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As an undergraduate research assistant for the Intelligent Systems research group at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, I developed a probabilistic model to reduce false alarm occurrences that were inherent with the group's vehicle detection system. Aldridge Traffic Controllers distributes the TrafiCAM Vehicle Detector sensor as an "in-ground" induction loop replacement for vehicle detection used in modern Urban Traffic Control (UTC) systems. The TrafiCAM sensor is an all in one camera sensor with video processing unit that is suited for all-weather applications and wide operating temperature range suited to hot countries such as Australia and Asian Countries.
The volt-free contacts essentially report the presence of vehicles which the controller uses to create a demand and adds to the vehicle count reported back the SCATS™ UTC system. The TrafiCAM is available in both a Narrow angle and a Wide angle version depending on the application. The camera's volt free optically coupled clean contact outputs are available in 1TI, 4TI or 9 TI configurations where each zone is linked to one of those output contacts to interface to Traffic Signal Controllers or other logging or activating equipment.
Vehicle detection Controlling and switching When it comes to detecting vehicles, determining positions and securing routes, with HANNING & KAHL systems for vehicle detection you have these processes safely under control. HFP track circuit for detection of wheelshunt When its axles produce a short circuit in the track area, the rail vehicle is recognised by the electronics. HFK mass detector circuit for detection of vehicle mass The robust system operates via an electric oscillating circuit, which indicates a change in frequency when a rail vehicle crosses the HFK mass detector coil with its metal mass.
For safe protection against humidity and mechanical strain mass detection coils and electronic components are cast in a plastic frame.

HSK blocking circuit for detection of combination of wheelshunt and vehicle mass The HSK blocking circuit recognises the entry of rail vehicles passively by the wheelshunt produced and it recognises exiting vehicles by the reduction in vehicle mass detected. Induction loops buried under the road surface are used at intersections to detect a vehicle?s presence. The replacement of a failed induction loop requires closure of the road and cutting the road surface. Vidimon ILE system is a reliable, non-invasive detector that can be used to replace the functionality of one or more loops without the need for road works. I observed that some false alarms were detected in sections of the camera viewport where a vehicle is highly unlikely to be spotted. Access to the programming and monitor interface is available within the controller cabinet - no need to get up a mast arm to connect to the TrafiCAM with a laptop.
This way the HFP-track circuit detects the vehicle passively and does not require insulated rail joints. The HSK blocking circuit functions without insulated rail joints, its effective range is limited by short circuit connectors. This detection signal is used by the local and central traffic controllers to manage an efficient flow of traffic.
The link is via an RS-485 cable over twisted shielded pair cable that is commonly available.

The effect size of the HFP track circuit is determined solely by short circuit connectors from rail to rail. While the loop is not functioning (awaiting repair) the efficiency of the traffic flow at the affected intersection (and possibly surrounding area) may be reduced.
There two types of on-road vehicles, traveling in the same direction or traveling in the opposite direction. Due to the distinct features of two types of vehicles, different approaches are necessary to detect vehicles in different directions. Here, we use `optical flow` to detect vehicles in the opposite direction because the coming traffics shows salient motions. We use `Haar-like feature detection` for vehicles in the same direction because the traffics represent relatively stable shape (car rear) and little motion.
If the detector fail to find the vehicles, we interpolate the region from the previous frames.

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