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10 ways to stop being a water waster : treehugger, There is no resource more precious than water. One of the foundational documents in our country's history of car-centric street design is what's known as the Green Book. As the founder and executive director of Walkable Communities, Inc., Burden travels the country helping people plan and develop more sustainable neighborhoods.
DB: Any city or county engineer -- anyone who is going to be professionally responsible for setting street standards for their own community -- will be able to find that now there's an official resource provided by the Federal Highway Administration that they can pull language from. NK: Besides bringing the posted speed and the design speed into alignment, what are the other innovations in this report? The key is influencing those in state government to realize that they're in charge, that whatever language they create can then be inserted in a local street system that happens to involve state funding. NK: So are you arguing that states should take a step back from transportation planning and let local governments move in?
DB: You feel like you have a responsibility to keep raising the bar but in many cases the bars gets raised with absolutely no scientific evidence. NK: In terms of the internal politics of state departments of transportation, is there some sort of bias in how the roads are designed?
DB: Historically the AASHTO Green Book, which is still what most people will quote and many state design guidelines are built around, is built for rural America and for suburban America. NK: Do you think that momentum toward livable streets -- among both engineers and the state departments of transportation -- is going to continue? Obviously we're crafting new buzzwords and we've got more enlightened secretaries of transportation, but we're also going to realize we cannot continue to build roads that are not sustainable. The bike lanes in the illustrations look terrifying: the top and bottom have cyclists firmly in the door zone, while the middle one shows a right hook in action. Just to add to the discussion, in urban environments that foster walking, it would be nice for crosswalks to be raised to sidewalk level so that when vehicles cross through they are very aware that they are entering pedestrian space. I’d have to see this intersection in person, but saw it on Portlandize and thought it applies. Oh, and another thing – the traffic lights are still very high and large, on an automobile scale. Actually Aaron, look no further than DC or Boston for stoplights placed on the sides lower to the ground. Unfortunately it appears that some kind of federal change came into affect in the last decade banning them. First off, I love all this wonky stuff from real engineers about street design, so thanks for having it on the blog. I am hoping that as we do go about redesigning streets, we don’t adopt a one-size fits all approach to every street within a single city like San Francisco. Maybe this is what wonky New Urbanist engineers and designers are doing already, and I just have the wrong impression based on what I hear from community groups that want the traffic in their own neighborhoods to magically slow down or go away. I know several of the comments have touched on this, but why are physically separated bike lines not catching on? Wait a second – if the guideline says that the design speed should be such that only 15% of drivers will drive faster than it, then why does it imply 85% of drivers are driving faster than we want them to? First of all, if you ride the cycle tracks and actually obey the signals, your average speed will be extremely low — If I recall correctly, we averaged barely 6 mph on Grand Street.
Second, the cycle tracks don’t allow easy access for turns or destinations on the other side of the street.

Among the users of the cycle track we observed that day, wrong-way riders and skateboarders outnumbered people headed in the correct direction.
That street design is such a waste of space, but I bet it makes the more compromised Complete Streets people happy.
Also, I think you guys rode very timidly — once people get used to the lane and get used to where obstacles and hazards can come from, they can safely ride a bit faster.
I completely agree that the high and away signals are inappopriate and dangerous in the close-in urban context. I’m a little late to the discussion, but I want to address some of the comments regarding the illustration at the top of the page. The overhead signals over the roadway make the signal more visible to drivers, particularly on multilane streets. I don’t see the bigger signals on the 2-lane streets that people are claiming to see around the City.
Things would be a lot simpler if the folks designing the streets would spend some time using the intersections and bike lanes as a pedestrian and a cyclist, and take one of their kids or grandchildren along with them. In Copenhagen,(where I have also ridden) they have scientifically evaluated their cycle tracks and they have shown that while they feel safe, and attract more cyclists,they are actually much more dangerous at the intersections. At busy intersections the bike lanes often sweep to the right, completely separated from the traffic flow. All of these initiatives have already proven to be successful in making the safe, separated infrastructure even safer.
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DOT Secretary Ray LaHood recently pledged, walking and biking are going to have equal standing with motorized transport, more enlightened engineering guidelines will have to play a significant role. In 2001, Time Magazine named him one of the six most influential civic leaders of tomorrow.
We shouldn't just use some antiquated language that says we have to post the speeds according to what 85 percent of motorists are doing. It covers the planning aspects, it gets into the broad-based principles and then it gets down to the exacting details and explains why 10-foot and 11-foot lanes are superior to wider lanes. In some states, the total street system, from an alley to a lane to an arterial, is set by state guidelines.
If a community writes their own street design guide, then they can totally revamp: They can come up with flexible streets, curving streets, living streets, all the terms we're now using.
I feel that the people who end up populating the committees that set these standards are not keeping their ears close enough to what's going on in a given neighborhood. For example, the clear zone that's required -- how far you have to set back trees or other fixed objects from the roadways -- was determined years ago by one phone call from a committee of AASHTO to the General Motors test track. They create more drainage impacts, more heat gain, more use of oil for asphalt or processing concrete. They keep you out of the door zone, and safe from parking movements, double parked vehicles and cruising traffic. In this situation I believe the appropriate move would be to make the corner more of a right angle instead of the curve as pictured.
When redoing a street, Boston has been eliminating the black stoplights on the side to silver overhead ones, and citing federal guidelines. I think there should be several arterial streets running North-South and several more running East-West such that a car driver can travel through the city at 30 mph on timed lights without doing crazy things like speeding beyond that or honking our damn horns or jamming through on amber lights. However, I believe urbanism to be about making our cities attractive, safe, and livable places, and too many cars works severely against that ideal.
Rather, the purpose of the drawing was to illustrate how a street differs from other thoroughfare types, such as an avenue or boulevard. These recommendations for multi-modal improvements to an urban state highway are intended to help local communities make street design improvements, while staying within the current Caltrans state standards. When there are buses and other tall vehicles are next to drivers, it’s hard to see the lower side signals. The streetview picture shows an overhead signal with signals on the side, so we are already like many European cities in regards to signals! At Denmark’s previously most dangerous intersection, with 15 serious injuries at year (worth noting that there are over 60,000 cyclists a day crossing this intersection alone), the number of serious accidents has been reduced to one (1). Use Trade Printing UK's extensive Service Report Templates available from the link above as your solution. Discover How to Quickly And Easily Get The Job You Want -- Fast -- Without Struggling To Write Another Resume!
These unique examples, which you will not find on any other sites, are all fictionalised, with most (but not all) being in PDF format.
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Currently most CV experts agree that it should ideally be one page long, however its final length really depends on your experience and the type of job you are applying for, which in turn means it can be two pages long if need be. Once it has been saved to your prospective employer's hard disk your resume should be easy to identify.
Ask them to critique your resume for its appropriateness, errors, typos, or misspelled words. Therefore if you plan to send in your resume as a MS Word document or a PDF, check its properties first.
Burden spent 16 years as bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation, so he was able to share with us his experience as both an advocate and an administrator. We really need permission to build narrower roads, to use less asphalt, to green up the streets, to emphasize the need for walkability and bicycling, to bring down speeds on roads. It gives more flexibility while providing specific language that an engineer and a planner could pull for their own street standards. They help create publications, they provide a lot of guidance, but they truly have no desire or ability to set the standards that a local government would impose. In Florida, we have what's called the Green Book committee; I used to sit on it for about 15 years.
By the time you're high enough up in the chain of your state agency, you no longer go to public meetings, you no longer read every document that comes out.
Every state that adopts a complete street philosophy now comes together to try to figure out, well, What does this really mean? These resources are going to put us in a non-compete situation with the rest of the world where we're just trying to keep our system working. The only place this design works is in a low traffic downtown — which is probably dead by definition. Or, second best, a bike line between the line of parked cars and the sidewalk (with room for door openings).
I agree that they are totally inappropriate for close-in urban streets with low speeds and multiple kinds of road users.
Honestly, I when I was an urban bus driver I stopped looking at traffic signals at intersection and only looked at the traffic (&peds, etc).
I don’t believe the arguments here that they distract the driver from watching for pedestrians. These samples are also very well known to employers, who have already seen these words, templates, formats, and resume examples.Resume examples are the best way to review and judge resume writing talents. For all of these reasons they should be well written, concise and only include information that the employer will be interested in and finds relevant.
They will give you an excellent idea of how to organize information, create emphasis, and describe your accomplishments. Our templates have been professionally designed, are of the highest quality and contain powerful industry specific keywords intended to grab the attention of recruiters and get you noticed. Don’t risk throwing away all of your hard work with one small spelling mistake which could blow your chances. Do this by going to the File menu of a MS Word document and clicking on Properties then look at the Summary and ensure your name appears in the Author box (if it doesn't then simply enter your name there and save it). The report is intended to supplement the Green Book by laying out a set of design standards that make sense in places where people can get around by foot or on a bicycle.
Of course, drivers totally figured that one out, and they'd drive faster than the posted speed.
ITE, fortunately, is a little more progressive than the AASHTO, the American Association of State of Highway Transportation Officials, but this is a significant advance. If 85 percent of our motorists are driving faster than we want them to, then we need to redesign the street, rather than letting the tail wag the dog. We came up with guidance for what every category of road would be and then whoever built the road -- certainly any private developer -- had to follow those standards if they wanted to turn the road over to the community. So you're trying to make decisions that are good for everybody, even though you've reached a point in your career when you're no longer grassroots. It was designed for this new America we were building, where we wanted to keep the greatest flow of vehicle movement. In many cities now the individual is spending 20 percent, even 25 percent, on their transportation out of their take-home pay.
And not in the Bay Area or Portland in any serious way, two of the supposedly most bike friendly places here.
This got me in trouble once or twice for proceeding at red when the intersection was clear! Additionally, it can easily cost upwards of $100,000 to replace a traffic light, and you can make a lot of potentially more significant improvements for $100,000. Why should they be looking for pedestrians crossing in front of them if drivers are going straight on a green light? It is worth noting that this included accidents where cars rear-ending each other at low speeds. You can quickly decide if the resume writing service is knowledgeable in the HVAC repair  industry by evaluating their sample resumes. Each template is aimed at a specific industry sector and has been formatted using margins and bullet points, making it easier for key elements of an individual’s strength to be quickly identified. In these guidelines, they're supposed to design the road for the speed that we want to elicit from the driver. It represents a blending of the transportation industry with the Congress for the New Urbanism.
There's something wrong with our street design if you're getting 85 percent of our motorists to drive 10 miles an hour faster than is safe for the conditions.
This guide helps give the language that a local community might need to narrow streets or provide a different level of street connectivity.
So we come up with things like turning radii on the corner of an intersection, driveway flows, everything based on a suburban and a rural application.
I was in Columbus, Ohio, where the state has adopted a complete streets package and now everybody is quickly trying to figure out, Do we always have bike lanes or do always have this or that? Does the resume writer know which keywords to use when creating resumes for HVAC repair technicians?
Introducing an amazing step-by-step resume writing system.Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers.Shows you how to answer any question an interviewer could possibly throw at you!
So, yes, I think that, along with Secretary LaHood's recent comment that pedestrians and bicycles will have equal considerations in designing and building and funding our streets, that this is shaking up the industry. But with the leadership of the CNU, they really were able to bring in the best of the engineers. The only a appropriate redesigns for the travel lane are efforts to calm traffic to speeds of less than 20 MPH in all urban zones. If not, did they demonstrate impressive cover letter writing for other industries?If you are a credentialed HVAC repair manager, and you want to construct your own resume to compete in this dynamic economy, then try to avoid working from resume examples.
If you can't resist the urge to duplicate content, then at least take small bits and pieces from several resume examples and add your own special touches.
The last thing you should do is use the same sentence from a popular resume sample that most HR reps are very familiar with. And don't forget to tweak the format as needed in order to deliver a stylish resume presentation. Otherwise, HVAC repair  resume examples should be viewed strictly as a portfolio presentation of resume writing services. Were the writers who developed the resume examples credentialed through a respected organization? Is the writer capable of being as objective and critical of their own work as employers will be? Do the writers avoid standardized templates and show examples that would clearly succeed in the current HVAC repair  job market?

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