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I liked the armour in Guild Wars, but for an RPG I thought it was rubbish how everyone of a similar level to you looked EXACTLY the same. I like my RPGs to have LOADS of armour types that you can mix and match to make each character look unique. As it goes, yeah, that aspect does kinda suck, but I have armours that I rarely see any other monks in anymore. A toy review blog by Denis del Callar that focuses on Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, Halo, Marvel and DC. Presenting Halo 3's Interchangeable Armor Pack which allows you to customize your Spartan with Rogue, Scout, CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and the infamous Hayabusa Spartan variant armor. One year ago today ( I started writing this on November 4), I made a commitment to sharing with the world my collection, my toys and my experiences with the rest of the world. The Halo 3: Interchangeable Armor Pack's blister pack doesn't say much other than the fact that it was made by McFarlane and that whoever made this packaging can speak French and Spanish. The Halo 3: Interchangeable Armor Pack comes with a Spartan warrior designated to be a Rogue Variant.
Please do take the time to note the weathering (Scrached) detailing that McFarlane threw into this figure. Players of Halo 3 commonly call the Rogue Helmet, a "Dog Helmet" because of what appears to look like the jowls of a bloodhound hanging from the cheek areas of the helmet. Players of the game Halo 3 unlock  the Rogue Armor Helmet automatically upon reaching the rank of Spartan Officer. This is not exactly my favorite armor set of the Halo 3: Interchangeable Armor Pack because that helmet is freaking HUGE!
The helmet is probably only popular to those who like Samus from the Metroid Prime video game. The CQB armor also includes re-designed shoulder pauldrons that give the bearer of the armor maximum shoulder maneuverability allowing the user the flexibility for CQB. In the Halo 3 video game, the sharp helmet of the Scout armor is unlocked by attaining the "Used Car Salesman" Achievement (Destroying a vehicle with three or more people in it); the Pauldrons are unlocked by attaining the "Mongoose Down" Achievement (Kill an enemy by running him over with a Mongoose in a ranked free-for-all) and the Chest armor is unlocked by attaining the "Too close to the sun" Achievement (Destroying a Banshee with a Spartan Laser or Missile Pod. The Halo Hayabusa armor was actually developed in competition with the Mjolnir armor by a think-tank called RKD.
Although the two armors eventually became interchangeable, it is unclear whether or not this should be considered a Mjolnir Mark VI variant or just a distinct Hayabusa Armor set.
The biggest "wow" factor of the Hayabusa is that it was designed to intimidate the enemy which explains the samurai looks. The Hayabusa's shoulder pauldrons or Sod'e provide the bearer with additional protection and can also be used as a ramming implement. The chest armor is quite thick and is the only variant to include a neck ring to protect the bearer's neck. The Katana of the Hayabusa armor - which sadly cannot be used in the game and actually looks quite awkward as it sticks out of cockpits when you're piloting a Hornet or a Banshee - is unlocked only when you hit 49 out of 79 achievements in the game. Note that the Katana is meant to be attached on his back, but one of the grenade holes on his belt is actually wide enough to accept the Katana peg. But the nicest part about the Halo 3: Interchangeable armor is that you are not limited to maintaining particular armor sets.
Unfortunately there is a size difference between the smaller Halo 3 armors and the larger Halo Reach figures. But the worst thing about it is the production value of the Halo 3: Interchangeable armor Pack. Still, it's a fine piece that's worth customizing that would create a very nice conversation piece. Photo courtesy of Blizzard Terrak Photography Presenting Jacqueline Goehner Cosplaying as Sara Pezini AKA Witchblade.
Presenting the Platinum Edition Evasion Mode Optimus Prime from the Transformers Age of Extinction Toyline. Star Wars Black Series Ahsoka Tano Presenting the failed Jedi Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars Black Series 6" toyline. HALO 5 Master Chief John-117 Presenting the HALO 5 Master Chief John-117 from McFarlane Toys. Finish the Campaign on Legendary (unlocks achievements for Normal and Heroic, if not earned).
Score a Double Kill with a single spartan laser shot in a ranked free for all playlist (Online). Destroy an enemy banshee with the spartan laser or missile pod in a ranked playlist or in campaign. Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online).
Walk It OffOnce you gain control of Master Chief, begin following the troop of marines through the jungle.
SILVER SKULL: After killing the enemies dropped by the Phantom, hop down and move through the trees towards the water in the distance to your right. The downed Pelican can be found on the mountain side to the right of the Phantom drop off location. Quid Quo ProRemain on the hill and use the Sniper Rifle to pick off as many enemies down below as you can.
Know Your RoleGOLD SKULL: From the starting point, move straight ahead towards the door at the very back of the room. Once you have killed all of the Brutes, head up the ramps and go through the doorway on your right.

Down the hall, in the next room, call the elevator down using the switch on the right side of it. Armor permutations, as a feature in Halo 3, refers to the variety of armor pieces available for players' multiplayer character model. There are a total of 17 armor sets included in "Halo 3", 12 of which for the SPARTAN-II character model and 5 for the Elite character model. The Bungie Armor is the only armor not obtainable by players as it is exclusively for Bungie employees. In Halo 3, the neck of an Elite (regardless what armor permutation used) is completely immune to any form of damage except for a shot from an overcharged Plasma Pistol. Many people speculate that hitboxes of the Spartans and Elites are shared but this is not true. The glitched armor from Floodgate, It appears to be a combination of the front part of the Assualt permutation and the back of the Combat permutation. If you feel like supporting me by paying for a beer or two, by all means do so by using the PayPal donate button. I chose to write about the Mjolnir Mark VI Power Armor today, November 4 - which is my birthday by the way - because today is the official anniversary of the Dark Lord Dungeon. What used to be a very selfish hobby has become a crusade to share with the rest of the world  just how much joy toy collecting can be.
The pack shows what is pretty obvious from the front: that you can remove the Rogue accouterments and replace them with those of a Spartan Scout, CQBattler or give him the mythical Hayabusa armor.
The truth of the matter is, the "Rogue Armor"is nothing more than a standard Mjolnir Mark VI with a different helmet. It's also called the "Rogue Helmet" because it was manufactured by the Eridanus Rebels under the leadership of Governor Jacob Jiles (Read Halo: The Fall of Reach). This armor was developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence that replaced most of the standard armor with lighter, quieter stealthier material without sacrificing any of the armor's standard endurance - which probably explains the extra padding on the chest area.
Both projects developed contained power armors, but the Hayabusa focused on power and intimidation versus the Mjolnir's speed and dexterity - which is slightly ironic since the Hayabusa is also one-third lighter than the Mjolnir and is based upon the armor of Ryu Hayabusa from the video-game Ninja Gaiden (It's further ironic that players call the Hayabusa "Ninja Armor" as the design is more Samurai than ninja). The slit visor also reduces the possibility of enemies exploiting the most vulnerable part of the armor. They keep popping off when you try to pose them - particularly when you move his arms up and down or try to re-position his combat rifle. Walk down to the wreckage area, pick up the Frag Grenades, Battle Rifle and the Sniper Rifle nearby. Start with the Carbine-wielding Jackal atop the ruined building directly below your current location. Johnson and some other USNC marines are being held in the building across from the bottom of these stairs.
Crouch down and take cover behind the wall, leaving cover occasionally to shoot at the Drones through the fence. In addition, the projectile will simply pass through the neck, as though the neck wasn't there, without a blood spatter.
While Bungie has officially commented on the hitboxes, they regard the size of the hitbox not the arrangement. Note: If a part of the armor set doesn't exist, it has been substituted with its Mark VI counterpart. Joe Rolling Operations Command Center (ROCC)  and moved on to talk about the, then, spanking new HALO Warthog and the HALO UNSC Special Warfare Command Group Three. It's also given me back the opportunity to go back and practice what I used to do so easily and so well when I was younger - write. Think of the benefits of having customizable armor lying around for other Halo 3 Spartans that you might have lying around. Although Governor Jiles never had any Spartans so this variant was being used by his infantry.
However surprise, surprise, the Halo CQB chest armor is actually the most popular choice by players according to Halo creators Bungie. My Spartan's left arm decided to pop out on it's own and still does whenever it feels like it. As soon as you step out of the canyon, turn right, press the A button and push forward on the left thumbstick to jump over the tree trunk. Save the Sniper Rifle ammo for now, remain a safe distance away and use the Battle Rifle to take out the enemies across the bridge.
There’s another Jackal that needs to be silenced, he’s positioned above the window behind the tree at the end of the walkway.
Head inside, approach the plasma shield and press RB to deactivate the shield, thereby effectively freeing Johnson and the marines. Look for a marine with a Battle Rifle and swap your Assault Rifle for that, it will serve you much better. Go through the doorway up the steps on the launch pad and move through the proceeding corridors.
The Grunts you encounter along the way are in a state of panic, so they don’t offer much in the way of resistance.
Certain armor permutations can only be unlocked by completing the game on certain difficulties, accumulate certain gamerpoints, or by obtaining certain multiplayer-specific achievements.
Believe it or not, but the highest viewed item on this blog over the past year is Halo's Noble Team so it was only fitting that I start a new year with Halo.
Hopefully you managed to pick off some of the tougher ones from afar using the Sniper Rifle.

Wait until the Drones are stationary, and then move from cover and shoot as many as you can before they start firing at you in unison. If you haven’t been spotted, crouch down and move around the flatbed until you are at the base of the ramp. You should be able to see a green arrow on a platform directly below the one you are standing on. You will soon come to a room that contains a few Cloaking Devices, a Shotgun and a Battle Rifle. Walk up behind a Brute (preferably one with a Brute Shot or Fuel Rod Gun) and press the B button to assassinate him. This particular armor also throws in a small reverse mounted knife on the chest plate for easy draw and stab action. Jackals have likely taken position on the platform to the right, take these guys out first as they can be a nuisance. Slowly inch yourself over the edge, then, as you are falling, pull down on the Left Thumbstick to back onto the platform. If an Elite is facing profile (sideways), and a shot is fired underneath the head (to where a Spartan's chest would be), the game will not register a hit. Another Jackal sits on a high branch on the tree to the right of the stationary Phantom at the end of the way. When the Covenant threat has been dealt with, follow your allies back to the bridge and board the Pelican to complete the level. There is a Brute on left side of the catwalk with his back to you that you can assassinate, though doing this will likely alert the others. Jump down off of the launch pad onto the path below and start down the tunnel.Last One Out, Get the LightsIn the tunnel proceeding the Cortana interruption, take the weapons that you need from the weapon cache on your immediate left upon entering. Jump up onto the tree trunk, get behind the Brute and press the B button to perform a melee attack. A gunner sits on the turret emplacement on the Phantom, a well-thrown grenade can silence him. The Brutes up above are using Carbines, so as you move along the path, take cover behind the various vehicles.
If you do not, you can get a bit closer by taking cover behind the wall just below the ramp. At the base of the stairs leading up to the restrooms, you can find and pick up a Battle Rifle (or Battle Rifle ammo) left behind by a dead marine. To do this, mount the cannon by holding RB, then press the B button to rip the cannon from the stand. Hold the RB button to pick up the skull and hold on to it until you receive the achievement. You are more vulnerable in this position, so if one or more of the Brutes charges you, fallback. There are some particularly nasty Brutes beyond the restroom, including a Chieftain and one Brute Shot user. You walk much slower while using a turret as a weapon, but this Plasma Cannon allows you to wipe out at least a few of the enemies you will soon encounter quite easily. With the marines by your side, the Grunts will likely be taken out before you can get many shots in. When you reach the section with the wall and two Plasma Cannons, take cover behind one of the boxes here. If you have a Gravity Hammer, you can climb up to the catwalk, then hop down and hit a Brute with the Gravity Hammer. In addition to the group of grunts up the ramp, there are two Jackal Snipers on the walkway above.
Just be careful not to jump into a large group of Brutes, by doing so you will likely be overwhelmed. Brutes aren’t as easily dealt with, though with allies in your presence one lone Brute won’t stand much of a chance. Take the ramp at the end of this area up to higher ground, then cross the rock bridge to the other side. If you are taking too much damage, leave the turret and take cover until your shield is fully recharged.
You must face another group of Grunts and a Brute, after that follow the red flares to a drop down spot. After the short interruption, continue through the canyon path.Charlie FoxtrotAt the end of the canyon, you find yourself on a hill overlooking a small lakeside encampment.
You can switch your current weapon for your fallen ally’s Battle Rifle by pressing and holding the RB button when the prompt appears in the top left corner of the screen. When the coast seems to be clear, hop down and start moving towards the large structure in the distance. You’ll face more Grunts and a couple of Brutes, with the Battle Rifle you can quickly take them out from a safe distance.
Again, concentrate on the Brutes first, because once all Brutes in the area have been dealt with, the Grunts accompanying them will flee, allowing you to pick them off with little resistance.The large pillars around this building can be helpful cover from the Brutes, in particular the ones using the Brute Shot.

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