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In this part, we’ll take a look at how could the Hungarian Tas medium tank be implemented into WoT. Please note that these are only the historical characteristics, the would be implemented tanks could get unhistorical stuff as a last resort, if the game balance requires it. Unfortunately, Hungary did not produce a tank, which would perfectly fit in the in-game tier 6 slot.
The reason why I think such separation is possible in WoT are the in-game VK 30.02 (M) – Panther and Foch – Foch (155) combinations. Because the desired 80mm DIMAVAG gun was not ready in time, the creators of the Tas later decided to use the 75mm 43 M. After the factory mock-up (seen above) was finished and presented sometime in late 1943, in early 1944, the turret was probably redesigned again, because later description mentions doors on the rear (or on the side?
According to the legacy of one of the main designers of the Tas, there was an early suggestion to design a high performance (700 horse power at least) domestic V-12 tank engine for the Tas. According to some sources, there were some negotiations with Germany, to buy the license of the Maybach engine of the Pz. Just like kunjuro said, alpha dmg is not exactly tied to the caliber, so we can not assume exactly how high would be the alpha of an 80mm gun.
If we compate it to the 76,2mm (17pdr) British and the long 85mm guns of the Soviets, the in between 80mm should be around 150-160. Why weight is the same for both variants despite obvious difference (100 mm LFP, guns, engines, turret)?

This value will be, let’s say, the standard, and the tier 6 vehicle will be for example a little bit lighter? I think the sidescrape inability is not an issue, as a medium with good speed it needs a different play style. Therefore, to avoid implementing non-domestical or unhistorically overbuffed tanks into the Hungarian tech tree, I separated the Tas medium tank into two.
Tas tanks unfortunately was never completed and it had a relatively large variety of planned and considered modules, the in-game separation is absolutely possible and more or less historical.
Some of them state that the middle front plates of the Tas were 100mm thick, others (sometimes in the same book or even on the same page by the same author) state that it was 120mm thick. The assembly of the first two prototypes was already started in May 1944, but on 27th of June, the Weiss Manfred factory was seriously hit by an Allied bombing run and the two prototypes were destroyed along with the assembly hall. Here is an illustration, the smaller one represents the real dimensions of the Tas compared to the older, obsolete dimensions. Its development was never completed because of the destruction of the prototypes and WM assembly hall in July 1944 and the late war lack of raw materials and production capacity.
However, this plan was scrapped in the early stage of its development, because the WM factory did not have enough time to develop or resources to mass produce it on time. But yes, the 83mm (20pdr) guns have 230 alpha, so the 80mm gun should have 200-ish alpha instead? Therefore, it would get the modules, which were planned or considered at some point during the development (such as the 80mm tank gun or the 700hp engine), but were abandoned, as the late war situation got worse and worse, replaced by cheaper or less powerful modules, which were at least available at the time.

As the original blueprints are mostly missing, it’s unfortunately really hard to check, which value is the correct and which is not. Tas tanks, that were manufactured in the WM factory – before they were destroyed, along with the whole WM assembly hall – were the prototypes.
In my personal opinion, both values are correct, but they shows us the thickness of that plate at two different stages of development. Of course, nothing came out of these negotiations in the end for various reasons, such as at that time, Germany was unable to produce enough guns to satisfy its own needs, let alone producing even more for export. Unfortunately, it’s not described in detail what else were changed on the turret at that redesign. Therefore, both values are acceptable and I used the 100mm thickness on the tier 6 vehicle, and the thicker, 120mm plate on the tier 7 one. Also, the exact thickness of the gun mantlet is unknown, so this could be altered too, if needed. However, the developer, the DIMAVAG company was unable to finish this gun within given deadline, so the developers of the Tas were forced to redesign the tank to be able to mount the 75mm 43 M.

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