolest functions. I play them both, because they are really different and both of them are making fun in different ways.
If we knew them and had a chance to test them before the release, we would have something AWESOME ready for when 0.3 launches. However I hope that there will be a fully customizeable system for GUIs, so we can use them for much more than just class selection. As I spoke about the weapon pack upgrading before, we could bring this to a GUI itself.Additionally, almost 1,5 years ago I posted my idea about downloadable content and custom sounds. The custom sound has been made, but with a separate client players have to download which brings in some port mess. I would love to see some cool functions with the sound specially, so we could make server(s) even better!

Downloadable content would be like in MTA - so you could download custom skins that server could use for vehicles, etc. I hope that there will be no problems with textdraws, I hope that the vehicle limit is MAXED out (well I know it is 2500) and we can bring in our advanced vehicle pack (we've been hanging around 670 cars on the server for months). I hope there are no limits for pickups, objects, textdraws, menus, GUIs that would keep us from scripting something so great.

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