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Consumer reports auto issue: worst cars 2011, Cr says that honda makes the best cars overall taking the top spot from toyota (which falls to number three). We should remember that Used Car Ratings might look completely different than New Car Ratings.
While I certainly appreciate the tremendous effort and research JD Powers does in getting these useful new car reliability ratings together, I wish they would go into a bit more detail. In our survey, the 2010 Jaguar XF had as many problems as the 2004 Lexus LS—a seven-year-old car.
Late-model used cars can therefore be a good deal, combining a moderate price with low risk.
In our 2010 survey (see Reliability ), respondents told us about serious problems they had with their own cars in the preceding 12 months.

Every year, JD Powers rates the reliability of new automobiles based on 3-year poll results of original car owners.
The New Cars judged in these reliability ratings are three years old, meaning that none of them go beyond the age of a 2006 model. I am sure they have enough data to break these rankings down into even more meaningful specifics as it pertains to new car reliability. There is a tremendous amount of data to gather in order to derive a useful used car reliability ratings chart. As for the auto rating system, wouldn't it be much more interesting to see 100-point spans over the vague 5-Star ratings they use? It would be interesting to see the 20-year ratings on cars and which of them rank the best for longevity and lowest-maintenance life span.

I am sure they have the data on these new cars - it's just a matter of sharing it in their charts. Since I like numbers and 100-point ratings systems, PRR has decided to extrapolate the numbers and come up with a rough average, using the 100-point average scale.

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