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It was 30 years ago that NASA tested the first Space Shuttle pioneering a new era of space flight. This should give us some type of indication of what is to come in the space program provided they have the proper funding.
The Falcon 9, created by SpaceX, became the first commercial vehicle to launch a spacecraft into orbit and have it return to Earth safely.
There are a few vehicle ideas on the drawing board but as of now nothing has been put in concrete.
To understand the magnitude, innovation, technology and bravery of the space program and the people at NASA, check out the video below of a Saturn V launch in slow motion captured on a high-speed camera at 500 frames per second and the famous space shuttle launch video below that. A helicopter belonging to the United Nations (UN) crashed Sunday afternoon in the central region of Afghanistan, injuring a number of UN employees, officials said on Monday.
Nazifullah Salarzai, a spokesman for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said the accident happened on Sunday afternoon when the Russian-made helicopter went down in the Yakawolang district of Bamyan province, which is located in the central region of Afghanistan.
He declined to say how many people were on board the aircraft, which he refused to identify but is believed to have been a Mil Mi-8 medium twin-turbine transport helicopter which is capable of carrying up to 27 passengers and crew members. Pajhwok Afghan News, a local news agency, cited Salarzai as saying that seven UN employees, including two foreigners and five Afghan nationals, were injured in the crash.
The exact cause of Sunday’s accident was not immediately known, but Salarzai said it was caused by unspecified technical problems.

On August 16, seven American service members and four Afghans were killed when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the Chinartu area of Shah Wali Kot district in Kandahar province.
Our early ideas into what cause the crash of National Air Flight 102 in Afghanistan this week. On Monday morning, a National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 N949CA, operated on behalf of US Mobility Command, has crashed just after takeoff from Bagram Air Base with 7 crew members on board. Kabul hopes for spy drones to increase its sovereignty, but the reality may not match the hype.
About NYCAviation NYCAviation is a worldwide aerospace news and resource organization for aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Disclaimer THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ASSISTING AVIATION ENTHUSIASTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS.
Some of you may know him to be the CEO of Tesla, an innovative electric car company that builds the Tesla Roadster electric powered sports car or maybe the co-founder of PayPal. Of those rockets, they have ones that rival the famous Saturn V rocket that propelled brave men from the Earth to the Moon. Another good aspect about SpaceX is that have claimed to save an estimated $1 billion a year with a program using SpaceX rockets vs. We will look to future developments in space exploration and the bitter sweet retirement of the Space Shuttle as we know it.

The old Gemini and Apollo program has resurrected a pod design idea that looks to be very promising for sitting atop a SpaceX rocket for transporting astronauts into space in the near future. Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi claimed responsibility for the crash, but a formal cause has not been made public yet. We specialize in publishing breaking news, insightful commentary and stellar photography covering all that happens not only in the world of commercial aviation, but the entire aerospace sector, including general aviation, military aviation and space. What a lot of people are wondering, aside from where the Shuttle vehicles will be placed on display, is what will transport our American astronauts into space and beyond after the shuttle program has ended? To put things into perspective, below you will find charts of SpaceX’s rockets, the Space Shuttle and Constellation project Ares rockers in comparison to the largest and most powerful device man has ever built, the Saturn V rocket.
SpaceX will be at the forefront of transporting astronauts into space slated to have its first launch from Cape Canaveral in late 2013 or early 2014.

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