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Pennsylvania State University, colloquially known as Penn State, is a public research university that awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees and offers continuing education programs. Although the school was not officially established until 1863, the idea of it was born in the 1850’s. Over the decades, the school grew as an agricultural research institution while developing a respected scientific research community. The university’s strongest academic programs are in the technical and scientific fields, primarily life sciences, engineering, agriculture, and the earth sciences.
Bachelor’s degrees are awarded in a number of different disciplines, including of accounting, administration of justice, agriculture, a wide range of the sciences and humanities, classics and ancient Mediterranean studies, creative writing, business, engineering, education, forensic science, hotel restaurant and institutional management, information sciences and technology, mathematics, music, nursing, plastics engineering technology, psychology, Russian, statistics, theatre, and women’s studies. Graduate programs at the University Park campus also cover a wide range of fields, including acoustics, apply statistics, as your biology, counselor education, educational leadership, fuel science, health policy and administration, industrial engineering, mathematics, music, nursing, plant pathology, world sociology, teacher certification, wildlife and fisheries science, and youth and family education. Graduate programs are also offered at the Erie campus, the Harrisburg campus, the School of Graduate and Professional Studies campus, and the College of Medicine.
The meteorology program is home to AccuWeather, a system used to make accurate weather forecasts. An impressive eighty percent of undergraduates ranked in the top quarter of their high school class. It is strongly recommended that applicants for the fall semester have complete applications filed by November 30 of the prior year. Financial aid is available with a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.
The university’s location among some of the country’s most beautiful countryside offers students various options for outdoor activity. In addition to the numerous classroom, dormitory, and administration buildings, the campus features a theatre, two auditoriums, an art museum, and several other galleries. The library offers electronic catalogs and online databases, in additional to physical volumes stored on site. Sports facilities include Beaver Stadium, which has capacity of 107,282 seats, a multipurpose building, golf courses, baseball and softball fields, a tennis center, and a center for basketball. The Nittany Lion mascot dates back to the early 1900s, when the term “nittany” (which means ‘mountain’ in a native American language) was applied to a local wildcat.
Until you actually become a pilot, it is impossible to know everything that is going on in the cockpit during flight.  Are they asleep up there? For this reason, we always seem to wonder what is happening up there, and we find some kind of thrill turning our seat radio to the station where we can listen in on the pilots.  To them, this is just an every day job. Throughout a single flight, it is impossible to know how many things went wrong or what exactly the pilot was feeling.  However, in most cases, it is best that the passengers do not know exactly what the pilots are doing in the cockpit, because it would likely scare them more than it needs to.
This entry was posted in Learning to fly in Barcelona, Our pilot school, Pilot lessons and tagged aerolink, flight academy, flight school, fly school, Pilot lessons. The history of Florida International University (FIU) dates back to 1943, when then-Senator Ernest Graham presented the initial proposal for the creation of a public institution of higher learning in South Florida to the state legislature. The Board of Regents appointed the founding president of FIU, Charles “Chuck” Perry, as FIU’s founding president in July 1969 after conducting a national search. Florida International University is accredited to award baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SAC). Applicants must complete 18 academic units in an institution of higher learning’s preparatory curriculum.
Florida International University offers its students the opportunity to receive financial assistance in order to get an education that will open doors in their chosen careers and provide other wonderful opportunities. Please Note: Additional requirement may apply, depending on the financial aid program awarded to the student. Financial assistance comes from a variety of agencies to assist students meet the expenses of getting a college education—state, federal and local governments, private organizations, individuals, and community organizations. Students who wish to live on campus will be glad to know that FIU offers quality campus housing. Florida International University has a multitude of traditions from its student spirit groups, student spirit events and alumni association occasions. Every semester, hundreds of FIU students line up in order to spin the large cube that is in front of Deuxieme Miason building because it is said to give good luck in tests and examinations to all those spin it.
The Turtle Pond, located between the Green Library and the Ryder Business Building is where the FIU’s Kissing Bridge tradition takes place. Another FIU superstition that new students will find interesting deals with the seal that is engraved in front of the Graham Center on the FIU main campus, and the seal that is engraved in the WUC at the FIU campus located in Biscayne Bay. Florida International University has been used as the set of many different films, music videos and TV shows.
Indiana University-Bloomington (also known as IU Bloomington) is the Indiana University’s flagship doctoral-extensive, residential campus.
Indiana University was founded as the State Seminary in 1820 by the Indiana state government in New Albany.

In 1851, Wylie passed on and his death marked the end of the institution’s first period of growth. Students can select from over 180 major and 130 degree courses of study that are offered at this institution. Students who have not exactly decided on a major or a definite career path are advised to check out the ”Explore Majors at IU” webpage and also check out a lot of the career services and advising services available.
Students who are interested in applying for admission should know that its admission is selective.
Students are encouraged to apply if they have taken 4 – 5 academic classes every year and have earned grades that are above average in the classes that they have taken. The admissions committee may consider the obvious strengths and weaknesses of a prospective student’s college preparation program, the applicant’s possible contribution to a varied learning environment and the trend of the applicant’s grades in the college prep courses.
Students are offered the opportunity to finance their education through its many financial aid programs. With very few exceptions, every new undergraduate student must to live on campus during his or her freshman year.
There are loads of fun things to do and students will be proud of the institution’s many traditions, such as applying paint to the Jordan avenue bridges, being kissed beneath the Rose Well House dome, taking part in the Dance Marathon where students dance for a whole 366 hours non-stop in order to raise funds for Indianapolis’s Riley Hospital for Children. The Hoosiers 24 men’s and women’s athletics teams are known for making students pleased and proud to wear the crimson and cream colors. This is an accredited institution of higher learning and a North Central Association member. The United States’ involvement in the space race, along with national concerns for the quality of education, among other hot topics, have guided it to develop leading educational and research programs. The Office of Student Aid can facilitate application for the appropriate loan program for each student, including Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, and the PLUS loan for parents of undergraduates. While the university is fairly well known for its academics, it also has quite a reputation for parties and celebrations on campus. The campus is home to the Nittany Lion Shrine, a likeness of the lion carved into limestone, where students gather for spirit events.
Actually this happens more often then you would think, and the pilots usually do not tell the passengers until landing, or sometimes not at all.  When airplanes are traveling through a heavily charged region of a cloud, the airplane can often trigger lightning in which the lightning originates from the airplane and extends off in different directions. We often hear that the planes can just fly themselves, which makes us wonder what the pilots are doing.
Airplanes are built to withstand even the worst turbulence, and the pilots are aware of this because they are used to flying through it.  To them, turbulence is more of an annoyance than anything, and they try to avoid it by talking to air traffic control centers and other planes ahead. Although Senator Graham’s bill did not pass, he was persistent in presenting the proposal to his colleagues, counselling them on the state’s need for its own university. At just 32 years of age, Perry was the youngest president in the State University System’s record and at that time, he was also the youngest university president in the nation. Financial aid includes gift aid, which comes in form of scholarships and grants; as well as student loans and work-study programs. Arrangements are even in progress to acquire Miami Fairgrounds’ land in order to construct a housing and entertainment mini city, which will have four to five housing towers, 2 new parking garages, a shopping complex in between the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and the Florida International University Stadium.
Florida International University has more than thirty fraternities and sororities which are grouped into 4 governing councils: NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council), IFC (Inter-fraternity Council), MGC (Multicultural Greek Council) and PC (Panhellenic Council). The institution’s largest student spirit group is the Panther Rage, which can be seen at every athletics event. Legend is, if one kisses another on the bridge, that person will stay with the other person forever! It has been said that stepping on the seals will delay a student’s graduation for several years, or reduce the student’s chance of graduating at all! Miami Vice,The Fix, and Burn Notice are just some of the productions that have been shot at Florida International University. The school is known for attracting students from across the planet who wish to have the ideal college experience – an active educational environment, beautiful campus, awesome traditions, international culture and Big Ten Sports. As a matter of fact, Thomas Gaines called this institution’s campus one of the 5 most beautiful in the country – a lot of prospective students decide to enroll for admission as soon as they set their eyes on it! While their incredible arts and entertainment offerings are known to play a huge part in the cultural atmosphere of the city, Bloomington is totally amazing in its own right.
The school was originally situated at what is now known as Seminary Square Park, which is close to the intersection of College Avenue & Second Street. The institution’s first president, Andrew Wiley, was hired in 1829 – this immediately signified the school’s developing professionalism. Students can even create their very own major via the institution’s Individualized Major Program.
The school reviews every single application for its individual qualities and particularly considers factors that highlight educational performance and preparation, high school curriculum’s strength and quality, latest grade trends, SAT or ACT scores, and class rank. If the institution decides that an applicant is not ready for its educational challenges just yet, they will be given alternatives to consider – this includes the chance of transferring to Indiana University in the future.

IU participates in every loan, federal grant and work study program available and the institution also awards millions of dollars in scholarships to eligible students every year. The dance marathon has raised over seven million dollars for the hospital since its inception in 1991.
There is also a medical school in Hershey, a law school in Dickinson, a school of graduate and professional studies in Malvern, and the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport. This intensive program immerses freshmen in the lifestyle of a large university, but teams them with like-minded students who have similar interests.
Greeks make up a significant portion of the student body, and offer regular partying options. Some of the University’s biggest rivals include Michigan and Ohio, and tickets for those games are highly coveted. For visitors to the university and the local community, the Nittany Lion Inn offers visitors a spirited and historic location with all the comforts of the northeast. Of course pilots try to avoid traveling through thunderstorms, but in the case that it does happen, the airplanes are built to withstand lighting strikes and it usually does not cause any more than minor damage to the plane.
The bill instructed the Board of Regents and the state Board of Education to start the process for the establishment of a state university in Miami. That is why even on very crowded days, students at FIU are known to go around the seals in order to avoid stepping on them!
Also, the professors and administrators on campus are dedicated to academic freedom, meeting the ever-changing learning and research requirements of not just the state but the country and the world in general. There are lots of lush trees, beautiful flowers and limestone buildings that date back to the late 19th century and cover almost 2,000 acres of land. The community residents and students, staff, and faculty form an active, vibrant community that benefits from the slow pace of a small town and the urban merits of a big city.
Indiana’s 1816 constitution required the state legislature to establish a general system of education, but it took quite a while for the legislature to keep its promise. In 1867, the university admitted its very first female student, Sarah Parke Morrison; this made the school one of the first state institutions to offer admission to females on an equal basis with males. Students will also be glad to know that virtually all academic areas that are available as a major can be pursued at the undergraduate and graduate levels as a minor. Students should visit the Office of Student Financial Aid in order to get detailed information on need-based financial assistance and the Office of Scholarships in order to get details on merit-scholarships. High school GPA accounts for two-thirds of an applicant’s results, while all other factors contribute to the other third. The student union, aptly named The Hub, is open 24 hours for students who are looking for some kind of entertainment besides partying.
Recent renovations to the University stadium have made it much friendlier and more comfortable. Well regardless of what it is, they usually won’t tell you unless it is something you need to know.
The FIU Golden Panthers participate in all NCAA Division I Sun Belt Conference sports, excluding men’s soccer, for which the school participates as an affiliate member in Conference USA. Although, in 1820 the original state-licensed legislative charter for Indiana University-Bloomington was granted, construction commenced in 1822; in 1823, the first professor was employed and in 1824, classes were offered.
The legislature changed the institution’s name for a last time in 1838 to Indiana University.
They also have access to career counselors to determine exactly how their degree can be put to use. While these are all factors in determining admission, each student is considered on his or her own individual merit and how he or she might contribute to the greater university community. Haydon Burns signed the bill into law in June 1965, thus marking Florida International University’s official founding. The airport’s deserted air traffic control tower became Florida International University’s first building. All undergraduates are required to take a certain allotment of “diversity-focused” courses that teach minority and cultural awareness. Charles Perry made a decision that the tower should NEVER be demolished, the building still remains on FIU campus, where it is referred to as the the Tower Building, Public Safety Tower, and Ivory Tower. The building is also the former site of the Florida International University Police Department.

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