The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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During orientation, an ABS specialist guides you and your staff through all aspects of our sealed bid system.
Dealers who commit all applicable inventory to this system have the highest sales ratios and profits compared to splitting inventory amongst alternate channels. As a security measure, an authorization form, signed by the dealer principal or general manager needs to be submitted for each online participant. Optional cost fields are confidential and will only be used to generate profit projections and results reports. ABS utilizes a state-of-the-art system to collect accurate vehicle data in preparation for auction.
We use the Auto Check vehicle history report to help uncover any issues that need to be announced. The ABS system ensures your inventory receives the best possible presentation to our network of buyers in person and online.
The advance list is a key marketing tool used to advertise your inventory to our network of over 1,300 registered bidders and new car dealers. ABS strives to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere designed to make the buying experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible. At check-in, each buyer is confirmed and given a bid packet that includes bid sheets for each individual dealer. During inspection, ABS staff (one for each 30-35 cars) are located throughout the lot to provide personal assistance to each bidder and carefully monitor their activity. Our dedication to personal service insures each car is offered in the best possible condition. Amenities are available such as work spaces, wireless internet connections, cold drinks, coffee, and snacks. Bidding at ABS Auto Auctions is now easier than ever, especially for buyers who visit multiple auctions.
Online bidding via the Internet at any ABS auction location or from any internet connection such as home or office (see login instructions on p.
Vehicles not sold during their first auction are eligible for our unique second chance sale.

Because this is a four hour sale, it is imperative that conditional information is submitted by 10:30 am the day following each auction.
The final sale results list results from the initial auction and second chance sale and is designed for you to keep in your records.
Detailed auction results are forwarded to all subscribed bidders, whether they attended the auction(s) or not. If you were unable to sell a vehicle in the original and second chance sale, or missed the second chance sale deadline, we strongly encourage you to rerun the vehicle the following week with a conditional amount. The key to success is to list realistic conditional amounts based on the market and previous bids. If signed by power of attorney on the 262, seller, please write (in the odometer section) ‘see 262’ and sign the buyer section. Please provide a name statement if the customer has a different last name than shown on title. ABS provides a wide array of reports designed to assist the seller in remarketing operations. A CARFAX® Vehicle History Report (VHR) provides the most trusted vehicle history information.
I know of a certain 2006 Exige that was totaled out by an insurance company, but they never sent the infoto the state so it still shows up as a regular title. This regular contact also provides an opportunity to answer questions or address concerns they may have. All sales are open two days, from 9 am to 5 pm, to allow ample time for bidders to inspect and bid your inventory. All lots have state of the art security systems including sophisticated cameras that sense human movement (after hours) and transmit images to security headquarters where voice warnings can be sent directly to the lot notifying intruders that police are coming.
Our sales often include guaranteed front line inventory and higher end trades that did not fit a particular dealers inventory mix. Additional data includes average top four bids, difference between first and second highest bids, appraiser’s initials and an acceptance check box.
Bidders may back out if auction results are not received by noon, further illustrating the importance of timely responses to bids.

This sale is designed to move those few no-sales quickly and reduce time and expenses associated with reruns. They are special four hour sales where each car carries a conditional sale amount designated by its seller. Bidders may back out if second chance auction results are not received by 5:00 pm, further illustrating the importance of timely responses to bids. This will draw special attention to these vehicles and generate additional bids, since the bidders know what it takes to buy them.
Cars that are rerun without a conditional amount (or rerun with unrealistic amounts) attract fewer bids, and in some cases no bids.
When sales are approved by seller, the Report of Sale is generated and copies forwarded to the buyer, seller and the DMV. If you are unable to provide one of the above items, please send a letter verifying the registration is good and the date of expiration. You can view the Vehicle History Report of each Certified vehicle in our inventory at no charge2. As a safety measure, our IT department is able to track online participation based on login information. Our streamlined systems, 90 day comps, book sheets, photos, and online bidding make finding desirable cars easier than ever.
By rerunning a vehicle with realistic conditional amounts, ABS has successfully motivated buyers to take another serious look and place additional bids.
If you wish to leave the buyer section and date blank, the ABS DMV Department will fill in the buyer information for you. A Lotus dealership will inspect the car, perform an ECU dump, and an engine leak-down test before I take it.
This important safeguard insures you know who is managing your online remarketing operation.

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