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Each car and truck built after 1980 has been stamped by the manufacturer with a unique vehicle identification number or VIN. This is the diagnostic software kit that you need to reset all of those service alerts, investigate running problems or those niggling little faults and sensor failures which throw error codes and light the engine management light. This is exactly the same Diagnostic system as is used by the Bmw Factories and within Bmw dealerships and will give the private Bmw owner exactly the same level of diagnostic and programming capability for their own Bmw vehicle. Conveniently packaged as an easy to install software set supplied on DVD’s this Bmw Dis V57 and Progman SSS V32 software will install on any laptop of PC which is running Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows Vista (32 bit) and even Windows 7 (32 bit).
This package comes complete with full, easy to follow installation instructions, to enable operation of the diagnostic software with three of the most popular BMW Interfaces, namely Bmw ADS (20 pin round connector), Bmw OBDII Connector and the newer D-Can equipped vehicles (interfaces are NOT supplied and must be purchased separately). Click Here for details of suitable BMW Interfaces for connecting this software to your vehicle. However, for those Bmw owners who are not familiar with Bmw Dis V57, then the features of this, and its partner SSS V32 Progman are detailed below. The list of options is almost endless, and you can pretty much do everything the Bmw dealership can. Not only will BMW Dis V57 and Progman SSS V32 allow you to pinpoint any problems and errors within your Bmw or Mini vehicle but it will also enable you to change, set up and adjust various special functions and comfort controls on certain models of BMW and Mini vehicles, including power window controls, headlamp options, rain sensor adjustment, selective central locking, alarm and immobiliser control and coding, central locking functions. Both of the above packages also come bundled with the following bonus programs included free of charge. This software package is stocked in the UK, but we pretty much ship by airmail to most countries of the world and this is included in the price of the software.  See the main sales website for more information.

With a third row of seating and its athletic look, the Pilot is a perfect crossover SUV that will keep any 4WD admirer happy, while providing much needed additional seating for up to eight passengers. Compared to its main competitors, namely the Toyota Highlander and Hyundai Veracruz, the Honda Pilot is a more sizeable vehicle. The Honda Pilot is a capable vehicle with seating for 8 passengers in comfortably arranged rows. However, that said, most additions and upgrades don’t compel the buyer to buy the Honda Pilot. Overall the Honda Pilot is a very impressive crossover SUV that is perfect for a large family, and it can easily seat 8 people in three comfortably arranged rows.
For the more adventerous, it also allows coding, programming and detailed investigation into the electronic control and ECU’s used within Bmw and Mini vehicles all over the world.
In short, this software will enable you to access and carry out all of those jobs and programming which would normally require a trip to the Bmw Dealer and the cost which that entails.
They are an online platform for car customers that offers information and reviews from experts and buyers on what to buy, where to buy it and what price to pay for a car. It has had a further makeover for the 2012 edition, including a sleeker front end design, improved fuel economy and enhanced interior features.
The 8 seats in  three throws are positioned in the same way as in a movie theatre, so that everyone gets a view of the road, while making sure the back row does not feel like a million miles away.
An analysis of about 52 test drives and publishing reviews of the Honda Pilot ranks it at number 10 out of 23, meaning that it is one of the best value and fairly affordable vehicles for families.

Combining a uni-body format for a family sedan with a perimeter frame you would find on a truck, the product is an impeccably weighted ride that feels sturdy and smooth at the same time. Fitted with a set of redesigned alloy wheels, the Honda Pilot is more aerodynamic and therefore more frugal in terms of fuel performance. Again it is not a reason to reject this vehicle though, as the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. This makes the Honda Pilot a more comfortable ride compared to other family cars, and is kinder to its rear-seated occupants that are often neglected in terms of comfort.
The bumping of its fuel economy ratings by 1 or 2 miles per gallon is not manifestly evident in real world driving, as who notices 1 or 2 mpg?! Similarly, Honda did not remodel the safety belt mounting for the middle slot in seat rows two and three.
In relation to aesthetics, the grille is the most noticeable change since it is an improvement of the letterbox style grille of the earlier version.
The downside here, however, is that the seats have to be robust enough to secure all 8 passengers in the event of a crash, which tends to make them heavy and in turn does away with the folding and sliding that works quite well with the Honda Pilot.
All purchasers however, especially family car buyers, would probably value safety over convenience, as you can’t put a price on safety.

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