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This is a pack for the LAFD designed specifically for the P:LA SAMP server as of May of 2014. All vehicles have a working amber arrow stick that can be used in game by installing my ELM flash patterns included with this pack.
All vehicles have a 'opticon' which is used to change lights from red to green in real life. Although there are many LAFD packs I could not find a complete pack that was to my liking so I remade the skins and put them on my models that I edited a while back. I did include alternates of all the bunker gear so if you want to change them out to better match your rank then go for it.

Some of my ELM Light Patterns I use for SAESAndy's ELM CLEO mod in case you are interested as well. Finally, I did a reskin of the parachute to become a ALS bag that we use on medical calls which is included.
Each paintjobs has information about ID number, vehicle's ownership, color and available in single-player game.
Engine 1, Ladder 1, etc) because we use our unit numbers in game when driving a apparatus and it would **** me off to be staring at a inaccurate one.
All have been custom skinned and edited by me and named the appropriate file to go with P:LA.

Some of the things in the pack may not make sense to put in your game if you are not playing on that server. If this light does not flash green in game for you, make sure you are using a up-to-date vehicle.txd (one is included with this pack).

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