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More and more manufacturers are realising they can attract extra sales by creating two-wheel-drive versions of their 'soft roaders'.
2WD buyers are looking for the practicality of the wagon - a commanding driving position, perhaps a little higher ride height for a short drive down a dry dirt track, the 'look' of an SUV, strong suspension, and in some cases seven seats - without getting a people-mover. If they don’t need to go offroad, in the snow, through muddy tracks, they don’t need the four-wheel-drive ability. By opting for the 2WD version, the vehicle costs thousands of dollars less because that second set of drive-shafts, differentials, wheel joints and bits are not in the vehicle. The Holden Captiva 2WD gives wagon motoring to Holden followers not wanting a V6 or V8 Commodore Sportwagon.

The larger option from Toyota can be had in all the trim levels of the Kluger 4WDs, which means seven-seaters as well. The only Australian-designed and built SUV, Territory uses Ford Falcon running gear and is a popular vehicle, especially now that Falcon wagon is ceasing production. The choice (between 2WD and 4WD) will give buyers an alternative purchase decision based on their real needs.
The 2WD Kia Sorento is available only with a 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine to keep down cost.
Less weight means less fuel, a cost saving to the owner and lower exhaust emissions for the planet.

Clearly Aussies still love their SUVs and many of those extra sales were because of 2WD versions.

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